Discover Your Craft at South Florida BrewFest This Saturday

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Courtesy of Paige Wuensch
Lots tickets are still available for the third annual South Florida BrewFest.
A brewery, seminars, and beer -- sounds like college, right? It is. The South Florida BrewFest this Saturday at FIU's Chaplin School of Hospitality, except there's no entrance exam.

If that doesn't sound enticing enough, then how about learning about the business of craft beer from some of the state's top craft brewers while enjoying some fresh beer? For all of this knowledge and beverage in a four-hour period, the price at the gate is only $40 for same-day general admission. It may be best bargained beer baccalaureate ever.

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Miami's Ten Best Diners: Where Grease Is King

Photo by Ruhrfisch via Wikimedia Commons
Miami diners are few and far between, though there are some standouts.
Despite the number of Northeastern transplants in Miami, the choice in Miami diners is slim. They are places to get a pizza burger, super crispy French fries hidden under a mound of greasy industrial cheese, or a solid plate of hash browns and over-easy eggs. A few are sprinkled across town, though in many ways they play second fiddle to the cafeterias, fritangas, and endless ventanitas that are nestled into nearly every strip mall.

In some cases, ethnic places are Miami's version of the greasy spoon with similarly comforting, cheap, and hearty food based on a slightly different basket of ingredients. Nevertheless, it is those places where waitresses with wide smiles slam plates of glistening patty melts onto the table. Here are the best.

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Tonight: Josh's Deli Does Barbecue Eel, Braised Goat, and Pig Trotter Pizza

Photo by Jose de Las Casas
Barbecue eel pizza
Like most of the country, Josh Marcus loves pizza. So much so that he's dedicated Thursday nights to flipping dough and topping it with exotic ingredients at his Surfside delicatessen, Josh's Deli. The ingredients at hand are goat, eel and pig's feet. And the dough is a special combination of bread flour and Italian 00.

"I'm not trying to compete with Lucali, which I think is the best pizza in the city, or any other pizza for that matter," says Marcus. "It's more about making really great bread and using that as a vehicle for other great flavors. It's only called pizza cause it's round and made in an oven."

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Thanksgiving to Go in Miami: Where to Get the Best Premade Turkey Dinners

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Photo by Ms Jones via Wikimedia Commons CC 2.0
Have someone else make dinner so you can enjoy the day.
It's Thanksgiving Day, and you're up at 4 a.m. to put the turkey in the oven and peel ten pounds of potatoes. Between baking, cooking, and cleaning, you're stressed out long before Uncle Al arrives to tell you the turkey is dry, again.

Who needs that crap? There's a much better way. Just pick up the phone and order a gourmet meal from one of these upscale markets or restaurants. Let someone else roast the bird and purée the potatoes so you can have time to do important things, like run in a turkey trot or have a few cocktails before guests arrive.

Here's a list of places serving premade holiday feasts. Many of them also offer à la carte choices, so if you make the world's best sweet potato casserole, you can pick up just a turkey or a pie.

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Anthony Bourdain Caught Filming in Miami

Courtesy of Travel Channel
Bourdain at Dim Ssäm a Gogo.
Miami foodies, be on the lookout!

If you're dining out in the next few days and spot a thin, silver-haired gent who looks familiar, chances are it's intrepid chef/writer/television host Anthony Bourdain.

Bourdain is in Miami filming, which means we likely have a South Florida Parts Unknown episode to look forward to next season.

According to Variety, CNN recently renewed the travel/food/anthropology show for another season. The entertainment insider says the show "ranks among CNN's most-watched programs, and it has earned Primetime Emmys two years in a row for informational series."

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Rusty Pelican and Whiskey Joe's Need Extras for Videos: Free Food and Drinks

Courtesy of Rusty Pelican
Eat and drink for free. Star in a video.
If you've ever wanted to break into show business, this is your lucky day.

The Rusty Pelican and Whiskey Joe's are filming some updated videos for their websites, and they're looking for people to portray happy diners. In exchange for your time, you'll be wined and dined.

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Field Roast's Chao Slices the Best Vegan Cheese You'll Ever Have

Photo by Hannah Sentenac
Chao melts like actual cheese. Here's proof.
There's no question that grain-meat maker Field Roast is one of the superstars in the meatless market. The Seattle-based company (with a distribution center in Miami) has made major waves, earning nods from Ellen Degeneres, the New York Times, Saveur, and others.

Its products (sold at Whole Foods, Milam's Market, and elsewhere) run the gamut from sausages to deli slices to hand-formed burgers, and its newest additions are three varieties of Chao Slices -- the company's first entry into the cheese-alternative niche. In a marketplace overflowing with dairy-free products, this is the best by far.

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Dîner en Blanc Headed to Miami, Waitlist Opens Today

Courtesy of Diner en Blanc
The Diner en Blanc event held outside Manhattan's Lincoln Center.
On December 9, rain or shine, Miami will become the 14th American city to host a Dîner en Blanc. Picture this: A thousand people dressed in head-to-toe white will be transported to an unknown landmark location where they will dine and drink to live music. Afterward, they'll dance and socialize till the trumpet call indicates the end of the night, when they'll clean up, pack up, and head out.

To attend the popular event, they'll have to pay $35 and bring their own gourmet food; white tables, chairs, and tablecloths; as well as china and silverware (paper plates and plastic utensils are a no-no).

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Brad Kilgore to Open Alter in Wynwood; Pop-Up at Miam Cafe Begins Tomorrow

Photo by Giovanny Gutierrez
Bradley Kilgore popping up in Wynwood for good.
If the movie Chef taught us anything, it's that every chef yearns for the creative freedom to run a kitchen. The film also predicted the next trend in the food industry, at least in Miami: food bloggers partnering with chefs for their first solo endeavor.

Blue Collar's Danny Serfer opened Mignonette with friend and blogger Ryan Roman, and come summer 2015, Bachour Bakery & Cafe will bring famed J&G Grill pastry chef Antonio Bachour's sweets to Brickell with the help and financial backing of blogger Javier Ramirez (AKA GourmandJ) and chef Henry Hane.

Striking a trifecta, J&G Grill chef de cuisine Brad Kilgore recently announced his departure from the Jean-Georges Bal Harbour outpost to open Alter with Ramirez and wine enthusiast Leo Monterrey. The progressive American restaurant in the heart of Wynwood is set to open in February. Its first service, however, will take place this Thursday, November 20, at Miam Café.

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Top Chef Nina Compton to Host Pop-Up at Cafe Mistral

Courtesy of Nina Compton
Nina Compton: Bad ass chef!
Since winning the fan favorite title on Top Chef, Nina Compton's been on the move.

The talented toque, who resigned her position as chef de cuisine of Scarpetta at Fontainebleau Miami Beach in June, has been traveling, racking up experiences, and, hopefully, recipes. Stops on the Compton world tour have included Alaska, New York, Italy, England, Boston, and Toronto, to name a few.

The good news is that chef Compton is back in Miami and hosting a pop-up dinner.

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