Five Must-Try Rabbit Dishes in Miami

Carina Ost
Braised Florida rabbit
Beneath the floppy ears and cotton-ball tail of a rabbit is some seriously delicious meat. It truly does taste like chicken -- only leaner and slightly sweeter. Or perhaps it's like a more healthful duck.

Other bonuses: Because rabbit is still a "boutique meat," most local restaurants use Florida rabbits from family-run farms where the animals are raised on a clean herbivore diet without the use of hormones or steroids. Plus, there appears to be no shortage, as we all know how well rabbits procreate.

If this season's offering of chocolate bunnies -- Easter is this Sunday, April 20 -- has you jonesing for the real savory deal or you simply want to taste the meat for the first time, we have five must-try rabbit dishes.

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Toscana Divino in Brickell Introduces Three-Course Weekday Lunch for $23

Photos by Carina Ost
Salmon tartare.
If your weekday lunch needs a makeover from that sad microwaveable frozen meal or wrinkly brown paper bag, head to Toscana Divino in Mary Brickell Village.

A couple of weeks ago, this sleek Italian eatery launched L'originale: Lunch Italiano, offering a rotating three-course lunch menu for $23 on weekdays. The restaurant, commissioned in part by the city of Florence and the region of Tuscany, offers the senses an affordably priced minivacation from mundane workweek meals.

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A Little Bit of Philly in Virginia Gardens: Try the Cheesesteak and Meatball Sub

Carina Ost
Legit cheesesteak.
Miami Springs is home to some wonders between bread. Take, for example, the "outside is in" burger at JR's Gourmet Burgers or the fried chicken sandwich at Crackers Casual Dining. However, neighboring Virginia Gardens has a contender as strong as Rocky Balboa.

A Little Bit of Philly is home to a cheesesteak that will knock you out. The menu at this joint is small but mighty: pizza, stromboli, calzones, cold subs, hot subs, grinders, and party puffs. Relax, the last two are G-rated, though the language in the joint might require some parental guidance. It's a place to eat subs, drink beer, and bust balls. What else would you expect from a spot that channels the City of Brotherly Love?

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Doggi's in Silver Bluff: Try the Cachapa

Carina Ost
Corn pancake beats corn cake.

At an arepa bar, it's hard to think outside the crisp goodness of an arepa, but at Doggi's, try another Venezuelan delicacy.

Sure, the place proffers large, tasty arepas with fillings ranging from Guayanés cheese to pabellón criollo ($6.50 to $9.89). However, the cachapa ($8.49) just might capture your heart and taste buds.

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A&G Burger Joint in Sweetwater: Try the Nica

Carina Ost
This is the Nica.
"You drove all the way to Sweetwater for a burger?" The answer is yes. And we'd do it again in an artery-clogged heartbeat.

After compiling a list of Miami's Five Most Outrageous Burgers, we were told that A&G's Burger Joint was "outta hand." We headed over and our hands, mouth and stomach runnethed (ran?) over.

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Jennifer's Cafeteria: Baleada Beats Breakfast Burrito

Carina Ost
Baleada with chorizo.
There's nothing worse than driving around aimlessly and starving on a Sunday afternoon. You want to steer clear of the brunch crowds and at the same time find something filling and affordable.

On a recent Sunday, I thankfully found Jennifer's Cafeteria in North Miami Beach. I walked into a pretty, busy restaurant that was filled with only women. It was some kind of bizarro world; even all of the children were girls. It was a strange sight, but the estrogen levels mellowed me as I got familiar with the menu.

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Bacon Jam at Crackers Casual Dining in Miami Springs

Carina Ost
Spread this love on everything.
A trip to Miami Springs requires maneuvering over one way canals and a circle park, but it is so worth it. We came for the deep fried bread pudding and fried chicken at Crackers Casual Dining but we stayed for the bacon jam.

This homey restaurant serving delicious Southern comfort food is run by a hospitable husband-and-wife team. The inside dining room feels like you are in someone's home, and the enormous covered patio makes you feel as if you are on vacation awaiting a luau.

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Sweet Dogs: Try the Mac and Cheese Hot Dog

Carina Ost
The mac.
After eating healthy all year -- nearly three weeks! -- we just had to give in to temptation. The Super Bowl is around the corner and junk food is on our minds. It's time to trade in those salads and surrender to the ultimate guilty pleasure: a hot dog.

Thankfully, Sweet Dogs in Flagami serves up some outrageous dogs with decadent toppings, including one with macaroni and cheese.

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Sabor a Peru to Expand in 2014

Natalia Molina
Inside Sabor a Perú
Six years ago, Peru native Edison Pinedo moved to Miami. Soon after that, he opened Sabor a Perú, an Edgewater restaurant that lured diners with its authentic Peruvian cuisine, warm atmosphere, and consistent quality.

"We exist for our clients," says Pinedo. "We don't have any publicity; if we did we might get too many people [in the restaurant] and wouldn't be able to serve them all satisfactorily."

The restaurant's popularity has encouraged him to open his doors even wider. Sometime within the next few months, Pinedo plans to add more space and seating to
the restaurant, as well as other traditional items to the menu, such as pollo a la brasa.

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Little Brazil in North Beach: Try the Sausage and Shrimp Salad

Categories: Favorite Dishes

Carina Ost
All salads should have sausage.
It takes a lot for a salad to excite us. Perhaps it's because they rarely feature delicious Brazilian sausage.

Among the Colombian hot-dog places and Argentine steak houses in North Beach stands Little Brazil. The Collins Avenue restaurant offers the Salada Little Brazil ($14.95), a dish with bits of linguiça sausage -- Brazilian sausage packed with juicy pork and a mild touch of heat -- atop a bed of lettuce.

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