Miami Rum Renaissance Festival and Miami Cocktail Week: Win VIP Tickets

Photo by Laine Doss
Free VIP tickets right here. Write the folks back home!
Hold on to your liver, mateys.

The Miami Rum Renaissance Festival returns to the Doubletree Hotel Miami Airport Convention Center April 25 to 27. (Friday, April 25, is open to trade only.)

Over the past years, the festival has grown from a poolside fete to a multi-day event that features mixology competitions, formal rum judging by a panel of experts, seminars, a lifestyle marketplace (because you need Tiki glasses or puffy pirate shirt), and a mega rum tasting experience.

And by mega, we're talking more than 80 rum producers from as near as Miami and as far as the Philippines.

With all this growth, however, the festival is still a family affair, which is probably why the event still feels like an intimate gathering with friends to drink some good rum -- ya know, if your friends happened to have 200 rums on hand for you to try out.

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Sear'N Gears Pop-Up Dinner Tonight: Win a Free Valentine's Day Dinner

Categories: Giveaways

Romantic decor by 8bit
Valentine's Day is today and we're feeling romantic. So is Aleric "AJ" Constantin. You might know him as the Cycling Chef or Sear'N Gears, as his company is called. He normally keeps it cool with his ice cream fare, but he's decided to heat things up for the most romantic day of the year with a pop-up, six-course dinner at his very own place. He's already fully booked for the intimate affair, which includes five couples, priced at $85 a couple. AJ is sharing the love though by adding on one last couple to the mix, for free. That could be you.

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Bobby's Burger Palace Opens Friday: Meet Bobby With Our Contest UPDATED

Food Network
Meet Bobby Flay this Friday!
Celebrity chef Bobby Flay will open his Bobby's Burger Palace at Dadeland Mall this Friday, December 6, and one Short Order reader will have the opportunity to be the first person to walk through the doors when the restaurant opens -- and will be personally greeted by the Food Network personality himself.

Bobby's Burger Palace opens at noon Friday, and Flay invites one lucky fan to be the first person through the doors. That person will get to meet him and sneak a quick pic before being escorted to a prime seat where he/she will enjoy a free lunch of a burger, fries, and a shake.

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McDonald's Wants to Turn Miami Into a Winter Wonderland

This is actually Key Biscayne.
It's the start of the holiday season, which in Miami means decorating the palm tree with red twinkle lights and hoping it gets cool enough to wear your reindeer sweater for just one night.

While the rest of the year is basking in the chill of an early snowstorm, we're still wearing shorts and a T-shirt. Bummer!

McDonald's understands our frustration with endless beach days and wants to do something about it -- like bring winter to us.

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Oscar Mayer Wienermobile in Miami This Weekend: Come and Meat the Hotdoggers

Oscar Mayer via Facebook
Baby, we were born to bun...
The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is back in the Miami area this weekend. The legendary hot dog-shaped cars travel the country on a mission to share the joys of eating meat tubes.

The Wienermobile is driven by Hotdoggers, a dozen recent college grads who drive the fleet of six hot dog-shaped vehicles in teams of two. (Who says a college degree isn't a valuable commodity?)

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Win 25 Misha's Cupcakes By Creating a New Flavor For Their Stores

Lyssa Goldberg
Misha's Cupcakes: Woman's greatest gift to man.
Baking is great and all, but we're not all cut out for the exact science that it requires. Some of us were born to eat. So Short Order is here to tell you how to get 25 cupcakes in a flavor that only you'd dream up, without lifting a finger in the kitchen.

Misha's Cupcakes -- this reporter's all-time favorite cupcakery in Miami -- launched its Flavor of the Weekend contest for the month of August. Each week, one of the four locations is asking local customers to submit cupcake flavor ideas in a comment on Facebook. Then the winning flavor will be featured at the store for one weekend, Thursday through Saturday.

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Fratelli Milano Celebrates the Dog Days of Summer With a Photo Contest

Courtesy Fratelli Milano
Whatever Lola wants...Lola gets. And Lola wants pasta.
Hello and welcome to the "dog days" of summer.

Let's face it. August is the price we pay for living in paradise. And you know what? A little 95-degree weather pales in comparison to sub-zero temperatures, any day!

That being said, Ristorante Fratelli Milano is celebrating the "dog days" of summer by hosting the most doggone terrific contest ever -- a search for the cutest dog photos in Miami!

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Naylet LaRochelle's Salad Won Her a Trip to Napa Valley (Recipe)

Courtesy LaRochelle
Naylet LaRochelle knows there's no place like home.
The smell of butternut squash brings back one of Naylet LaRochelle's fondest memories. It was during early autumn about 13 years ago that she moved into her first home with her husband.

"I remember watching my husband and my dad do repairs, and the anticipation of that time. In addition to me buying my first home, I was also pregnant with my first child, my daughter. Everything was coming together, I had already finished school, gotten my degree, and I was working. It was time to start a new chapter," she recalls.

LaRochelle, who lives with her family in the South Miami area, said she craved certain foods during her pregnancy, and one of the things she enjoyed eating most was salad. And a butternut squash salad with dried fruits and nuts typifies fall.

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Tongue & Cheek and Duffy's Hold Father's Day Contests

Courtesy of Jamie DeRosa
Jamie DeRosa and dad playing on the beach. How cute is that?
Your dad is the man who molded who you are. He taught you how to drive, slipped you an extra $20 on Friday and gave you a sip from his beer. (Shhh... don't tell mom!) Dad is the guy who, after a long day, still managed to find a reserve tank of energy to play catch with you. He also gave you some sage words of wisdom like "always make sure you have a spare tire," "sure, you can be a rock god -- just finish college first (just in case)." and "wear a condom."

Sunday is the day to show dad some love by taking the old man out for a meal. And, if you somehow forgot his advice and are an unemployed rock-god-in-training, two Miami restaurants are holding Father's Day contests. Win and dad gets an awesome Father's Day gift and you don't pay a cent. (Shhh... don't tell mom!)

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Coral Gables Restaurant Week Kickoff: Win Tickets to Taste of the Gables

Categories: Giveaways

Taste of the Gables via Facebook.
Win tickets to Taste of the Gables.
The sixth annual Coral Gables Restaurant Week returns with more than two dozen of Coral Gables finest restaurants offering specially priced prix-fixe menus.

The only problem with this great event? It's gotten too darn big for just one week, so this year, the promotion has expanded to three seven-day bacchanals of good food and great deals. From June 10-30, dine at any one of the participating restaurants for a meal deal, with each eatery offering at least a 20-percent savings off their regular menu. Just make a reservation at any of the participating restaurants and be sure to ask for the special restaurant week menu. For a full list of all participating restaurants, visit

If you like numbers, that comes out to over 20 restaurants offering at least a 20 percent discount in about 20 days. Coincidence? We don't think so.

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