Eddie Zeng Wins Second Annual FIU & Badia Spice Competition

Courtesy of Badia
Come February, when the South Beach Wine and Food Festival hits our velvety sands for the 14th year, a lot of money will be reaised for the FIU Chaplin School of Hospitality. And there will be one particular FIU graduate student eager to get his hands on the goody bags given out at most events.

The student is Eddie Zeng, and he was crowned winner of the second annual student spice competition sponsored by FIU and spice giant Badia. Students were invited to create the ultimate spice of life. "I was encouraged by friends and family," says Zeng. It was his first time making a spice. After submitting a seasoning recipe with quantities and ingredients, the school reviewed all entries and decided on five students who then went head to head in a spice cook-off.

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Organo Coffee: Ganoderma-Infused Brew Promises to Cut the Jitters

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Courtesy of Omar Rosario
Coffee is everywhere. But what distinguishes the brew at Starbucks from that at a Shell station? The beans may be sourced from different locales, but the caffeinated liquid they create has pretty similar properties.

Alternatively, Organo Coffee is basically its own breed. The brand's blends are all infused with a Chinese mushroom known as Ganoderma lucidum that's said to cut the coffee jitters and offer a more sustainable energy boost.

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GastroPod's Noodle Head Hangs Out in Wynwood After Basel

Courtesy of GastroPod
House made spaghetti with kale pesto.
Jeremiah Bullfrog's shipping containers that sustained the Art Basel masses with Royals with cheese and bouncy alkaline noodles topped with spicy, hammy XO sauce will be sticking around Wynwood a bit longer to serve a temporary test kitchen for the mostly mobile chef.

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FDA New Rules: Mandatory Calorie Counts on Everything, Even Popcorn and Booze

The FDA is chomping down on food chains.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has just announced new rules that will affect nearly everything we, as diners and consumers, put into our mouths.

That above statement is not hyperbole, by the way. The rules, a major extension of the 2010 law that required chain restaurants to disclose certain nutritional information. Listed under section 4205 of the Affordable Care Act, the mandate got push back from chains, especially movie theaters and pizza chains and the final rules were delayed for three year, according to the New York Times.

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The Aussie Lamb Challenge: From Erickson's Chinese Sticky Ribs to Elliott's Albondigas

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via Aussie Lamb Facebook
Lamb on the Pit
The people from True Aussie Lamb are really making things fun by coming up with the Winter Wonderlamb Voting Sweepstakes.

The contest, which runs until December 15, lets the masses cast votes on Facebook for one of five dishes created by dynamic local chefs. All of the participating chefs were given a mystery basket before the challenge was started and created a special dish. .

Five randomly selected voters will win $200 gift cards redeemable at any of these five restaurants: The Dutch, Edge Steak & Bar, OTC, L'echon Brasserie, and Meat Market. You can vote once per day and the chef with the most votes will win $500.

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Five Things You Never Knew About Food Allergies

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Photo by Adam Wyles | Flickr CC
Food allergies seem like they're everywhere these days. Everyone you meet is lactose-intolerant, gluten-sensitive, or nut-averse. And statistically, food allergies are on the rise, particularly among children, with a whopping 15 million Americans reporting them.

So to raise awareness and funds to find a cure, the FARE Walk for Food Allergy is headed to Miami this Saturday, November 15. The 2013 walk raised $3.6 million nationwide for food allergy research, education, awareness, and advocacy, and the sponsors hope for the same success this year.

Ahead of the upcoming event, we spoke to the folks at Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) about five things you probably didn't know about food allergies. Check it out after the jump.

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Epicure Gourmet Market Celebrates 70th Birthday With Specials

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Courtesy of Epicure Gourmet Market
Epicure Gourmet Market hasn't really changed much in 70 years.
Long before Miami Beach was teeming with neon-lit clubs and celebrity chef-driven restaurants, locals got their chicken soup and steaks from Epicure Gourmet Market.

The market initially opened in 1945 by the Thal brothers as a carriage trade prime meat butcher shop, where well-heeled Miami Beach residents purchased the best steaks and chickens. The butcher started selling prepared foods when the wife of one of the butchers made a pot of chicken soup for the employees on a particularly cold winter morning.

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Blackbrick Now Offers Daily Dim Sum

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Photos by Laine Doss
Assortment of dim sum at Blackbrick.
Richard Hales' Blackbrick has recently undergone some positive changes.

The midtown Chinese restaurant recently hired Christine Guzman as its general manager. At the age of 26, Guzman already has an impressive resumé. She previously worked at Tudor House, the Phuc Yeah pop-up, the Breakers in Palm Beach, and, most recent, Haven Gastro Lounge and Huahua's Taqueria. Richard Hales says the move will enable Blackbrick, recently named one of Bon Appétit's top 50 new restaurants, to reach the next level in food and service.

"We are always evolving at my restaurants -- never resting on our accomplishments, only getting better. We hired Christine as our general manager to keep the momentum going and make us even better."

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Papa John's Fritos Chili Pizza: Genius or Heinous?

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Papa John's
Papa John's new Frito pie: The end of the world as we know it.
Papa John's has just announced a new product that could either be the next big thing or the start of end times.

According to the Papa John's website, this limited-edition pizza is topped with beef, chili, Roma tomatoes, onions, cheddar, mozzarella, and Fritos.

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Top Chef Jeff McInnis Sues Miami Herald for Defamation

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Star Chefs
Jeff McInnis makes chicken!
In an attempt to clear his name, Jeff McInnis, chef/partner at Root & Bone in New York City and former executive chef at Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, has filed a lawsuit against the Miami Herald, claiming the South Florida publication was "false and defamatory" in its treatment of a story published one year ago under its "Rumor Mill" column. The chef tells Short Order that the lawsuit is "the route that I was forced to take to clear my name."

According to Courthouse News, McInnis filed a federal complaint in Manhattan last Thursday against McClatchy Management Services, McClatchy Newspapers, and the Miami Herald, claiming an article published October 16, 2013, contained "some pretty horrendous allegations" against him.

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