Naples Restaurant Files Injunction Against Seasalt and Pepper

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The view is great no matter the name of the place.
Miami's Seasalt and Pepper has new legal woes. This time the restaurant's very name is under attack by a Naples restaurant claiming first dibs on "Sea Salt."

Sea Salt, located in the wealthy Gulf Coast city, was granted a trademark for the use of "Sea Salt" in "services for providing food and drink; temporary accommodations" in March 2013. Sea Salt has been using the name since 2008.

According to the Naples Daily News, a permanent injunction was issued against Miami's Seasalt and Pepper to refrain from using the term "Sea Salt" in association with "restaurant and bar services."

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Seasalt and Pepper Chef Alfredo Alvarez Walks Out

Seasalt and Pepper.
The drama at chic Seasalt and Pepper continued this week when executive chef Alfredo Alvarez along with his sous and pastry chefs walked out over the weekend.

Someone should pitch this as a telenovela. Odio y Comida might be a good working title.

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Seasalt and Pepper to Open Modern Garden; Partners' Lawsuit Settled

Photo by Bill Wisser
Seasalt and Pepper's partners settle lawsuit.
The lawsuit between Seasalt and Pepper owners has been settled, with partner Carlos Miranda taking sole charge of the restaurant. It also seems that Miranda is already moving forward with plans for an expansion of the tony seafood restaurant.

Modern Garden at Seasalt and Pepper is scheduled to open this fall. The intimate restaurant and lounge, adjacent to Seasalt and Pepper, will seat about 60 people indoors, with patio seating for an additional three dozen patrons. The menu, still in the works, will feature mostly crudos and cold dishes. The most distinctive feature will be two tree sculptures that define the space.

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Attorney for Woman Caught in Versailles Sex Scandal: "These Things Have Profound Consequences"

Facebook screenshot
Ayler Ayala poses for her Facebook page.
More infomation is coming out about the recent lawsuit filed on behalf of Ayler Ayala, a former cashier at Miami International Airport.

The complaint, filed in Miami-Dade Circuit Court, claims she experienced discrimination and harassment by her former employers, Global Concessions Inc., Gateway Airport Concessions Inc., and Airport Concessions Group Inc., all d/b/a Global Miami Joint Venture, that ultimately led to her resigning from her position after suffering an "emotional breakdown" at her workplace in February 2013.

Although the 10-page document also identifies Felipe Valls Sr. in a sex scandal, the Versailles Restaurant patriarch is not listed as a defendant. According to Pelayo M. Duran, an attorney for the plaintiff, Valls was not listed because Ayala didn't come forward soon enough. He did however say information concerning Valls was included because "it's not like we're talking about something that's not relevant."

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Seven South Florida Fast-Food Workers Arrested at Protest

Fight for 15 FL via Facebook
Seven Miami fast food workers were arrested yesterday.
Seven Miami-area fast-food workers were arrested yesterday during a planned protest to fight for wage increases and the right to unionize.

According to a spokesperson for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the protesters Anthony Roberson, Shontavia Myers, Elvis Manuel Valdez Jr., Laura Rollins, Monique Logan, Tiffany Leggett, and Ericka Ward were arrested between 1 to 1:30 p.m. near the McDonald's located at NE 168th Street and Second Ave. in North Miami Beach for blocking traffic. The arrests occurred about two hours into the protest. The protesters were taken to the North Miami Beach police station, given summonses, and released about an hour later.

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Florida Blogger on Killing Starbucks Pay-It-Forward Chain: "I Don't Want the Grim Reaper of Karma to Come for Me"

Carina Ost
Would you pay it forward?
Last week was tops in sales for a St. Petersburg, Florida, Starbucks. It was also, you might say, a day when the nice guys won -- for awhile.

Last Wednesday, a pay-it-forward chain ended when the 379th customer of the day didn't understand the concept and simply wanted to buy her own regular coffee. According to the Tampa Bay Times, it appeared the woman didn't get the idea of buying a latte for the stranger behind her.

The next day, the chain started again. The Tampa Bay Times was alerted of the second day of giving when a reader posted the news on the paper's Facebook page. By noon, more than 160 Starbucks customers had participated in this game of do-gooding. Then, suddenly, the chain broke -- on purpose.

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Batch Gastropub Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Calls Out Three Restaurants

Batch Gastropub
Any ice left for the cocktails?
Brickell's Batch Gastropub has taken the ALS Ice Bucket challenge to a whole new level.

Not only did Batch partner Kevin Danilo accept the challenge, which dares people to pour a bucket of ice water over their heads or donate $100 to ALS support and research, but he went a step further by recruiting his entire team to take the challenge. Not only has Danilo pledged to donate $20 for each Batch employee that joins the team challenge, he's taking it one step further by challenging other Miami area restaurants to join in the hope of causing a chain reaction of charitable giving in South Florida.

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Former Giorgio Rapicavoli Protégé and Taperia Raca Chef Ryan Harrison Snipes on Twitter

Happier times. Giorgio Rapicavoli, former chef de cuisine Ryan Harrison, and co-owner Alex Casanova.
Former Taperia Raca chef de cuisine Ryan Harrison took to Twitter last night, lashing out at his former boss and Eating House owner Giorgio Rapicavoli after Harrison left the MiMo tapas joint earlier this month.

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Feuding Seasalt and Pepper Owners Close to Buyout Deal

Seasalt and Pepper on Northwest River Drive
The feuding owners of Seasalt and Pepper have nearly reached a deal where real estate developer Carlos Miranda would buy out nightclub designer Stephane Dupoux's half of the business for an undisclosed sum.

According to state corporation documents filed in late April, Miranda made a request to remove Dupoux's name from Seasalt and Pepper LLC, which manages the posh riverside restaurant. Dupoux would remain a partner in the restaurant's holding company, but would officially be out of its day-to-day operations, which he said has been the case since he was forced out earlier this year.

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Former Seasalt and Pepper Manager, DJ Sue Posh Restaurant

Things are getting messy at Seasalt.
A handful of former Seasalt and Pepper employees are suing the riverside hotspot saying they were unjustly fired when tensions arose between partners Carlos Miranda and Stephane Dupoux.

Former assistant manager Christophe Chalange filed a lawsuit in Miami-Dade Circuit Court on June 2 alleging Seasalt broke a six-month contract and hasn't paid him since he was he laid off in early March.

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