Miami Valentine's Day 2015 Dinner Guide

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Plenty of oysters on the menu.
Valentine's Day is fast approaching and, while some balk at this made-up holiday, calling it an excuse for stores to sell cuddly stuffed bears and flowers, most people take the day to heart... literally.

Look, in this increasingly cold world where communication is mostly via computer, why not jump on the opportunity to get all warm and fuzzy?

Our advice? Rush to the card store and pick out a schmaltzy greeting. Buy that cuddly stuffed bear, and make reservations for a romantic dinner for two.

Just remember, Valentine's Day is one of the busiest dining days so make reservations in advance, by using our handy guide to all the cafes and bistros serving up foie gras, oysters, Champagne, and love. As always, prices generally do not include tax and gratuity and menus are subject to change.

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New Year's Eve Dinners in Miami 2014 UPDATED

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Celebrate New Year's at these Miami restaurants.
It's hard to imagine, but next week we bid a fond farewell to 2014 as we welcome in the New Year.

To mark that annual calendar transition, we must feast! Thankfully, Miami restaurants have upped their game with fantastic multiple course menus that feature decadent dishes, live entertainment, and lots of Champagne.

Here's a list of our favorite celebratory meals. Please note that prices do not reflect taxes and gratuities and reservations are required.

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Scott Conant's Christmas Spaghetti Recipe: "It's What I Had Every Christmas as a Kid"

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Photo by Alex Markow
Scott Conant is a man of many talents. Chef, TV personality, cookbook author, and father. But also: Santa Claus. The father of two girls acquired his first Santa suit a few years ago, which he now keeps in tow for Christmas.

"When I put it on last year, my wife goes to me, "Honey how smart of you to stick a pillow in as the belly?" he says. "There was no pillow." He laughs it off but the pasta extraordinaire admits to having oodles of spaghetti as a kid every Christmas eve. Today he's on the flip side doing the cooking for his family, but even with the opening of Corsair and flying back to NYC to get into his Santa suit and cook up a feast, he's taken the time to give us the recipe to that childhood dish he's nostalgic about.

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What Miami Chefs Eat & Cook on Christmas

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Courtesy of Eating House
Merry Christmas from the EH crew

Today is Christmas, which means you're celebrating one way or another.

If you're anything like me, you spent your childhood (and a good portion of your adult life) wondering whether your family Christmas was unconventional or just plain weird. In Spain, Christmas always consisted of pata negra ham, grilled langoustines, and tapioca soup to start. Then we moved on to lamb chops and some form of fish cooked in salt, ending the meal with almond cake or nougat. When we moved to Miami, our Christmas spread seemed atypical compared to the customary caja china, congri, and yuca that everyone seemed to be eating.

But that's just a couple of ways to commemorate the merry holiday. Everyone (including chefs) has different traditions, recipes, and rituals. Whether it's ordering Chinese food and eating it in their underwear or picking up some KFC, Miami's chef's dish on how they spend their xmas -- cooking or not.

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A Very Boozy Christmas: The Ten Best Gifts at the Liquor Store

Oak Tavern
Play Santa at the liquor store.
If the fact that Christmas is a mere two days away is freaking you out, relax. Forget your troubles, stay away from the mall, and head to your nearest liquor store where's there's a gift for nearly everyone on your list at just about every price point.

In this wonderland of booze, you'll find champagne for your assistant, a single malt for your snobby brother-in-law, and an aged rum for your boss.

During a recent shopping expedition to Total Wine & More, I found a treasure trove of presents. Here are the ten best gifts, some starting at under ten dollars (with most under $30). Truly a Santa-worthy assortment of holiday cheer!

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Recipe: Raw Pecan Pie by Vegan Chef & Author Mark Reinfeld

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Courtesy of Mark Reinfeld

Christmas is right around the corner, which means it's time to nail down that dinner menu if you don't want to be poring through Pinterest when you should be opening presents.

And in the name of feeding your guests something healthier than cream pies or ice cream sundaes, nutrient rich is the key phrase when it comes to dessert. Vegan chef and author Mark Reinfeld has a recipe for a killer raw pecan pie that's both healthy AND delicious. Check it out after the jump.

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Beer for Hanukkah: He'Brew ReJewvenator is a Mashup of Belgian Ale and Concord Grape

Laine Doss
Mixing grape and grain for Hanukkah!
Growing up in Brooklyn, my parents had a bar. Purchased through the Macy's catalog, it was a small octagon end table that opened up into a place to store bottles and glasses. Though they were quite proud of their swanky addition to the avocado green sofa they had purchased the year before (covered in the requisite plastic), their spirit collection left much to be desired.

I still remember the contents: a bottle of Wild Turkey (used mostly for toothaches); Cherry Heering; Creme de Menthe; Gordon's gin; some Dutch chocolate liquor in a fancy ceramic bottle; and a few bottles of Manischewitz Wine.

The Manischewitz was consumed mostly during holidays and family get-togethers, like Passover and Hanukkah. My family would drink the sweet elixir from small cordial glasses and I would get a glass of grape juice. Once, after much begging, I was given a sip of the kosher wine. It tasted exactly like what I was having -- cloyingly sweet and grapey, with a hint of tartness.

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Christmas Dinners in Miami

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Edge Steak & Bar via Facebook
Celebrate Christmas with good food and wine.
Christmas is almost upon us. It's usually one of the few days out of the year that even restaurants close to allow employees time with family and friends.

But, since we're in a major city, there are still a host of establishments that remain open to feed hungry tourists (and locals) who prefer to let someone else stuff the goose and make the figgy pudding. Here are some of Miami's best restaurants serving up delicious Chiristmas meals. Best to call ahead to confirm special hours and to make reservations.

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Shaquille O'Neal Bakes Holiday Cakes in an Easy Bake Oven (Video)

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screenshot via YouTube
Shaq-A-Claus bakes with his Easy Bake Oven.
Shaquille O'Neal (or Shaq, as the world knows him) is many things.

Shaq Fu is a basketball great, a movie star, even a part-time law enforcement officer. Now, the larger-than-life personality can add two more "occupations" to his extensive resume: Easy Bake Oven chef and Shaq-A-Claus.

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Blue Collar's Latkes Named Among the Country's Ten Best for Chanukah

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Courtesy Blue Collar
Latkes. Eight crazy nights of them.
Chanukah starts tonight, which means eight nights of presents, dreidel spinning, and chomping on some tasty latkes.

If you're looking for the best latkes in Miami (and your bubbe happens to be busy), look no further than Danny Serfer's Blue Collar restaurant, which features Chanukah latkes on its year-round menu.

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