Red Bull Doesn't Actually Give You Wings: Collect Ten Bucks in Class-Action Lawsuit

Photo by George Martinez/
That's one way to get off the ground with Red Bull.
In what could be the absolute dumbest case to enter our clogged, overworked legal system, Red Bull North America Inc. has settled two consumer class action lawsuits to the tune of $13 million dollars.

Do the two lawsuits filed with the United States District Court Southern District of New York (Benjamin Creathers vs. Red Bull North America Inc. and David Wolf and Miguel Almaraz vs. Red Bul GMBH, Red Bull North America Inc., and Red Bull Distribution Company Inc.) claim that the carbonated beverages cause you to sprout horns like a bull or maybe lead to deranged humans stampeding like angry cattle? Um, that would be silly. These lawsuits are not "frivolous" like that!

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Taperia Raca Now Closed; Owners "Received an Offer for the Location They Could Not Turn Down"

Photo by
Giorgio Rapicavoli
Taperia Raca, the Spanish tapas joint launched earlier this year in MiMo by Giorgio Rapicavoli and Alex Casanova, is closed.

According to a news release, the owners received an offer on the property they couldn't refuse. The team, however, says this isn't the end of Raca and is planning to look for a new locale.

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Starbucks Has Latin-Inspired Treats: Only in Miami

Categories: Food News

All photos by Laine Doss
Starbucks goes guava!
Starbucks, the world's go-to place for trendy lattes, has come up with a line of totally Miami treats unique to our hometown.

According to a Starbucks spokesperson, this new Latin-inspired sabores tradicionales line of pastries and goodies is available only in South Florida for a limited time as part of the coffee company's fall promotion.

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Pubbelly Going Vegan for One Night Only October 2

Photo by Stian Roenning
No pig heads on this menu, unless they're made of tofu.
In a sign that the times are most definitely a' changin', the kings of pork are embracing plants. Notable Miami Beach eatery Pubbelly (whose owners were once called the Sovereigns of Swine by the New Times), is going vegan.

In partnership with Jugofresh, the team is hosting a pop-up vegan spread on October 2. For $60 a pop, attendees can dig into animal-free eats by chefs Jose Mendin and Paco.

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Jen Karetnick, Lee Schrager, Fabio Viviani Represent at Book Fair 2014

Categories: Food News

Laine Doss
The Miami Book Fair International is a big deal. Not just for book nerds and wannabe authors, but for foodies, too, since the lineup of chefs, food writers and edible events gets more impressive every year.

The roster for November's fair, announced on Friday night, includes a whole host of Miami's own top culinary talents. Check out the full foodie lineup after the jump.

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Starbucks to Test Beer-Flavored Latte at Florida Locations

Categories: Food News

Photo by m01229 | CC Flickr
Starbucks is testing stout beer lattes at locations in Florida.
In Florida, where coffee-flavored beers are popular, Starbucks wants to test a beer-flavored coffee at select shops. The company has not revealed exactly where it will be sold.

The stout-beer-flavored coffee is called Dark Barrel Latte. Considering coffee is a flavor that's becoming increasingly prevalent in small-batch craft beer, why not pull a switcheroo?

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Michelle Bernstein to Host Michy's Pop-Up Dinner at Crumb on Parchment

Thumbnail image for michellebernsteinjacobkatel.jpg
Photo by Jacob Katel
Michelle Bernstein is hosting a Michy's pop-up.
Miami's culinary darling is hosting a special pop-up dinner this Friday, and it looks like it's been flying under the radar.

This Friday, at 7:30 p.m., Bernstein will put on the four-course tasting menu with table-side plating at her Design District bistro, Crumb on Parchment. She will personally explain each of the courses to diners.

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Attorney for Woman Caught in Versailles Sex Scandal: "These Things Have Profound Consequences"

Facebook screenshot
Ayler Ayala poses for her Facebook page.
More infomation is coming out about the recent lawsuit filed on behalf of Ayler Ayala, a former cashier at Miami International Airport.

The complaint, filed in Miami-Dade Circuit Court, claims she experienced discrimination and harassment by her former employers, Global Concessions Inc., Gateway Airport Concessions Inc., and Airport Concessions Group Inc., all d/b/a Global Miami Joint Venture, that ultimately led to her resigning from her position after suffering an "emotional breakdown" at her workplace in February 2013.

Although the 10-page document also identifies Felipe Valls Sr. in a sex scandal, the Versailles Restaurant patriarch is not listed as a defendant. According to Pelayo M. Duran, an attorney for the plaintiff, Valls was not listed because Ayala didn't come forward soon enough. He did however say information concerning Valls was included because "it's not like we're talking about something that's not relevant."

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Seven South Florida Fast-Food Workers Arrested at Protest

Fight for 15 FL via Facebook
Seven Miami fast food workers were arrested yesterday.
Seven Miami-area fast-food workers were arrested yesterday during a planned protest to fight for wage increases and the right to unionize.

According to a spokesperson for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the protesters Anthony Roberson, Shontavia Myers, Elvis Manuel Valdez Jr., Laura Rollins, Monique Logan, Tiffany Leggett, and Ericka Ward were arrested between 1 to 1:30 p.m. near the McDonald's located at NE 168th Street and Second Ave. in North Miami Beach for blocking traffic. The arrests occurred about two hours into the protest. The protesters were taken to the North Miami Beach police station, given summonses, and released about an hour later.

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Red the Steakhouse Gets First Shipment of Alaskan King Crab

Categories: Food News

Courtesy of Red the Steakhouse
Alaskan king crabs make an early arrival at Red the Steakhouse.
Usually, Alaskan king crabs don't arrive in restaurants until sometime in October. But if you have connections, you can get these tasty crustaceans flown in directly from the Bering Sea about six weeks before anyone else gets their claws on them.

In this case, it's a steak house that has first dibs on the giant fruit of the sea.

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