Burger King-Tim Hortons Merger Confirmed

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Burger King and Tim Hortons have just reached an agreement to merge, essentially creating the world's third-largest quick-service restaurant.

According to a news release issued early this morning, the newly created company will be based in Canada. Each of the original fast-food brands -- Burger King and Tim Hortons -- will continue to operate independently, but they'll share "best practices that will come with common ownership by the new company."

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Meet Heineken's Tequila Barrel-Aged Lager, Desperados

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Courtesy of Desperados
There's a new beer in town, and it goes by the name of Desperados. Part of the Heineken portfolio, Desperados is unlike any other beer on the market. The Latin-inspired beverage has been blended with tequila barrel-aged lager and notes of lemon flavor.

Desperados originally launched in central France and has made its way to the States, soft-launching in Miami during this past Ultra Music Festival. You might have seen the beer at events during WMC, Swim Week, or most recently the Mad Decent Block Party, where the response was tremendous, says brand manager Raul Lopez.

If you weren't in attendance at any of the above, you've for sure spotted the dozens of Desperados billboards and advertisements in town and wondered what the hell it is.

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Haulover Food Truck Roundup Tonight: A Day in the Life of Bite Gastrotruck

Categories: Behind the Line

The food truck phenomenon has been raging for a few years. The outlaw fringe element seems to excite the imagination. In some parts of the city, food truck roundups bring communities together. Bal Harbour, Surfside, and North Miami Beach have embraced the idea by hosting parties at Haulover Park every Tuesday from 5 to 9:30 p.m. at the kite-flying area at 10800 Collins Ave. There's a DJ, plenty of dancing, volleyball nets, and huge blow-up slides. It's BYOB because there are no liquor vendors.

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Finka Table & Tap Takes Bold Flavors to Miami's Hinterland

Categories: Review, The Critic

Finka owner Eileen Andrade, Cuban bibimbap.
Far beyond Miami International Airport and that tangle of Dolphin Expressway construction traffic, a rising stretch of asphalt threatens to launch you into the sawgrass abyss. Only it doesn't. The road narrows and curves south, spitting you onto SW 137th Avenue and into a maze of low-slung auburn stucco houses and jam-packed strip malls.

Head west on Coral Way and you'll arrive at a bank and a pharmacy. There, in the corner of the parking lot, stands a rust-colored brick-and-wrought-iron building with the faint twinkle of Edison light bulbs crisscrossing a glassed-in patio.

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Coca-Cola Life: Stevia-Sweetened Coke Available at the Fresh Market

Coca-Cola Life is available!
Coca-Cola Life is here, Miami!

For the first time, the stevia-sweetened soda is available in South Florida, as of yesterday, August 25.

The soda, sweetened with a blend of sugar and naturally sourced stevia leaf extract, caused a sensation in 2013 when it was launched in Argentina and Chile.

Now the soda, packaged in a distinctive green can, is available exclusively at 65 select Fresh Market stores in the Southeast United States through mid-October. Miami is one of the lucky markets.

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Latin American Brewery 5 Rabbit Cerveceria Makes It to Miami, Beginning With Brunch

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Doug Fairall
The story of a brewery taking its distribution to Florida has traditionally followed a path that begins with nerve-racking and continues to apprehension. For large regional brewers in the recent past, our market has been a tough nut to crack, both in terms of volume and client base. It took years for breweries such as New Belgium and Founders to make their way to the Big Orange. Such a fate has not befallen one of America's first Latin American microbreweries, 5 Rabbit Cervecería, a small operation out of Bedford Park, Illinois.

Owner Andres Araya has taken his Latin-inspired beers to Florida, making this his third state to acquire distribution. It's being managed by Cavalier Distributing, which has brought in Sixpoint Brewery, Two Brothers Brewing Co., and Mission Brewery, among others.

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Is Burger King Moving to Canada?

Burger King, the Miami-based fast-food behemoth, is strongly considering purchasing the Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons in a deal that would essentially merge the two food-service companies.

The deal is sometimes called a corporate inversion, which is "used by companies that receive a significant portion of their income from foreign sources, since that income is taxed both abroad and in the country of incorporation. Companies undertaking this strategy are likely to select a country that has lower tax rates and less stringent corporate governance requirements," according to Investopedia.

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Florida Blogger on Killing Starbucks Pay-It-Forward Chain: "I Don't Want the Grim Reaper of Karma to Come for Me"

Carina Ost
Would you pay it forward?
Last week was tops in sales for a St. Petersburg, Florida, Starbucks. It was also, you might say, a day when the nice guys won -- for awhile.

Last Wednesday, a pay-it-forward chain ended when the 379th customer of the day didn't understand the concept and simply wanted to buy her own regular coffee. According to the Tampa Bay Times, it appeared the woman didn't get the idea of buying a latte for the stranger behind her.

The next day, the chain started again. The Tampa Bay Times was alerted of the second day of giving when a reader posted the news on the paper's Facebook page. By noon, more than 160 Starbucks customers had participated in this game of do-gooding. Then, suddenly, the chain broke -- on purpose.

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Lilt Lounge to Open at the Epic

Courtesy of Lilt Lounge
Morning Tear
Lilt Lounge, a sophisticated cocktail lounge inside the Epic, is set to open tomorrow. An alternative to the club scene of South Beach, Lilt intends to create a new social experience in downtown Miami by blending libations with art and music.

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This Week's Best Eats and Drinks in Miami: Ravenous Pig, Terrapin, Ommegang, and Cigar City

Courtesy of Tongue & Cheek
Catch James Petrakis at T&C tonight.
Another Monday morning rears its ugly head. On the bright side, this week is full of eating and drinking opportunities. From the Ravenous Pig chef and owner James Petrakis bringing his swine to Tongue & Cheek to the Broken Shaker and Pubbelly teaming up for an epic one-night Miami Spice dinner, it's a week of collaborations.

You can cooperate by making sure you snag a seat before they're all gone.

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