Pane & Vino in South Beach: Try the Pear Stuffed Pasta

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Photo by Carina Ost
Fruit filled.
There are few dishes that I remember with such fondness as a pear stuffed pasta that I once enjoyed at a trendy restaurant in Barcelona. The sweetness paired with sharp cheese in its soft doughy casing left a lasting impression. Imagine my surprise when a similar dish appeared on the menu of a charming five-month-old Italian restaurant in the heart of Washington Avenue near Espanola Way and across the street from nightclubs and strip clubs.

It is very easy to miss Pane & Vino as you walk or drive by, but a theater-like display in the window of someone making fresh pasta may entice you. This restaurant takes a gamble by giving a prime seating area to this cooking display. It pays off. The adorable eatery has quotes and wine on the wall and a convenient collections of oil, vinegar, salt and pepper for each table. If you sit along the wall, expect yours in its own private table side shelf.

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Moye Opens in Brickell: House-Made Mozze and Rum-Spiked Granita

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Photos by Carla Torres
Brickell isn't exactly a dining destination, but Tony Gallo and Pietro Vardeu hope to change that perception. If those names ring a bell, it's likely because you've downed bowls of pasta at their South Beach restaurant, Sardinia Enoteca.

Last week the duo quietly opened Moye in the center of Brickell, bringing Apulia, Italy's exceptional olive oil, burrata, and wine to the neighborhood and the United States. They've imported chefs from the Moye locations in Florence and Milan to make their first American location as authentic Apulian as possible, and Short Order was invited to taste.

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Knaus Berry Farm and the Glorious Cinnamon Rolls Are Back

Photo by Jacob Katel
Knaus Berry Farm is rolling again.
With the line between Miami's slow season and the onslaught of tourists becoming ever more blurred, there is perhaps one event that dictates the beginning of fall: the opening of Knaus Berry Farm.

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Pubbelly Announces Pubbelly Media Group, Full-Service Media Company

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Thumbnail image for pubbellyboys.jpg
Photo by Stian Roenning
The Pubbelly Boys: Kings of all media?
Social media and the internet has changed our world and how we do just about everything.

In Kenya, Maasai warriors who have no electricity or running water are on Facebook, sharing political views and conservation efforts. Information on wars are now brought to us via citizens who tweet about attacks and, most recently, Kim Kardashian was asked to speak at a Silicon Valley tech conference on social media skills.

Social media has also drastically changed the restaurant industry. People search for new restaurants on their phones, looking at Yelp reviews to help them make dining choices, or visiting a restaurant's web page to seek out pictures of dishes to whet their appetite. So, it stands to reason that savvy chefs and restaurateurs embrace technology. Some more than others. Like the Pubbelly Boys, who are taking a giant forward leap into new media with the announcement of Pubbelly Media Group.

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Thirty Years of Tropical Chinese: "Chinese Way Is to Fill the Tummy"

All photos by Carla Torres
No birthday cake; just dim sum.
A five-year restaurant run in this city is quite an accomplishment. Now multiply that times six and you'll get the magic number of years Tropical Chinese has seen steamed dim sum carts roll throughout its crimson, lantern-lit interior.

The 30th anniversary came with a celebration last night that invited community members who've supported the business throughout the past three decades to revel in the successes of owner Mei Yu and her brother Gregory. Tropical Chinese was the endeavor of their parents, who migrated to Miami from Taiwan in 1984 when Mei and her brother were teenagers.

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Ten Best Vegan Candies for Halloween

ronsrandomstuff Flickr/cc
It's Halloween week, which means there are bowls and bags and towers of candy greeting you everywhere you go -- much of it laced with eggs and butter, which is totally worse than razor blades. (Kidding!)

Luckily, there are plenty of "accidentally" vegan sweets out there -- more than you probably imagined. Here are the ten best to stock up on, so you don't feel left out of this week's sugar smorgasboard.

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New Times Is Looking For an Arts and Culture Editor

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Photo by Ian Witlen/
Miami New Times is looking for a writer and editor to oversee coverage of all things related to art, theater, and other cultural happenings in America's hottest city. The job entails working closely with a pool of freelancers to produce Night+Day, our weekly print guide to the city, while editing, writing, and helping promote content for our Cultist culture blog. Among the events to be covered are the Miami International Film Festival, the Miami Book Fair and Art Basel Miami Beach.

This is a full-time position that requires some previous journalism experience, a strong voice and diverse cultural interests. Only applicants who live in, or have lived in, the Miami metro area will be considered. Full benefits included. Send a cover letter, resume and your three best clips to:

Vicky Bakery Opens in Coral Gables Today

All photos courtesy of Vicky Bakery
Cuban coffee for a buck! Get your caffeine on, Coral Gables.
Vicky Bakery officially opens the doors today, October 29, to its Coral Gables location.

This will mark the 13th location for the classic Cuban bakery, which was established in 1972. It will be the first to offer a full-service cafe, which will open in November.

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Halloween 2014 in Miami: Cheap and Free Treats

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Courtesy of Chipotle
Boo-rito time!
Halloween is this Friday -- and the best thing about this holiday is that you can totally enjoy it on the cheap.

While some tout the "real meaning of Christmas," we all know it's about going into debt on presents. But on Halloween all you need is some creativity, old clothes, and tape to make yourself a costume.

Even the whole premise of Halloween -- where you walk around and get free candy -- is pretty awesome. If you're on a budget, we suggest making yourself a cheap costume and heading out for cheap -- or free -- food.

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Miami's Tacos Lead a National Revolution

Photo by Zachary Fagenson
Huitlacoche taco at Taquiza.
At this very moment, we are in the throes of a taco revolution. It's not a boom, as the New York Times so wrongly declared about chicken wings earlier this month. Neither tacos nor wings have experienced a decline in popularity.

But while the advances in wing cookery have remained mostly limited to sauces and accoutrements, the taco is seeing a renaissance. No longer does it remain at grab-and-go status. It has become something chefs treat with the same seriousness they would pâté en croûte.

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