Tonight at Devon Seafood: Save Wine Corks, Get Up To $20 Off

Don't sit on your corks, cash them in for food
Are you one of those that collects corks from after a weekend of drinking wine? Maybe you have corks as decoration in your kitchen and you've no more space. Not to worry, wine is never quaffed in vain. Devon Seafood + Steak is introducing ReCORK Mondays. It starts today. So if you opened bottles yesterday to toast to the woman that made you, then thank her for saving you a few bucks on dinner tonight.

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The Corner: Munchies on 4/20

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Saturday is always a good night to go out and get chocolate wasted. You're fried from the long work week and you just want to let loose. Maybe even pop a button on your pants. And today, 4/20, is a good time for stoners and marijuana supporters to crunch and munch.

In celebration of 4/20 Eating House is having a 4/20 prix-fixe, family-style dinner priced at $42 per person that will surely satisfy all the hungry stoners. And they're not the only ones. Aleric Constantin, line cook at Michael's Genuine and the cycling chef, will be doing the same at The Corner in preview to a much awaited food bicycle revolution. Really it's just an excuse to munch.

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Emack & Bolio's on 4/20: Real Ice Cream, Stoner Chocolates, Specials

emack and bolio's miami.jpg
Emack & Bolio's
Boston ice cream shop Emack & Bolio's quietly opened up a Miami outpost in South Beach inside the Sunset Harbour Shops last week.

The Purdy Avenue storefront is colorful and vibrant; spaceships hanging from the ceiling; a talking moose mascot; ridiculous menu items like the midnight munchies sundae -- really everything you'd expect from a stoner's ice cream paradise.

Because that's what it is. And since 4/20 is tomorrow, the owners thought a stoner ice cream special was rather appropriate for its Miami debut.

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Pasha's Promotes Healthy Eating With 50% Off Entire Menu

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Thumbnail image for pasha-s-restaurant.jpg
Laine Doss
Pasha's, the healthy fast food alternative for Mediterranean cuisine, has been serving up waist and wallet-friendly options since 2003. With seven locations now spanning Miami, one can get their fix just about anywhere, from Aventura to Coral Gables. Although all locations offer the same menu, select ones have decided to offer promotional offers.

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A Taste of Cuba Festival Coming to Miami: Buy Half-Priced Tickets Now

Categories: Deals
Henryk Kotowski via Wikicommons
Havana comes to Brickell at Taste of Cuba festival.
Cuban influence is all over Miami. From the way we drink our coffee to the way we eat a sandwich, there's no doubt that the small island nation just 90 miles from the continental United States' southernmost point has directly influenced Miami in a large way.

So, with all the festivals in Miami, what could be better than one that celebrates Cuban food and drink?

That's why we're looking forward to the Taste of Cuba festival, a three-day event that celebrates the flavors of the island that's so close to Miami in geography and heart.

The festival, which runs April 26 through 28 at the Miami Circle, will feature lots of Cuban food, music, native art, cigars, and daily domino competitions. Here's a breakdown of some of the activities:

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Veritage Miami Craft Beer Tasting Event: Get Half-Priced Tickets With Voice Daily Deals

Categories: Deals
Beer under the stars for a good cause. We'll drink to that!
Veritage Miami is the multi-day wine and beer event that features notable chefs, prestigious wineries, and craft brewers all coming together to benefit the United Way.

Veritage Miami, formerly the United Way Wine & Food Festival, is celebrating its 18th year with an impressive roster of events which run from April 17-20, including a craft beer tasting at Wynwood Walls on April 17; a fine wine tasting at Village of Merrick Park on April 18; an interactive dinner with chef Daniel Boulud on April 19 at J.W. Marriott Marquis Miami; and an interactive dinner and auction with Michelin-star chef Davide Brovelli of Italy on April 20 at Orion Jet Center.

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Brew at the Zoo is Coming: Get Half-Priced Tickets Today

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Brew at the Zoo is back and better than ever.

Where else can you sample over 100 different beers, enjoy a live concert, and mingle with friends -- all in close proximity to a bunch of wild predators? 

On Saturday, May 4, from 7 p.m. - 11 p.m., get ready to party with the animals when New Times' Brew at the Zoo returns to Zoo Miami for the fourth time.

Miami's largest beer festival,
not only showcases over 100 local, craft, imported, and domestic beer, but you'll enjoy interactive games; animals (both party and furry); food and fun at this exciting event, too!

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DB Bistro Moderne: Smoked Pigeon and Sazerac on New Menu Tonight

db Bistro Corpse Reviver 260.jpg
Corpse Reviver
Unfortunately, people don't just stumble into DB Bistro Moderne. We say "unfortunately" because aside from the sleek yet simple Mad Men-esque décor, the Michael Mann view, and the engaging and knowledgeable staff, DB Bistro does not play around when it comes to food and drink.

Set inside the southeast corner of the JW Marriot Marquis in downtown Miami, DB Bistro Moderne is somewhat out of sight, even if you're looking for it. Though its location makes it more difficult for locals to happen upon it, it also adds to DB's allure.

Imagine sitting inside a quiet, street-level room, its wall-to-wall windows exposing the exterior landscape of surrounding skyscrapers, while you sip high-quality Scotch -- somehow removed and of this world at the same time. That's what DB offers.

While menu prices tend to be toward the higher end of the scale, the budget conscious can still enjoy the upscale vibe. Cocktails normally run between $12 and $15, but there is an affordable happy hour as well as a new pairing concept every Wednesday, when you can get a cocktail and an appetizer for only $15. We were invited to try the new pairings (pairings will change periodically) as well as the happy hour (review next week) and were given a recipe to share with Short Order readers.

Follow the jump for our take on the bistro's current pairings and for a cocktail recipe. Salud!

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Taste of Brickell Food & Wine Festival: Get Half-Priced VIP Tickets

Categories: Deals
Thumbnail image for taste of brickell.jpg
Imagine this view with a glass in your hand.
The Taste of Brickell Food & Wine Festival takes over Miami Circle for two days of good food, great wine, and entertainment.

On Saturday, March 23, and Sunday, March 24, from noon to 10 p.m., more than 40 local restaurants will entice you with their fare as you sample hundreds of fine wines and spirits -- all overlooking the Miami River.

Participating restaurants include China Grill, SuViche, Toscana Divino, Atrio, Machiya Ramen Noodle House, Baru Urbano, and the Oceanaire, to name a few. More restaurants are being announced daily.

You'll also enjoy a free kids' zone, live entertainment (including an international concert), and interactive vendors and artists.

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Hugo Chavez Is Dead: Restaurant Specials in Miami in Honor of Venezuela's Esperanza

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Alex Rodriguez
Arepa specials at La Latina and more!
What a bunch of assholes! Serving celebratory specials for the death of a human being?

Well, not really. Hugo Chávez may have personified heartache and headache to millions of Venezuelan citizens, immigrants, and their U.S.-born descendants, but to say we're celebrating his demise would be horrifically offensive.

However, the socialist leader's death this afternoon cannot go without recognition, be it with excitement or sympathy. After all, this evening marks the beginning of a new hope for the people of Venezuela and every country that deals with it.

That being said, a handful of Miami restaurants are serving specials and happy hours to celebrate the end to his tumultuous rule and hopeful road to prosperity.

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