GastroPod's Noodle Head Hangs Out in Wynwood After Basel

Courtesy of GastroPod
House made spaghetti with kale pesto.
Jeremiah Bullfrog's shipping containers that sustained the Art Basel masses with Royals with cheese and bouncy alkaline noodles topped with spicy, hammy XO sauce will be sticking around Wynwood a bit longer to serve a temporary test kitchen for the mostly mobile chef.

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Proper Sausages Offering Nationwide Delivery

Courtesy of Proper Sausages
Proper Sausages: From the case to your space.
If the occasional trip to Miami Shores for your weekly or monthly ration of sausages doesn't fit into your schedule, your problem is solved. Proper Sausages now offers overnight delivery locally and nationwide.

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Lemon City Tea Co. Packs Miami Flavor Into Each Cup

Courtesy of Lemon City Tea Co.
Lemon City Tea Co. is bringing high-quality, ethically sourced teas to Miami restaurants and local tea lovers. Its teas are inspired by the "crazy, complex, diverse, and exciting" city that is Miami, with Latin American, Caribbean, and South Floridian flavors in mind.

Each tea has a creative name, story, and playlist, like the El Mango Next Door ($12 for four-ounce loose-leaf) -- a tea inspired by the mango envy that Miamians know well. It's made of organic black tea, organic tulsi, and natural flavors that work together to re-create that feeling of waiting for your neighbor's mango to plump and plop onto your side of the fence. Recommended listening includes tracks from Celia Cruz and locals like Spam Allstars and Suenalo. Additional flavors are Granada Green, San-té-ria, Don Grey, Porteños en Paraiso, After Party, Calma-té, Limonada, and Oolong Old Fashioned.

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Tio Gazpacho Wants to Make Cold Soup the Next Hummus

Photo by Hannah Sentenac
Even in a city that's hotter than Hades year-round, gazpacho still isn't something you see every day. The cold, tomato-based soup is a standby on menus in Spain, but Miami? Not so much.

Austin Allan, founder of Tio Gazpacho, is rapidly changing all that.

His three varieties of gazpacho -- all saucy twists on the traditional tomato -- are taking the city by storm, flying off the shelves at Milam's Market, Ten Fruits, Whole Foods, and other local retailers. But this is just the beginning for Allan and team. He's hoping to make gazpacho as ubiquitous as hummus. And why not?

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Miami Forager Juan Rochaix Wants to Give You Better Meat

Image courtesy of Seriously Organics
Seriously Organics' delivery truck, "Fred."
Finding locally grown, organic produce in Miami is easier these days, particularly during Florida's whacky winter harvest season. Finding protein on par with it, however, is a whole different game that requires more time and research to ensure you get what you pay for.

Forager Juan Rochaix, owner of Seriously Organics, scours the state for produce for many of Miami's favorite restaurants. He's trying to set up a protein-buying club to help South Floridians snag pastured proteins, pastured eggs, and fresh butter at reasonable prices.

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Slow Food Miami Accepting Nominations for Snail of Approval Awards

Photo by Laine Doss
Michael Schwartz won the first Snail of Approval in Miami.
Just a few short years ago, Miami's food scene wasn't exactly known as a thriving mecca of locavore cuisine.

Even with its proximity to oceans teeming with fish and farms that raised everything from tropical fruit to cattle, South Florida establishments ordered more from Sysco than farmer Joe.

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The Inside Track on Wynwood's Concrete Beach Brewery

All photos by Doug Fairall
Head brewer John Carpenter (left) and Alan Newman (right).
Miami's latest about-to-open brewery, Concrete Beach Brewery, is finally closer to opening after some delays. Short Order was invited for a rare behind-the-scenes look at the construction underway in Wynwood, and a chat with president and craft veteran Alan Newman.

We meet under the slim shade outside Panther Coffee in Wynwood, the bustling and cacophonous interior forcing us into the warm summer sunshine. Newman has the air of an artisan, complete with funky circular yellow-rimmed glasses. Over some iced coffee, talk begins to focus on why he's in Miami, and what this brewery operation means for the community at large.

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Miami Grill: Miami Subs Gets Pitbull-Approved Rebranding

Courtesy of Miami Subs
In the '90s, no sight was more welcome among angst-ridden suburban teens than the Greek diner disguised in neon and palm fronds known as Miami Subs. For decades, the Magic City has been a Petri dish for successful fast-food franchises to experiment with off-beat concepts to take to mass market. From Burger King to Pollo Tropical, several iconic eateries had their start as local chains. However, Miami Subs' time in the cultural consciousness was cut short long before it hit its prime.

For awhile, like the Metromover and the Seaquarium, Miami Subs seemed to be going the way of other bloated remnants of the town's Reaganite boom years. But ardent fans of all things tzatziki are rejoicing now that the Miami chain is under new management, which plans to inject some life into a franchise chain that used to supply Madonna and friends with wings and Dom Perignon through a drive-thru window conveniently open at 3 a.m.

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Coolest Cooler: Kickstarter Raises Nearly $5 Million To Fund Best Gadget Ever

Coolest via Facebook
This is literally the coolest thing I've ever seen.
Kickstarter may be a metaphor for life itself. The crowdfunding site that allows people to pledge money to entrepreneurs in exchange for getting in on the ground floor of a new idea has had some dumb ideas -- like the potato salad Kickstarter that so far has raised over $50,000.

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I Know the Chef Mobile App Launches in Miami, We Know the Founder

Carina Ost
The man and his app.
Miami is a city with people who want to feel like ballers. For food enthusiasts, it is the magic four little words, "I know the chef" that unlocks the key for hard to get reservations and perhaps some sweet (or drinkable) perks.

To satisfy this desire for VIP access, and that "special feeling," the reservation and rewards app I Know the Chef was born a little over a year ago in New York City. Founder Joshua Stern was in Miami for a launch party on Tuesday night and we met up with him the next day for a media lunch at the Edge Steak & Bar to learn more about how the app came to be and why he chose Miami as the second city for the rollout.

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