Ticety Iced Tea Bar Coming to Coral Gables

Courtesy of Ticety
Ticety Iced Tea Bar opens next week.
Everyone knows that Miami is a coffee-lover's paradise. You can get a solid cafecito in just about any neighborhood. What Miami really lacks is a solid tea presence -- with the exception of Teavana, there aren't a ton of places in South Florida that focus exclusively on tea. European founders Valerie Partigianone, Stephane Weyders, and Damien Ceulemans of Ticety Iced Tea Bar are looking to change that with a new tea lounge opening next week on Miracle Mile.

"Market research shows that people love iced tea, and we wanted to bring it somewhere hot," said France-native Ceulemans. "We fell in love with Coral Gables because it reminds us of a European city."

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Juice Lab: Get Cold-Pressed Drinks on South Beach

Categories: Health Food

Courtesy of Juice Lab
After a successful debut in Winter Park earlier this year, Juice Lab will soon expand its cold-pressed juice bar concept to South Florida this fall. Juice Lab will feature seasonal menus of farm-to-bottle beverage blends made from local harvests picked at the peak of freshness.

Celebrities like Demi Moore and Gwyneth Paltrow have long championed the juice cleanse, but what is it about these liquefied fruits and veggies that makes the trend so appealing?

According to Jennifer Pansa, nationally recognized yoga instructor and co-founder of Juice Lab, drinking juice can actually maximize your health and make you feel like a million bucks. What are the benefits of drinking cold-pressed juice as opposed to regular juices? The answer is in the nutrients.

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Colony1: Bulk Food Store, Organic Garden, and Vegan Kitchen Coming to Wynwood

Courtesy of Ricardo Trevino
Homemade edibles by the Colony1 team, on display at the Grassroots Music Festival.
Picture this green-living dream: A marketplace where Miamians can buy locally grown produce and bulk goods, then carry them home in reusable containers; a kitchen where locals can learn to cook healthy, vegan meals for themselves and their families; a lush community garden where people can donate time in exchange for a share of fresh produce.

Believe it or not, all of the above is coming to Wynwood.

Known as Colony1, the living building and its lot will serve as a bulk food store, organic garden, and vegan kitchen, among a community classroom and other things. It's the vision of Nando and Blair Jaramillo, the couple behind local nonprofit the Art of Cultural Evolution (ACE).

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Fit to Fight: Miami Chefs Compete in Weight Loss Challenge for Charity

Greg Powers
Last year Top Chef and Top Chef All-Stars alum Mike Isabella participated in a challenge to save lives and shed pounds dubbed Fit for Hope. The Washington, D.C. fundraiser pitted 12 chefs against one another over the course of 12 weeks and raised more than $30,000 for the American Cancer Society.

Because of the positive impact it had on Isabella's life, he's decided to regionalize the challenge and make it Miami-appropriate. He's picked captain and regional host Jamie DeRosa to head Fit to Fight, which kicks off Monday, June 30, with a party open to the public at Tongue & Cheek.

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OnJuice at Aventura Mall: Sip Cold-Pressed Juices, Snack on Organic Brownies While You Shop

Photos by Carla Torres
Mall food is typically heavy, greasy, and fatty. Enter OnJuice, a health-focused juice and grab-and-go snack bar that opened Monday in Aventura Mall.

DeliverLean (the meal plan delivery company) is the parent company of OnJuice. They've partnered with Turnberry Group to bring the first of several locations to shoppers and mall employees looking for healthful and tasty alternatives, such as gluten-free zucchini brownies and organic quinoa-kale-cranberry salad with lemon-pistachio drizzle.

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Jugofresh Hires In-House Health Expert to Educate Customers

Courtesy Jugofresh
Jugofresh has its own nutrition expert on staff.
For all its body worship, Miami isn't exactly the healthiest city. Maybe it's our penchant for partying into the next day or our lust for pork, but Miami was ranked 26th on the 2014 American Fitness Index of Top 50 fittest cities (behind Chicago and Pittsburgh).

So maybe it's time for a new habit. Jugofresh, the cold-pressed-juice company that debuted in 2012 and is quickly taking over Miami one juice (and shop) at a time, has gone one step further in making Miami a bit healthier.

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Ten Fruits Now Open in Coral Gables: Hemp Milk, Dragonfruit, and Acai Bowls

Courtesy of David Polinsky
Ten Fruits, downtown's uber-popular eatery and juice bar, has just opened a new location at 2516 Ponce de Leon Boulevard in Coral Gables. Fresh-pressed juices and acai bowls oughta be a welcome addition to a neighborhood chock full of steakhouses and pork joints.

The new spot, just steps from Miracle Mile, has a lengthy menu of health-conscious choices, from juice cleanses and whole wheat waffles, to smoothies and Greek yogurt. We got the skinny on the just-opened eatery and tried a couple of their newest items, including hemp milk. Yum. Check out the deets after the jump.

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The Healthy Bacteria Craze: Fermented Foods and Probiotic Drinks

Courtesy of Mike Moskos
Kefir Culture Grains
Whether they're pickled in a dirt hole for several months, jarred in the back of your pantry, or just fell off the back of a VitaCoco truck, fermented foods have made waves as tasty and health conscious treats. From coconut water and quinoa, to dairy and and beans, any dietary staple can be infused with the cultured brilliance of fermentation. But what exactly is it?

Fermented is a euphemism for rotten or spoiled. Around the turn of the century, canadian dentist Weston A. Price popularized the consumption of fermented fare as a remedy for oral and digestive maladies. He traveled the world, documenting the indigenous foods of various cultures and noting their health effects. Recently, with the appearance of kombucha -- a bubbling mushroom tea that will get you buzzed and cure whatever ails you -- fermented products have slowly made there way back into the collective epicurean consciousness.

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Miami Lacks a Quality, Affordable Big Salad

Photo by Carina Ost
Taste the rainbow.
As George Castanza once flailed his arms about, "You had to order the big salad?" The answer is simply yes. Jerry Seinfeld may say, for a laugh, that it has to have, "Big lettuce, big carrots, tomatoes like volleyballs." Although, finding a fantastic, affordable big salad that can be your new best friend for post cheat-day or for lunch/dinner every day is the big feat.

A recent trip home to my hippie, surfer hometown of Santa Cruz, California, brought to light this exact item that Miami is missing. My first dining stop was to Dharma's, a vegetarian-friendly restaurant for the gardener's salad ($9.95) with miso honey dressing. (Side note: I always make a conscious effort to not say "miso horny" and I always fail). It has always been my ultimate perfect salad. And has caused my mother to say, "If only you were as excited about a man, as you are about this salad." There's something about this blend of lettuces, carrots, cucumbers, beets, tomatoes, sunflower sprouts and seeds with the creamy and sweet dressing that perks me right up. At the neighboring and eye-roll inducing, small California chain Cafe Gratitude you can get a similar salad by ordering the affirmation, "I am Fulfilled" but it is not the same and leaves a void.

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Simply Sharon's Cookies: Six Ingredients, Gluten-Free and Good for You

Via Simply Sharon's via Facebook
If Cookie Monster wants to stick around long enough to hear Elmo's voice change, he should probably cut back on the butter, eggs and sugar. Those chocolate chip cookies he inhales look a lot like supermarket-bought, mass produced crap.

The blue man should totally switch to Simply Sharon's Miami-made treats. Vegan, gluten-free and whipped up with only six ingredients, they come in cashew, almond, and pistachio. Plus they're so satisfying, he'd be good with one or two. Binge eating begone.

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