Nigella Lawson Caramel Croissant Pudding

This photo of caramel croissant pudding looks a lot better in the book.
Yesterday we highlighted the just-released Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival Cookbook by Lee Schrager and Julie Mautner. We'll remind you that Lee will be at the Miami Book Fair International this Saturday at 4:30 p.m. And we will also share a recipe - one that seems well suited for the upcoming holiday season. It's not time-consuming to make, plus we all get to learn a new word: "staling," as in a croissant that is growing stale.

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How To Make A 'Frying Pan' From Filo Dough

filo pan_opt.jpg
original photo by Bryce Attwell
Yesterday we highlighted The Elegant Chef's Guide To Hors D'Oeuvres And Appetizers by British celebrity chef Antony Worrall-Thompson. Today we share his manner of shaping filo dough into a frying pan shape that makes for a snazzy presentation of whatever it is you fill it with. The recipe in the book fills the pan with sauteed carrots, asparagus tips, snow peas, green beans, broccoli, zucchini, young leeks, cauliflower, and an array of wild mushrooms. The dish is then garnished with peeled cherry tomatoes and one ounce of julienned truffle. But with a little imagination you'll be able to figure out all sorts of uses.

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Two Fat Ladies: Recipe For Lobster with Latkas

2 fat ladies_opt.jpg

Yesterday we highlighted the Two Fat Ladies: Full Thottle cookbook that was first published in 1998 by the irrepressible Brits. Today we offer a recipe from the book for Lobster with Latkas -- one of Clarissa's offerings.

"I have an unlimited passion for lobsters which I do very well with, thanks to my dear Mr. Clarke of Fisher Row, Musselburgh, the best fishmonger in Britain. I also love latkas, those crispy mouthwatering Jewish potato pancakes. So it seemed to me an excellent idea to combine the two."

The recipe follows...

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Bourbon Steak's Recipe For Fiery Jerk Chicken Wings

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Chef_Gabe_chicken_wings.jpg
Photo courtesy of Bourbon Steak
Make these at home!

On Friday, we spoke with Bourbon Steak Miami's executive chef Gabriel Fenton about his fiery jerk chicken wings that will hit the Bourbon Steak bar bites menu tomorrow -- coinciding with the first Miami Heat preseason game. Some heat with the Heat, so to speak.

The folks at Bourbon encourage you to head to their bar and watch the game on a flat screen TV while eating those wings -- or burgers, whatever. Not a bad idea. But if you'd rather stay at home for this one, Fenton's recipe for the wings follows the jump.

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Irish Salmon Recipe For Father's Day

Sean O'Connell, Corporate Executive Chef and Vice President of Culinary Operations for the Fontainebleau Miami Beach, has a Father's Day recipe to share, along with a quick backstory about life with his father. The recipe is for Seared Irish Salmon with Creamy Mustard Cabbage; perhaps it is stating the obvious that it would work well for St. Patrick's Day too.
"When my father retired from service in 1980, we moved back to Ireland and lived in the west coast town of Galway. This was a quaint town on the southern part of the Connemara (a picturesque region) and just on the north tip of Galway Bay. We used to go fly fishing in the rivers and bay on the weekends, which was a period of catching up with my father after he had been so engrossed in his work for many years. I think we enjoyed the drives through the area more than the actual fishing, but whether we caught a fish or not we would always cook this dish and enjoy it when we returned home."
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Recipe For Sun Life Stadium Cheese Arepas

CHEESE AREPAS 009_opt.jpg
One Marlin arepa, hold the Marlin.
No longer any need to rush out to Sun Life Stadium for the delicious food behind the concession stands. Centerplate executive chef Orlando Morales, with whom we just completed a two-part interview with (a-one-and-a-two), has been kind enough to share a recipe for the official Sun Life Stadium cheese arepas. So now you can watch the Marlins on television while enjoying authentic ballpark cuisine. Corn batter up!

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Chef Recipe: Papa's Egg Rolls from Sakaya Kitchen Chef/Owner Richard Hales

Photo by Simon Hare
These egg rolls will surely make you scream for Papa.
​If you foolishly haven't picked up this week's issue of Miami New Times in print to see the gorgeous, full-color Taste 2010 supplement, grab it. Inside you'll find recipes like this one, Papa's Egg Rolls from Richard Hales, the chef/owner of the new Sakaya Kitchen in Midtown.

Thought you may assume this is Hales' daddy's recipe, you'd be wrong-ola. "Papa" is the nickname he gave his Filipino grandmother. [Though after tasting one, you may be inclined to coo, "Oooh, daddy!"]

These crispy, packed cigars of Korean deliciousness are far, far better than any over-fried, cabbage-stuffed egg rolls you've shoved down after ordering from China Dragon Yummy Yum Panda Takeout or whatever crappy joint you found a coupon for. At Sakaya Kitchen, Hales preps the pork, one of many unique ingredients, alone for nearly 40 hours, curing and roasting it to perfection.

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Homemade Tater Tots Recipe From The Standard

Thumbnail image for tatertots_opt.jpg
Photo by DOK
Tastes just like the real taters!
This recipe comes courtesy of Chef Mark Zeitouni, executive chef of The Standard Spa and Hotel, Miami Beach. Mark has been wowing guests at the hotel for four years now with his fresh, flavor-packed Mediterranean-style cuisine. While he is one of very few top toques in town who serves vegan and raw foods at his restaurant, when you try this recipe you will see that he's equally adept at preparing an iconic all-American dish. If you like Tater Tots, trust us, you're going to love this rendition. It secured Grand Prize in the Idaho Potato Commission's Side Dish Challenge held at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival's Burger Bash. A $5,000 donation to Florida International University was made on behalf of Chef Zeitouni.

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Haitian-Style Oxtail Recipe From SBWFF Tap Tap Relief Headliner Kris Wessel

In this week's interview with Kris Wessel, the chef/owner of Red Light Little River talked about the importance of food as it relates to community. Kris is the local headliner tonight at the Tap Tap Haitian Relief Dinner hosted by The South Beach Wine & Food Festival and Southern Wine & Spirits of America. Proceeds from the sold-out affair will benefit Haiti via Partners in Health. That's food and community at its best -- and Wessel will be working alongside national heavyweight chefs Daniel Boulud and Masaharu Morimoto. Hoo boy, that's a trio. As a conclusion to our interview with Kris (part one and part two), we present his recipe for Haitian-style Oxtail.

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Whole Foods Hosts a Flood of South Florida Chefs for Demos Across the State

Via wikimedia commons
Cooking demos to flood Whole Foods Florida.
Have you ever messed up cooking ramen noodles? If you answered yes, like we did, you could probably use some professional help of the cooking variety.

Give thanks for South Florida's bounty of highly touted, greatly revered, very experienced, mostly trained, and overall excellent chefs and for Whole Foods harnessing its talents for the greater good of our holiday meals.

A lot of drops of water make a flood. Get your feet wet all over Florida when Whole Foods markets across the state host some of the tri-county area's best chefs for demos and Q&A sessions, and sponsor recipe cards for customers that will be in stores beginning December 15.

Here's a full schedule of who is going to be where and when, and where you can find the recipe cards.

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