Make Eating House's Cap'n Crunch Pancakes at Home (Recipe)

Courtesy Eating House
Have breakfast with the Cap'n.
This Sunday, while a good portion of the world celebrates Easter, a growing number of people will embrace a different holiday: 4/20.

On this auspicious holiday, people who embrace pot (or at least think the legalization of it is the only sane thing to do), will commemorate the day by baking (brownies, perhaps) and reveling in treats, lovingly referred to as "munchies."

If you want to have an all-out celebration, Eating House is hosting a 4/20 prix-fixe dinner on Sunday evening from 6:30 -to11 p.m., complete with a special munchies menu, served family style, live music, drink specials, and stoner movies.

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Easter Is Coming! Make Vegan Cadbury Cream Eggs (PHOTOS)

Photos by Hannah Sentenac
It's that time of year again. No, we're not talking birds and bees and March Madness and all that other spring crap. We're talking Cadbury Cream Egg time at Easter, coming up on April 20. Seriously, is there anything more awesome than seeing those indulgent little morsels on store shelves everywhere?

Sadly, the cream egg is (unsurprisingly) far from vegan-friendly. Luckily, it's not too hard to concoct a re-creation at home, sans animal products. You're welcome for the sugar rush you're about to experience. Check out the how-to after the jump.

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Thanksgiving Help For Last-Minute Disasters

Don't let disaster strike. Help is on the way.
Thanksgiving is here, which means you're home from the turkey trot and about to get to work in the kitchen.

With so many dishes to make (including that darn turkey), unless you're Martha Stewart, you're bound to have a few kitchen misses along the way.

Not to worry. There is help. Here's your guide to fixing whatever Thanksgiving disaster strikes.

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Thanksgivukkah Latkes, Hors D'Oeuvres, and Leftovers, Danny Serfer Style

Courtesy Daniel Serfer
Latkes for eight days (including Thanksgiving).
Thanksgivukkah eve is upon us and whether or not you're celebrating this holiday mashup where Maccabees meet turkeys, we can all agree on one thing:

Potato latkes are delicious.

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How to Make Your Own Pumpkin Spice Latte (Photos)

Photos by Hannah Sentenac
No KahlĂșa in this recipe, but we won't judge if you tip a little in.
Fall is upon us, which means the masses are officially going apeshit over all things pumpkin. And number one on most people's list is Starbucks' universally adored Pumpkin Spice Latte.

We admit, it's damn delicious. But at $5 or $6 a pop, drinking it daily will break the bank. And you need to save your pennies for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa shopping.

So, here's a step-by-step guide to making your own pumpkin spice coffee concoction at home for a whole lot cheaper and and even a lot healthier too.

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Cooking With Hialeah's Juleisy y Karla: Black Bean Hummus (Video)

Categories: Home Cooking

William Gonzalez
"We're taking electricity from our neighbor because this bitch did not pay the electricity bill," says Josue Garcia, dressed as his bearded drag personality Karla in his newest Youtube upload.

"You wanted to go to Space, right? Well, you have to pay the price," sasses back Gio Profera in his drag get-up Juliesy.

Miami's most notorious bearded Beyonces have taken the city by storm over the recent years. Yesterday, they debuted their second cooking demo inside Profera's grandma's tattered kitchen (otherwise known as Hialeah's Finest Kitchen). On the menu: Black bean hummus. Because Juleisy is on a vegetarian diet and "beans are a veshtuhble."

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Naylet LaRochelle's Salad Won Her a Trip to Napa Valley (Recipe)

Courtesy LaRochelle
Naylet LaRochelle knows there's no place like home.
The smell of butternut squash brings back one of Naylet LaRochelle's fondest memories. It was during early autumn about 13 years ago that she moved into her first home with her husband.

"I remember watching my husband and my dad do repairs, and the anticipation of that time. In addition to me buying my first home, I was also pregnant with my first child, my daughter. Everything was coming together, I had already finished school, gotten my degree, and I was working. It was time to start a new chapter," she recalls.

LaRochelle, who lives with her family in the South Miami area, said she craved certain foods during her pregnancy, and one of the things she enjoyed eating most was salad. And a butternut squash salad with dried fruits and nuts typifies fall.

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Fourth of July Vegan Feast Courtesy of Whole Foods Market

All photos by Laine Doss
Declare your independence from junk food.
Each year, we celebrate our country's independence by sharing a meal with family and friends, then watching the skies light up as a cap to the festivities.

And, in most cases, that meal happens to be from the grill. We're not sure why burgers and hot dogs became the classic all-American meal (especially since both probably have their origins in Germany), but they are -- in all of their highly processed glory.

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Lokal's My Childhood Dream: How To Make the Perfect Burger For National Doughnut Day

All photos by Laine Doss
Matt Kuscher and his Childhood Dream.
Today is National Doughnut Day and there's no better way to celebrate than with a delicious burger and a cold craft beer.

But it can't be just any burger. You have to have Lokal Burgers & Beer's My Childhood Dream, the doughnut burger that owner Matthew Kuscher has literally been thinking about since he was a kid.

"My dad owned a Dunkin' Donuts just outside Washington D.C. when I was a kid. Back then everything was baked fresh. Remember those commercials -- time to make the doughnuts? That was my dad," Kuscher told Short Order.

Matt confesses there was one problem with this seemingly perfect childhood. "Back then, the store just sold doughnuts and coffee. Maybe a bagel. And I hated doughnuts."

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First-Ever Bacon Dogs by Oscar Mayer

Oscar Mayer via Facebook
Bacon dogs are a real thing.
Oscar Mayer, the first name in hot dogs and makers of the original ear worm jingle (just try to get "Oh I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener" out of your heads now that we placed it there), has announced the launch of its most innovative product -- just in time for summer grilling season.

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