Make Vegan Milkshakes for National Ice Cream Month

Courtesy of Whole Foods Aventura
National Ice Cream Month (July, if you were wondering) can leave vegans feeling a little left out. Sure, we can snag a box of Tofutti or a pint of Rice Dream at the supermarket, but getting anyone to serve us a scoop or mix us up a shake? Dream on.

Luckily, Whole Foods Aventura has our backs. This Sunday, they'll serve vegan milkshakes for $5 from 1 to 3 p.m., in honor of the holiday. But even if you can't make it into the store, you can whip up your own at home with this recipe. Enjoy!

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Argentinian Empanadas and Dutch Gouda: Traditional Eats for the World Cup Semifinals

Empanada de carne
What's the one dish that Argentines miss the most when living abroad? Well, if you talk to Maximiliano Alvarez of Fiorito, there's too many to choose from:
mollejas (sweetbreads), provoleta cheese with chorizo, milanesas, and empanadas, just to name a few. Fair enough. But when we press harder, he has the most to say about the empanadas, which are derived from his father's recipe:

"He used to make it with hanger steak, cutting the meat himself and he'd put in hardboiled egg and olives, but people here [in Miami] didn't like that so we took it out."

While Fiorito's may not be the biggest restaurant (they seat about 70), nor the one with the most LED screens (two), if you want to have one of the most emblematic foods of Argentina, surrounded by passionate locals rooting for their madre patria, then this is the place to watch the Argentina-Netherlands game at 4 p.m. today.

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World Cup 2014: Where to Eat, Drink, and Watch the Finals

Categories: Booze Hound, Deals

Photo by Zachary Fagenson
World Cup fever is reaching epidemic levels in Miami with only four teams left vying for the crown. Two of those teams are Brazil and Argentina, which has both expatriates and locals amped up for the matches on Tuesday and Wednesday. These games will turn Miami into a festive shit show with diehard fans screaming, celebrating and mourning, all for our viewing pleasure. Even if you are not a fan of football (soccer for the gringos) it will still be an awesome scene with rambunctious and sexy Latinos in tight soccer jerseys and high heels.

We've compiled some excellent watch spots for supporters of the remaining teams. Whether your gaze is glued to the big screens or on the drunken viewers, there will be plenty of entertainment -- just remember to get to your choice early unless you want to stand for two to three hours.

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Bianca at the Delano: Summer Lunch Kept Light With Salmon Carpaccio, Bruschetta, and Watermelon Granita

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Photos by Jose de las Casas
Nothing says fresh like smoked salmon carpaccio.
Restaurants not participating in Miami Spice are making the most of the sweltering summer by offering customers a bargain before the two-month restaurant promotion kicks off August 1.

Bianca at the Delano is offering summer lunch and dinner prix fixes that began June 16 and continue all summer unless otherwise noted. Short Order was invited to sample the handpicked three-course offerings from chef de cuisine Luciano Sautto at Bianca.

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National Ceviche Day Saturday: Five Deals and Specials to Celebrate

Courtesy My Ceviche
Marinated goodness.
Ahh, ceviche. You truly deserve your own holiday. Soaking in citrus and spice, this is one of South Florida's favorite dishes to slurp down. Lucky for us, it's never hard to come by -- it's even sold out of the back of people's trucks down here. If you prefer to celebrate National Ceviche Day this Saturday with a little ambiance, however, Miami's got several places with specials and deals to better enjoy the Peruvian signature.

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Haute Dining to Debut in Miami: Learn About Membership Over Free Bites at Red the Steakhouse Tonight

Voice Places
Red the Steakhouse
Groupon. Living Social. Deal Chicken. Voice Daily Deals. With so many online deal programs, you have to break down the massive list into categories to even tell them apart. Now, Miami restaurant lovers can join the money-saving club with a new program called Haute Dining, the brainchild of Buzzy Sklar, founder of Burger & Beer Joint and Automatic Slim's and creator of the app Epicurator.

Haute Dining is a membership program curated by Miami locals including Christopher Todd, who was involved in launching the old-school coupon-based membership program Entrainment Book, and Kevin Frija, who recently resigned as CEO at Vapor Corp. (one of the first e-cig companies) to concentrate on this project.

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World Cup 2014: Miami's Brazilian-Themed Dishes, Drinks and Deals

Courtesy Fogo de Chao
The 2014 World Cup began on Thursday in Sao Paulo, and fĂștbol fans officially are in game-watching mode. To celebrate Brazil's second time hosting the World Cup, restaurants are creating special Brazilian-themed menus and items. Get in on the deals and specials with this guide, from a classic picanha steak to a two-for-one caipirinha deal.

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Miami Lacks a Quality, Affordable Big Salad

Photo by Carina Ost
Taste the rainbow.
As George Castanza once flailed his arms about, "You had to order the big salad?" The answer is simply yes. Jerry Seinfeld may say, for a laugh, that it has to have, "Big lettuce, big carrots, tomatoes like volleyballs." Although, finding a fantastic, affordable big salad that can be your new best friend for post cheat-day or for lunch/dinner every day is the big feat.

A recent trip home to my hippie, surfer hometown of Santa Cruz, California, brought to light this exact item that Miami is missing. My first dining stop was to Dharma's, a vegetarian-friendly restaurant for the gardener's salad ($9.95) with miso honey dressing. (Side note: I always make a conscious effort to not say "miso horny" and I always fail). It has always been my ultimate perfect salad. And has caused my mother to say, "If only you were as excited about a man, as you are about this salad." There's something about this blend of lettuces, carrots, cucumbers, beets, tomatoes, sunflower sprouts and seeds with the creamy and sweet dressing that perks me right up. At the neighboring and eye-roll inducing, small California chain Cafe Gratitude you can get a similar salad by ordering the affirmation, "I am Fulfilled" but it is not the same and leaves a void.

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World Cup 2014: Guide to Eating and Drinking by Country in Miami

Courtesy of SushiSamba
Gooooooooaaaaal! And cocktails.

Imagine this: You're ready to cheer on Spain in the 2014 World Cup, proudly defending your 2010 title, drinking some tasty sangria, and you're surrounded by Brazil fans. Or worse, clutching your chest, living and breathing for Germany -- and getting drowned out by USA diehards. Or, perhaps the worst of all, fearing for your life, lost in a sea of blue and white, a lone Englander among Argentines.

To help you savor all 64 games from June 12 to July 13, we've put together a list of the top spots by country for you to wine, dine, and revel in the magic. Games are scheduled for noon, 3, 4, 6, and 9 p.m.

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Half-Priced Pub Crawls From Voice Daily Deals

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Last Call Pub Crawl
You gotta crawl before you can walk!
When was the past time you were on a pub crawl? It's kind of an awesome way to spend the evening, but the problem is that someone has to map out the bars in advance... unless you let someone else do it.

Last Call Pub Crawls have done the legwork for you, setting up itineraries in some of Miami's booziest neighborhoods so all you have to do is show up and imbibe!

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