Station 5 Table and Bar: Try the Braised Short Ribs With Cheetos

Photo by Holly Wachowicz
Station 5 Table and Bar
Serendipity led Julia Ning to Station 5 Table and Bar. Everything just began to fall into place, her sous chef Michael Gierden moved down from Chicago, then she met Eddie and Sharon Torres, the owners. From there, the front of the house and kitchen all just came together effortlessly.

Ning reminisces about the five older women who helped mentor her and shape her as a chef. These women made a strong impression on Ning's life, and many of her creations are attributable to them. Station 5 is named after these women, who taught her Italian, Chinese, Cuban, northern Thai, and French-Canadian dishes. The restaurant is a melting pot of all these different cultures.

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Via Emilia: Northern Italian in the Style of Bologna and Modena

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Photo by Holly Wachowicz
Mother, grandmother, and great great grandfather.
Francheso Pradini and chef Giancarlo "Wendy" Cacciatori provide a small peek into the cuisines of Bologna and Modena at their South Beach restaurant, Via Emilia. The name reflects their idea of establishing a non-Americanized Italian restaurant in Miami. When asked what makes them different from all other Northern Italian restaurants, Pradini says, "We have taken a little chunk of a corner street in Italy and placed it here. We did not compromise to make it Italian American."

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Vintro Kitchen: Fresh Flavors Inspired by Ingredients

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Photo by Carina Ost
Going Greek.
Park Avenue may carry big-time clout in other cities, but in Miami Beach, it is a virtually unknown street. It is behind a museum and a street where you might score some parking. That is, until now. A few months ago, a charming boutique hotel, Vintro Hotel & Kitchen, opened with a restaurant that really awakens the palate and neighborhood.

The fresh flavors hail from Greek-born chef and restaurateur Giorgios Nikolas Bakatsias, who teamed up with Eataly alum Keith Suarino as the executive chef. Expect fresh flavors of the Mediterranean and Old World cooking methods. The tagline is "inspired by the ingredients" and this kind of style is a welcome addition to the over-complicated cuisine of South Beach.

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Hannya Opens in Brickell: Larry Chi Continues the Akashi Legacy and Then Some (Photos)

All photos by Carla Torres
Sashimi variety? Yes, please!
Larry Chi has been working with fish in raw form since his early 20s. His restaurant, Akashi, which opened in 1993 near Sunset Place, was among the first sushi bars in South Miami. Twenty-one years later, it is a landmark of the local culinary scene.

Two decades, two Akashi locations, and one renovation later, Chi has mastered his craft and has now opened the doors to Hannya, bringing sushi, along with some new dishes and Vietnamese brunch, to Brickell.

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Palmas Cafe in Brickell: Lunch for Under $10

Photo by Giovanny Gutierrez
Hello, lover...
If you think there isn't a decent spot where you can get lunch for under $10 in Brickell, you'd probably be right. Up until a couple of weeks ago, anyway. That's when Palmas Café quietly opened in the gorgeous courtyard shared with Deli Lane and a few other places.

Palmas Café comes to Brickell from the owners of Oasis Café in Key Biscayne (which has been supplying all Key Rats with their coffee fix for decades) and Las Olas Café over in South Beach (providing a similar service to beach-goers).

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Morimoto South Beach: Raw Fish Galore and Dangerous Cocktails (Photos)

Photo by Laine Doss
Chef Morimoto about to break the sake keg.
One of the world's most famous chefs, Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto is opening a restaurant at the renovated Shelborne Wyndham South Beach next week. The Japanese master has been preparing for service in the Magic City by giving fellow chefs and industry peers a taste of his menu.

Short Order was invited to sample the celebrity chef's menu. But don't worry, come October 1, you'll be able to bite into it too.

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La Gazzetta in Mary Brickell: Try the Pizzettes and Desserts in Jars (Photos)

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All photos by Carla Torres
Sit down in La Gazzetta and you'll be welcomed with a monthly newspaper -- or actually a menu. The modern Italian restaurant, which quietly opened three months ago in Mary Brickell Village where El Vato used to be, boasts an outdoor terrace and a large indoor space occupied by booths, high tops, and a projector screen showing old Hollywood films.

The menu shares its pages with restaurant news, paparazzi pages, and classifieds for happenings during the month. Short Order was invited to taste La Gazzetta's offerings. Read all about it after the jump (get it?).

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The Special: Can You Say Hawaiian Kale Salad Delivered?

Courtesy of Andres Orjuela
Healthy and convenient aren't two words that typically go together. Although your stomach might not agree, fast food is easy and cheap, two highly valued qualities in today's fast paced, expensive world.

Maybe you should follow the advice of your cardiologist and stop shoveling pizza and French fries down your gullet. But who has the time or energy to chop vegetables and wash dishes after a long day? Or the money, for that matter, since organic broccoli costs about $8 at Whole Foods?

Imagine if you had your own personal chef who did all of your grocery shopping, chopped all the vegetables, and then combined them into a tasty balance of savory, sweet, and tangy. That is where the Special comes in, It provides a completely different way of thinking about lunch.

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Babylon Turkish Restaurant: Authentic Cuisine and Belly Dancing

All photos by Laine Doss
Miami Beach is transformed into the hanging gardens of Babylon.
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon remain the most mysterious of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Unlike the Great Pyramid of Giza, which can still be visited, scholars and historians are still debating over whether the gardens ever existed at all. Whether fact or fiction, the gardens are legendary for their lush beauty and it's fitting that Babylon Turkish Restaurant was named after them.

The restaurant, which opened about two months ago in South Beach, features a gorgeous garden courtyard, with trees covered in lights and glass evil eyes for good luck.

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Miam Cafe & Boutique: European Cafe Life Comes to Wynwood

All photos by Laine Doss
Miam's turkey and avocado club on Zak the Baker bread ($10).
Two years ago, Miam Cafe's owner, Alexis Jacot, was on vacation with his wife from Switzerland, when he fell in love with the idea of opening a cafe in Wynwood. The former Proctor & Gamble executive noticed a vacancy inside the Wynwood Building and, right then and there, made a deal to snag the space.

"This neighborhood, and especially this building, are so special. I fell in love. I have a hospitality background, and always wanted to open a cafe, and everything was pointing in that direction so I just jumped!"

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