Craft Commander Will Moderate Young Republican Beer Summit Tomorrow

Photo by wickenden || CC Flickr
It's only January, and 2015 is already proving to be a busy year for beer in Florida. With legal challenges to both the state's growler law and brewery tasting rooms, there should be lots to talk about at the Miami Young Republicans Beer Summit at Town Kitchen & Bar.

These topics will be points of discussion, and perhaps debate, this Tuesday at 7 p.m. Anybody wanting to know more about these two issues should attend the summit. Marco Leyte-Vidal, Miami's Craft Commander, will moderate the event, which will include some of the state's movers and shakers.

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Red Bull Doesn't Actually Give You Wings: Collect Ten Bucks in Class-Action Lawsuit

Photo by George Martinez/
That's one way to get off the ground with Red Bull.
In what could be the absolute dumbest case to enter our clogged, overworked legal system, Red Bull North America Inc. has settled two consumer class action lawsuits to the tune of $13 million dollars.

Do the two lawsuits filed with the United States District Court Southern District of New York (Benjamin Creathers vs. Red Bull North America Inc. and David Wolf and Miguel Almaraz vs. Red Bul GMBH, Red Bull North America Inc., and Red Bull Distribution Company Inc.) claim that the carbonated beverages cause you to sprout horns like a bull or maybe lead to deranged humans stampeding like angry cattle? Um, that would be silly. These lawsuits are not "frivolous" like that!

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Miami Fast-Food Workers to Join 150-City Protest Tomorrow

Categories: Food Politics

Courtesy of Low Pay Is Not Okay
Protestors in Durham, North Carolina.
The nationwide fight for fast-food workers to raise their standard of living is getting louder and more organized.

On Thursday, September 4, employees of major companies like McDonald's and Burger King will protest in 150 major cities, including Miami.

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Florida Blogger on Killing Starbucks Pay-It-Forward Chain: "I Don't Want the Grim Reaper of Karma to Come for Me"

Carina Ost
Would you pay it forward?
Last week was tops in sales for a St. Petersburg, Florida, Starbucks. It was also, you might say, a day when the nice guys won -- for awhile.

Last Wednesday, a pay-it-forward chain ended when the 379th customer of the day didn't understand the concept and simply wanted to buy her own regular coffee. According to the Tampa Bay Times, it appeared the woman didn't get the idea of buying a latte for the stranger behind her.

The next day, the chain started again. The Tampa Bay Times was alerted of the second day of giving when a reader posted the news on the paper's Facebook page. By noon, more than 160 Starbucks customers had participated in this game of do-gooding. Then, suddenly, the chain broke -- on purpose.

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Mitt Romney to Hang at Vicky Bakery in Kendall Today

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Mitt Romney via Facebook
Mitt Romney is in Miami.
Mitt Romney, apparently, can't get enough of pastelitos and Miami.

The former governor of Massachusetts and presidential candidate will join congressional candidate Carlos Curbelo at Vicky Bakery at 12300 SW 127th Ave. in Kendall this afternoon for a few pastries and a photo op.

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Worldwide Fast-Food Strike to Hit Miami This Week: Employees Demand Better Wages UPDATED

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Courtesy of Low Pay Is Not OK
Fast-food employees to strike in Miami.
Traditionally, fast-food work has been considered entry-level, with the majority of employees being students needing a few dollars in their pocket.

These days that's no longer the case, with many adults taking jobs at McDonald's, Burger King, and the like to provide for their families. According to the Center for Economic and Policy Research, the majority of fast-food workers between 2010 and 2012 were high school graduates between the ages of 25 and 54. The average wage for these employees: $7 to $10 an hour.

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Miami Shores Couple to Village: Let Us Grow Our Vegetable Garden

Courtesy of Institute for Justice
Tom Carroll and Hermine Ricketts are fighting city hall.
For 21 years, Hermine Ricketts and Tom Carroll have lived in a modest three-bedroom house in Miami Shores, a quiet village of about 10,000 residents with well-maintained houses and well-manicured lawns. There, the married couple grew vegetables on their front lawn for nearly two decades.

Ricketts, a retired architect, tells Short Order that she planted the garden, a combination of both edible produce and nonedible florals, to maintain a healthy lifestyle. "Look at the condition of the food we're buying now. The only way we can be sure of what we eat is to grow it ourselves.You can't get any more local than eating vegetables from your front yard."

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Miami Fast Food Workers: New Website Asks "Are You Robbed on the Job?"

Low Pay is not OK
Protesters converge on a Miami McDonald's to demand better wages.
Fast food workers across America as getting tired of the vast difference between the salaries of the corporate bigwigs and their meager earnings. The difference, by the way, is astounding.

According to a Nerdwallet report, if broken down into an hourly wage, the CEO of McDonald's would earn $9,247 every 60 seconds. Compare that to the average hourly wage of an employee in his ranks, which is $7.73.

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Miami Fast-Food Workers to Protest at Miami McDonald's for Fair Wages

Thumbnail image for burgerkingronaldmcdonald.jpg
Low Pay is not OK
McDonald's workers protest for better wages.
Last week, McDonald's workers in New York, California, and Michigan filed class-action lawsuits against the fast-food giant. They claim Mickey D's "illegally underpaid employees by erasing hours from their time cards, not paying overtime, and ordering them to work off the clock," according to the New York Times.

The combined lawsuits demand that McDonald's, which earned nearly $5.6 billion in profits in 2013, pay back the stolen wages and stop its illegal theft of workers' pay.

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Versailles Restaurant Slapped With Whistleblower Retaliation and Defamation Lawsuit UPDATED

Riki Altman
Iconic restaurant Versailles has been slapped with a lawsuit.
Attorneys have filed a lawsuit in Miami-Dade Civil Court that claims Versailles Restaurant fired two employees for reporting illegal goings-on at the iconic eatery, including hiring undocumented workers, sexual-orientation harassment, and wage and hour violations.

The lawsuit, which names Versailles and its owner, Felipe A. Valls Sr., as defendants, was filed this past Friday on behalf of former Versailles general manager Rigoberto Hernandez and Adriam Mena, a former waiter there. The suit lists numerous charges the two men claim they witnessed during their time at the restaurant, which attracts some of Miami's top politicians. Hernandez claims the restaurant's human resources officer and co-owner, Janet Valls, said that "she could make the undocumented workers 'disappear' if they were ever investigated by immigration authorities."

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