Passover Special Dinners in Miami

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Courtesy of BLT
Passover brisket -- better than bubbe.
Sundown April 14 marks the first night of Passover.

For Jewish people around the world, this eight-day holiday remembers their exodus from Egypt more than 3,000 years ago. Freed from slavery, our ancestors are said to have fled into the desert and could not bake their bread, which turned out hard and flat. For that reason, matzoh is eaten during Passover.

Of course, every holiday has its own food customs. The first two nights of Passover, many families gather at the dinner table for Seder, where the story of Passover is retold and a giant feast is served.

Although many kosher restaurants close during Passover, many restaurants offer more secular interpretations of Passover favorites. Meals featuring slow-cooked brisket, gefilte fish, and cakes made with matzoh meal can be enjoyed by all. Here are some restaurants offering Passover dinners this week. Reservations are suggested, and gratuities are generally not included.

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Peeps are Popping Up: Dunkin' Donuts, Bocce Bar, and Tongue & Cheek

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Carina Ost
Peeps on a doughnut.
Some people get excited for candy corn in October and candy canes in December. But when it comes to Easter candy, there is a divide. Some go for chocolate bunnies, others like Cadbury eggs, and yet others prefer Peeps. We are Team Peeps all the way.

We like our Peeps, like we like our peeps -- bright, marshmallowy, and sugar-dusted. Where can you see these little chickadees popping up in Miami? We have the answer!

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Easter Brunch in Miami

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Courtesy of Tongue & Cheek
She eats like a rabbit.
Easter is Sunday, April 20, and whether you attend sunrise services, go on a hunt for colored eggs, visit the Easter Bunny, or sleep in, one thing is for certain: You'll need some fuel afterward.

Luckily, many of Miami's best restaurants serve Easter brunch. We're talking elaborate spreads filled with all manner of goodies -- from raw oysters and bloody marys to spring lamb and warm pastries.

Here's a list of offerings. Most prices don't reflect tax and gratuity, and reservations are strongly suggested.

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Kosher Blogger Whitney Fisch and Three Others Release Modern E-Cookbook for Passover

Photo courtesy of Whitney Fisch
Cashew "cream" tomato soup with sun-dried tomato relish from 4 Bloggers Dish: Passover; Modern Twists on Traditional Flavors.
"Modern" isn't a word typically associated with Passover. For starters, the holiday, which begins April 14 this year, commemorates the Jews' escape from slavery in Egypt thousands of years ago and is rife with age-old traditions. And when it comes to the food served throughout the eight days, many will tell you their families have been eating the exact same stuff since they can remember.

What's more, options are limited by Passover being the holiday of unleavened bread, where the only grain product permitted is matzo (unleavened bread). Though much can be made from matzo's byproducts, such as matzo flour and matzo meal (coarsely ground matzo), it's easy to tire of it all around day three.

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Rolling Pin Bakery in Surfside Offers a Variety of Hamantaschen for Purim

Carina Ost
Three corner cookies.
Before you wear green on Monday, if you celebrate Purim you may be also wearing a costume on Saturday evening. This Jewish holiday has its own festive drinking and masquerading, but one of the sweeter traditions, amongst mainly Ashkenazi Jews, is the consuming of hamantaschen.

Hamantaschen are triangle-shaped filled pastries that are said to resemble the hat (or according to some, the pocket or ears) of Haman, a man who set out to kill the Jews in ancient Persia. Fortunately, Queen Esther and Mordecai foiled his efforts and you eat these cookies to commemorate the defeat of the villain of Purim.

If you want to try one of these celebratory cookies, head to Rolling Pin Bakery in Surfside, located a block away from The Shul and right next to Josh's Deli.

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Get Your Green On With These Four St. Patrick's Day Celebrations

Get bombed.
Irish folk may not constitute a large percentage of Miami-Dade County residents, but the Magic City doesn't lack in St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

In fact, St. Patty's Day is one of our favorite ethnic holidays, tied for first place with Cinco de Mayo. The fact that you are practically expected to imbibe copious amounts of alcohol on these two holidays may have something to do with their popularity, but who are we to judge? We also wish that green beer was available year-round.

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Saint Patrick's Day in Miami: Here's Where to Get Your Shamrock On

Thumbnail image for guinness_everyonesirish.jpg
Laine Doss
Everyone's Irish on March 17.
Since the early 17th century, Saint Patrick's Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick, is celebrated on March 17 with feasts and parades to honor the patron saint of Ireland. The celebration is so huge and generally accepted, that in the Emerald Isles, the church lifts Lent restrictions on food and alcohol, allowing everyone to enjoy a gigantic celebration.

Saint Patrick's Day is an official holiday in Ireland, and it's an unofficial one everywhere else -- especially in cities with large Irish populations like Boston and New York City. Here in Miami there aren't mega parades in the street, but there are still quite a few places where you can wear green, eat corned beef and cabbage, and celebrate. And you should. Because no matter where you're from, everyone's Irish on Saint Patrick's Day.

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Easter Is Coming! Make Vegan Cadbury Cream Eggs (PHOTOS)

Photos by Hannah Sentenac
It's that time of year again. No, we're not talking birds and bees and March Madness and all that other spring crap. We're talking Cadbury Cream Egg time at Easter, coming up on April 20. Seriously, is there anything more awesome than seeing those indulgent little morsels on store shelves everywhere?

Sadly, the cream egg is (unsurprisingly) far from vegan-friendly. Luckily, it's not too hard to concoct a re-creation at home, sans animal products. You're welcome for the sugar rush you're about to experience. Check out the how-to after the jump.

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Valentine's Day Recipe: Four-Ingredient Raw Chocolate Mousse

Courtesy of Whole Foods
Valentine's Day is upon us, and for all you procrastinators out there, it's time to make with the drugstore chocolates and sidewalk stand flowers. But if your significant other is vegan -- or has other dietary restrictions -- you might be SOL. Handing a dairy-free eater a box of milk chocolates will place you squarely in the dog house.

The good news is, whipping up this four-ingredient raw chocolate mousse will make you look both thoughtful and considerate of his/her dietary needs. And it's damn delicious, too. Check out the easy recipe after the jump.

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Watch Pogo's Sweet Willy Wonka Remix (Video)

I've got a golden ticket!
Rabid fans of music, Disney, or YouTube may already be familiar with Pogo.

The music producer and remix artist is know for his incredibly watchable video edits that combine the music, voices, and sounds from beloved childhood classics like Sesame Street, Alice in Wonderland, and Mary Poppins into something new and fascinating.

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