I Know the Chef Mobile App Launches in Miami, We Know the Founder

Carina Ost
The man and his app.
Miami is a city with people who want to feel like ballers. For food enthusiasts, it is the magic four little words, "I know the chef" that unlocks the key for hard to get reservations and perhaps some sweet (or drinkable) perks.

To satisfy this desire for VIP access, and that "special feeling," the reservation and rewards app I Know the Chef was born a little over a year ago in New York City. Founder Joshua Stern was in Miami for a launch party on Tuesday night and we met up with him the next day for a media lunch at the Edge Steak & Bar to learn more about how the app came to be and why he chose Miami as the second city for the rollout.

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Samuel Adams Hosts Free Business Speed Coaching Event Tonight

Samuel Adams via Facebook
We always knew beer would give us good advice.
If you've ever dreamed of opening a brewery, bakery, or restaurant you know by now that talent alone doesn't drive a successful business.

Funding, marketing, and a smart business plan are all as important as a great recipe for pie or ribs.

The best way to figure out a strategy is to find a mentor -- preferably for free.

The Boston Beer Company, makers of Samuel Adams, has been mentoring entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry since 2008, under their Brewing the American Dream program. The program, in partnership with Accion, has provided business advice to over 3,000 small business owners and $1.9 million in micro-financing to more than 220 companies.The program plans on offering over a dozen micro-loans to South Florida entrepreneurs in 2013.

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Jose Andres Does Haiti: A (Possible) Travel Show in the Works

Jose Andres (Credit Think Food Group) short order.jpg
Jose Andres
Jose Andres, chef and owner of a fleet of chic restaurants including The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel in Miami, and a nonprofit documentary film team are in the early stages of shooting a Travel Channel-like showing off Haiti's food and cooking.

Andres has visited the country more than a dozen times since a massive earthquake struck the southern part of the country, devastating the capital Port-Au-Prince and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless.

"Jose went to Haiti three months after the earthquake," said Sebastian Lindstrom, a filmmaker and head of the What Took You So Long Foundation. "He didn't know what he wanted to do but he wanted to support the Haitian people and figure out how to use food as an agent of change."

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Stephen's Restaurant: Hand-Carved Pastrami in Hialeah

All photos by Zachary Fagenson
Inside Stephen's, a corned-beef-fueled time machine in Hialeah.
Circling around Hialeah side streets near LeJeune Avenue we found Stephen's Restaurant only after dodging a 10-foot-by-10-foot slab of marble being offloaded into a warehouse.

A New York-style deli with house-made, hand-sliced pastrami and corned beef loaded onto thick slices of griddled rye bread is the last thing we thought we'd find here. Yet Stephen's is a holdover from a bygone era, when Formica countertops were still in style and the area was home to a garment district and a large Jewish population.

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Secret Curry Near Florida International University South Campus

All photos by Zachary Fagenson
Inside Spice 'N Curry
Jai Mazumddar earned a master's degree in finance from the University of Florida in 2002. He spent more than half decade crunching numbers, mostly as a stockbroker for Continental Securities, which the Securities and Exchange Commission shut down, and later as a financial analyst for a real estate company in Boston.

Today he's bouncing off the walls at Spice 'n Curry, and Indian market on 107th Avenue a few blocks from Florida International University's main campus. We had to follow him from the register, where he was ringing up customers for bags of basmati rice and bunches of fenugreek leaves, to the five-seat counter where he sells three kinds of curries; chicken, mutton and vegetarian. There's also chicken and mutton biryani -- a mixed rice and meat dish -- and chaat, various bite-sized Indian snacks made for sharing, similar to Chinese dim sum.

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picklePeople: Chef Jeremiah Promising Alliteration and Proper Pickles

Do you have what it takes to be a Hipster Venture Capitalist?

Of course you do, because you make it rain on Kickstarter, a website that helps small entrepreneurs get their ideas funded through crowdsourcing. One of the latest Kickstarter projects to come out of Miami, picklePeoples, is yet another venture from Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog, owner of Gastropod food truck and forthcoming chef for the soon to re-open Broken Shaker.

It all started when he and his squad of gastro-misfits were hired to cater a wedding a wedding in Brooklyn.

"The bride's mother is Korean. We got the idea to do Kim Chee bar and Banchan," he said. "Thus a pickle company was born."

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Ortanique's Cindy Hutson Advising Bahamas Resort's Restaurant

Jacob Katel
Hutson on the line at Ortanique

Cindy Hutson, chef and co-owner of Coral Gables mainstay Ortanique on the Mile, has been hired by the Dunmore Resort at Harbour Isles in the Bahamas to revamp the restaurant's menu and in-room service.

Dunmore owner Gil Besing, who bought and revamped the property in 2010, discovered Hutson via a Google search and invited her to the property in March. Hutson instantly fell in love.

The Dunmore closed its doors August 15 and will reopen November 15 with a menu specializing in traditional Bahamian food: conch, hogfish, spiny lobster, cassava, and yams.

"I spent a whole day on a golf cart looking to source out breadfruit, and I found six trees," Huston says. "The islanders use it one or two ways: They roast it and eat, or they roast it cut into wedge and fry it."

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Ruby Tuesday to Buy Lime Fresh Mexican Grill UPDATED

Tennessee-based Ruby Tuesday Inc. announced Wednesday it will acquire Miami's Lime Fresh Mexican Grill for $24 million.

The deal includes Lime's intellectual property rights, as well as the assets of seven company-owned restaurants, and will offer Ruby Tuesday an opportunity for growth, particularly in Florida, says founder, chair, and chief executive Sandy Beall.

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URGE Miami: The Future of Delivery

You're enjoying a day at the beach roasting in the hot sun and occasionally dipping in the ocean. Then hunger rears its ugly head. But leaving the beach just isn't an option. Got an iPhone or a Droid phone? Download URGE Miami, the app that delivers anywhere.

URGE doesn't actually deliver for the restaurants. To be more specific, URGE is a service that brings restaurants to its customers, no matter where they're at using location based on GPS coordinates given by their phones.

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Bourbon Apple Butter Jam and More: Copperpot's Holiday Jam Packs

Befitting motto: "slow down, and jam on"
A mere two months ago, IT day-jobbers ;Tom Wilfong and Vanessa Safie started a little jam making enterprise in their Kendall home kitchen.. Since then, it has quickly grown into a miniature company - one that just might (we hope) topple Smucker's. Made with all natural, preservative-free and local ingredients, Copperpot's jams are undoubtedly one of the best (if not the best) jam we've ever had.

Let's tap into your imaginary taste sense with their jam varieties:
  • Apple Butter
  • Apple Sauce
  • Bourbon Apple Butter (While its popularity was completely unexpected, Copperpot's said this was their most difficult recipe to perfect.)
  • Jalapeno Jam
  • Pineapple Five Spice
  • Red Onion Marmalade
  • Strawberry Jam
  • Sweet n' Spicy (candied jalapeños)

As their own self-proclaimed harshest critics, Safie confessed that her favorite is Pineapple Five Spice, "I love [it] so much that I scrape the pot clean when I cook it". Wilfong confessed his, "Apple Butter. I love that when you take a bite of the apple butter it screams apple in your mouth". (By the way, if we had to choose one, we'd take a lifetime supply of Strawberry Jam. The cleanest and freshest tasting jam one will likely every experience).

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