Halloween 2014 in Miami: Cheap and Free Treats

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Courtesy of Chipotle
Boo-rito time!
Halloween is this Friday -- and the best thing about this holiday is that you can totally enjoy it on the cheap.

While some tout the "real meaning of Christmas," we all know it's about going into debt on presents. But on Halloween all you need is some creativity, old clothes, and tape to make yourself a costume.

Even the whole premise of Halloween -- where you walk around and get free candy -- is pretty awesome. If you're on a budget, we suggest making yourself a cheap costume and heading out for cheap -- or free -- food.

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Halloween 2014 in Miami: The Spookiest Restaurant Parties

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Photo by Laine Doss
Celebrate Halloween on Lincoln Road.
Halloween is arguably the best holiday of the year. It's the one day when everyone from little kids to grandmas to bull terriers can let their freak flag fly. Secretly wish you were a sexy witch or a superhero? How about a space alien or zombie? It's all good.

So, break out the angel wings and devil horns and come party like it's 1999... or 2000 B.C. Here are the best parties to celebrate at!

Note: Check the dates carefully. A few of the parties listed are held the day before Halloween.

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Recipe: Pumpkin Snickerdoodles From Tongue & Cheek's Little Monster Mash

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Courtesy of Jamie DeRosa
Pumpkin snickerdoodles: No trick, just treats.
Chef Jamie DeRosa loves making treats for the holidays. (Remember his awesome house-made Peeps tutorial?)

So it's no surprise that tomorrow's second-annual Little Monster Mash at Tongue & Cheek will feature all kinds of sweet and spooky treats, with a few tricks thrown in.

The brunch, which is happening tomorrow, October 25, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., features free eats for boys and ghouls under 12 who have their choice of "gobblin" from a menu that includes grilled cheese, mini burgers, chicken fingers, and spooky white pizzas. Grownup holiday selections include bacon and "devil" eggs, Boo-Berry or pumpkin pancakes, or jack o'lantern s'mores.

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National Rum Day: Make the Sailor Jerry and Win a Brunch for You and Ten Friends

Carla Torres
No vodka? No problem
Saturday is National Rum Day, which means you've got a whole lotta celebrating to do. So where do you begin to commemorate America's first spirit? How about by swapping out your traditional bloody mary for a Jerry Mary. Allow us to explain.

You see, there was this navy man named Norman Collins, who also went by the nickname "Sailor Jerry." Sailor Jerry had a fascination with Asia and the Far East, as well as all its culture and imagery. So naturally, he became a tattoo artist and opened a tattoo shop in Honolulu, inking hordes of fighting men who'd just paid their dues to the country they loved. Like most sailors, he also liked to drink a lot of rum.

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National Filet Mignon Day: $1 Steak Sandwiches at Morton's the Steakhouse

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Courtesy of Dancie Perugini Ware Public Relations
To buy anything for a buck these days, especially a steak sandwich, is a rarity.

However, someone somewhere decided August 13 would be National Filet Mignon Day, and to recognize this unofficial holiday, Morton's the Steakhouse is selling filet mignon sandwiches today for only $1 apiece. The one-buck sandwiches will be served in the restaurant's bar area.

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Tuesday Is National Oyster Day: Get the Best Shucking Deals Around Town

Courtesy of Devon Seafood & Steak
Sixteen different oysters? Why yes, don't mind if we do.
Look alive, Miami. It's time for another made-up food holiday and all the prime-priced perks that come with it.

If you're all about shucking and slurping, then get excited: National Oyster Day is tomorrow. Tons of places are serving up specials in celebration of the briny aphrodisiac. Whether you want to grab a bar stool and keep them coming or oyster hop around the block, here's some Miami spots serving up tasty mollusks for a steal.

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Celebrate Peruvian Independence Day Monday at La Mar

Courtesy of La Mar
Pisco Sours and Peru's independence.
In 1821, Peru became the last colony in South America to gain independence from Spain. How best to celebrate, you ask? Why, with food, music, and Pisco, ¡hermanos!

While we know it's hard to disentangle yourself from the comforting arms of classics like tangy ceviche and aromatic lomo saltado, La Mar will serve up a couple of authentic dishes that are worth branching out for.

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Bastille Day: Five French Eateries in Miami for the Non-Elite

Larry Hoffman | Flickr cc
"Let them eat cake."

These immortal words supposedly spoken by Marie Antoinette still live on today, but now we can take them literally. On July 14, 1789, inspired by the American revolution, the French people finally rose up against King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, stormed the Bastille, and kicked the aristocracy out on their rich asses. Celebrate this victoire du peuple by eating an inexpensive, delicious French meal at one of these Miami locales on Monday.

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Bacon Bash at Nikki Beach: Bask in the Bacon-Wrapped Glory (Photos)

All photos courtesy Tony Guerra
Chocolate-covered bacon. Lick it up.
Imagine the Swine & Wine festival at the Biltmore Hotel, but with less wine and more bikini-clad bodies. This past weekend, Nikki Beach masterfully combined mojitos, bacon, and live DJs to create a uniquely Miami Fourth of July celebration. The pig binge was part of the Annual IndepenDANCE pool and beach parties, but this was the first ever bacon bacchanalia. Guests in beach-yet-club-friendly attire came for the food and stayed for the party as DJs David Tort, David Solano, and LA Riots took the outdoor stage later that night.

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Miami's Best Eats and Drinks This Weekend: Fourth of July Edition

Photo by Laine Doss
Eat like a patriot.
Happy birthday, America. You look great for a lady turning 238. Seriously, Independence Day is here and that means picnics, beach days, brunches, cocktails, and fireworks.

Here's our guide to the best places to eat and drink this long holiday weekend. Weekend starts now!

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