Slow Food Miami Accepting Nominations for Snail of Approval Awards

Photo by Laine Doss
Michael Schwartz won the first Snail of Approval in Miami.
Just a few short years ago, Miami's food scene wasn't exactly known as a thriving mecca of locavore cuisine.

Even with its proximity to oceans teeming with fish and farms that raised everything from tropical fruit to cattle, South Florida establishments ordered more from Sysco than farmer Joe.

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Blackbrick Named One of Bon Appetit's Top 50 New Restaurants

Blackbrick is one of the Top 50 New Restaurants of 2014.
Bon Appetit has just released its list of the Top 50 New Restaurants of 2014 and one Miami establishment made the list of 50 nominees.

Blackbrick, Richard Hales Midtown Chinese restaurant was the only South Florida restaurant to make the list, compiled by Andrew Knowlton. According to Bon Appetit's website, although the restaurants range in cuisine, style, and size they all have one thing in common -- "flat-out ambitious deliciousness."

The restaurant was named New Times' Best Chinese Restaurant for 2014.

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Eat This, Drink That, Go! Hits TV; Local Chefs Guest-Star Every Week

Reality cooking shows are all the rage, but how about that old-school, vintage way of getting your interactive news? We're talking about radio. For three years, Jimmy Cefalo and Brenda Bassett have hosted the popular radio show Eat This, Drink That, Go!

Cefalo is a wine connoisseur, broadcaster, and former Miami Dolphins receiver who shares his passion for food and marketing conglomerate Cefalo's International with Bassett. Together, the two have been spreading their knowledge of local eats and drinks as well as tidbits on travels every Saturday from 9 to 10 a.m. on 610 WIOD AM. And Mondays, you can catch a recap of all the action in a 30-minute TV version of Eat This, Drink That on the Beach Channel or AT&T U-Verse Channel 19.

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Study Finds Miami Food Trucks Cleaner Than Restaurants

Photo by Laine Doss
Stella Vidal Dansby and Stewart Dansby: food truck love.
Question: Which is a safer bet to eat -- a food truck taco or a burger at your local gastropub? If you're one of the people who think a brick-and-mortar restaurant would be cleaner and under more scrutiny by the state, think again.

Florida has cited a recent study conducted by the Institute for Justice in Arlington, Virginia, that concludes food trucks are just as clean as restaurants. In the report "Street Eats, Safe Eats," the civil liberties law firm reviewed more than 260,000 food-safety inspection reports of both food trucks and brick-and-mortar restaurants in seven cities, including Miami.

According to the Institute for Justice (IJ), "in every city examined -- Boston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Louisville, Miami, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. -- food trucks and carts did as well as or better than restaurants."

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O Cinema and Seed Food & Wine Fest Present Fed Up Premiere Friday

Screenshot from Fed Up
America's food system sucks and people are totally over it. In fact, they're Fed Up, an attitude epitomized by the new documentary of the same name.

The heralded documentary premieres at O Cinema Miami Shores this Friday, presented by Seed Food & Wine Festival, and will feature a post-flick Skype Q&A with director Stephanie Soechtig.

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25 Reasons Why It Sucks to Work in Food Service

Photo by Guian Bolisay | CC
Go to college, they said. It will open doors, they said. But after stepping across the stage with that liberal arts degree in hand, you soon find yourself walking into food service serfdom because you have virtually no choice and need to pay the bills. You're serving food and drinks to people who more than likely have better careers than you.

Food service jobs are among the most abundant and easiest to get because they usually require no skills whatsoever except to follow orders. Unfortunately, the industry offers some of the worst jobs in a supposed civilized society. Yesterday, protests were staged around the world, including in Miami, over low wages in the industry.

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MC Kitchen Is Miami's Power Lunch Hub

dena marino bill wisser.jpg
Bill Wisser
Dena Marino is Miami's power lunch queen.
Mad Men has returned for the first part of its last season, and if you've been watching, you know that a great amount of wheeling and dealing takes place in restaurants.

That's not just fiction. Many business transactions take place in the restaurants of major cities, with the idea being that people are more apt to relax over some bourbon and a meal. Although the three-martini lunch has gone the way of the carrier pigeon (a shame, really), the power lunch is alive and well -- and thriving in Miami.

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Remembering Barry Alberts, Miami Wine Educator

Laine Doss
Barry Alberts doing what he loved best.
If you've ever been to a winetasting or a pairing dinner in Miami, chances are you met local wine educator Barry Alberts.

Alberts died suddenly this past weekend. His daughter, Lexi, posted the news on Alberts' Facebook page Saturday, April 5. Alberts also had a son, Chad, who lives in Portland.

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IKEA Miami Now Hiring: 350 Jobs Including Food Service Positions

Y-Shumin via Flickr
Want to make the meatballs?
It's coming! IKEA, the land of affordable assemble-it-yourself furniture, Swedish meatballs, and lingonberry soda is (finally) opening its first Miami-Dade location this summer. (No more schlepping to Sunrise for a twenty-buck end table and some frozen salmon!)

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Chef's Roll, LinkedIn for the Culinary Crowd, Draws in Miami's Kitchen Talent

Courtesy of Chef's Roll
There's no denying that the culinary world is its own wild, woolly trip down the rabbit hole. The kitchens of the world are a far cry from the corporate boardrooms, particularly when it comes to career paths. Ever read Kitchen Confidential? Yeahhhhhhhh, that.

So it makes major sense that chefs should have their own social network. Somehow, LinkedIn doesn't seem up to the task of showcasing a sous chef's epic au jus or highlighting a toque's talents with a blade. So for back of the house superstars, there's Chef's Roll.

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