Daddy Brews Celebrates One Year With Party This Saturday

Photo courtesy of Daddy Brews
Nick Armada of CerveTech, left, and Jacob Lindsay of Daddy Brews, right.
Daddy Brews home brew supply store turns one-year-old this month and tomorrow owner Jacob Lindsay is throwing a party to celebrate. Everyone is invited, of course.

But the birthday bash is more a celebration of the local home-brew scene than anything else. With at least 20 kegs of the stuff, there will be enough beer to serve a small army. The $15 ticket pays for access to what could be considered a mini beer festival.

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Miami Brewers Alliance Unites Craft Beer Scene

Categories: Homebrew

Courtesy of Miami Brewers Alliance
Take a break from bottled imports and domestic beer drudgery. Craft beer has joined the party. The Miami Brewers Alliance aims to bring the word to the street by educating vendors, consumers, and local government officials about the emerging craft brewing industry.

Ross Appel, executive director and attorney, explains the passion behind rallying the community in support of this marketplace: "It's ultra-collaborative between the brewers [in Miami] and hopefully the vendors and other businesses we work with, brewers, ultimately to promote the industry," he says.

Luis Brignoni, vice president and owner of Wynwood Brewing Company, hopes to encourage home brewers to reach a professional level so that the Miami craft brewing scene can pluck from a pool of talent.

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Oak Tavern Hosts David Bracha, Wynwood Brewing Company Beer Pairing Dinner Wednesday

Imagine this with Wynwood Brewing Company's company and beer.
Executive chef and oystermind David Bracha has teamed up with the Brignonis of Wynwood Brewing Company for a special dinner tomorrow night that will be served family style at Oak Tavern's communal table.

The dinner is a follow up to a beer dinner the restaurant and beer columnist Evan Benn hosted in October, Oaktoberfest, where beers were paired from all over the world with different courses. Now, David Bracha is doing the same but on a local scale. We talked to the chef about his favorite WBC beer and what he'll never pair with brews.

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Daddy Brews: Get Schooled in the Art of Beer Making

All photos by Cassie Glenn
Miami's craft beer scene is very much alive and growing. It seems locals are realizing beer was made for more than just frat parties or $10 buckets. We now see it should be appreciated with the same respect as a fine red wine. No, really.

Jacob Lindsay, owner of Daddy Brews, is not shy to tell you why Corona sucks or that Blue Moon does not qualify as a "craft" beer. That being said, he's not a beer snob; he's just interested in teaching the community how to evaluate craft beer and, more importantly, brew their own at home. Since opening in September, he's been teaching weekly classes that originally were free, but now come with a $25 price tag. With complimentary tastings and a comprehensive overview of the brewing process, it comes as no surprise that these sessions sell out every weekend.

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The Healthy Bacteria Craze: Fermented Foods and Probiotic Drinks

Courtesy of Mike Moskos
Kefir Culture Grains
Whether they're pickled in a dirt hole for several months, jarred in the back of your pantry, or just fell off the back of a VitaCoco truck, fermented foods have made waves as tasty and health conscious treats. From coconut water and quinoa, to dairy and and beans, any dietary staple can be infused with the cultured brilliance of fermentation. But what exactly is it?

Fermented is a euphemism for rotten or spoiled. Around the turn of the century, canadian dentist Weston A. Price popularized the consumption of fermented fare as a remedy for oral and digestive maladies. He traveled the world, documenting the indigenous foods of various cultures and noting their health effects. Recently, with the appearance of kombucha -- a bubbling mushroom tea that will get you buzzed and cure whatever ails you -- fermented products have slowly made there way back into the collective epicurean consciousness.

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Miami Beer Festival Hits Sun Life Stadium February 1

Courtesy of Miami Beer Festival
Attendees at the inaugural Miami Beer Festival mob one of 50 booths.
While most of the country will be under a foot of snow February 1, Miami will host a boozy way to cool down: the Miami Beer Festival.

Last year's inaugural event introduced around 2,000 attendees to more than 150 beers under the retractable roof of Marlins Park, with 50 breweries featuring at least three beers on tap.

This year's festival shifts to the football field at Sun Life Stadium and will have a greater focus on local breweries and local ingredients.

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South Florida BrewFest: Drink the Best Local Craft Beers This Saturday

CC Flickr/Smabs Sputzer
This Saturday at the Kovens Center, taste the finest brews Florida has ever known.
Drinking beer is quickly becoming one of South Florida's favorite pastimes. And this Saturday, you can find some of the state's best craft brews during South Florida BrewFest at the Kovens Conference Center in North Miami.

By "best craft brews," we don't mean only commercial beers. Several homebrew clubs in Miami-Dade and Broward -- such as 2LiveBrews, 4th Age Brewing and Opus Ales -- will also participate in the fest.

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M.A.S.H. Members Earn Professional Beer Judge Certification

David Minsky
M.A.S.H.'s Danny Argudin (center) and Robert Billany are now professional beer judges.
When the term "beer geek" is used, it's more than likely referring to people like Robert Billany and Danny Argudin of the Miami Area Society of Homebrewers.

Argudin, who's also part of the startup Sexy Llama Brewing, and Billany are now also professional beer judges. They earned their new credentials last week after receiving confirmation from the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP).

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Grovetoberfest 2013 Fashion: Lederhosen, Vikings, Sgt. Pepper (Photos)

Photos by Laine Doss
Jackie Sayet of Michael's Genuine tats up a BAC meter at Grovetoberfest.
Grovetoberfest is a party, no doubt. With more than 200 beers, music, and a day with friends in Coconut Grove's Peacock Park, the day always turns out to be one of the most festive, with people dressing in beer hats, dirndls, and superhero costumes.

This year, event director Tony Albelo gave people an extra incentive to dress up for the event -- half-price admission and a special entrance to anyone in costume. The result: an early beer-themed Halloween party. Some people even brought snacks -- worn as jewelry. Take a look at the best costumes we encountered.

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Get Your Grove On: Grovetoberfest, Florida's Largest Beer Festival, Takes Place This Saturday

Courtesy of Grovetoberfest
October is such an awesome month. We sweat less and our hair doesn't get as frizzy, there are a ton of beer-guzzling Oktoberfest events, and it ends wth Halloween. One other reason that Miamians look forward to October is the annual Grovetoberfest event in Coconut Grove.

Now in its third year, Grovetoberfest is the largest beer festival in Florida and it takes place this Saturday. Expect over 250 craft beers from around the world, including plenty of local brews.

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