Molly Wizenberg on Her New Memoir: "Food Gives Rhythm to Our Lives"

Courtesy of Kyle Johnson
London author and restaurateur Molly Wizenberg.
Molly Wizenberg's food blog Orangette has been called the best food blog by the London Times. Her first memoir, A Homemade Life (2010), chronicled her food memories, dealing with her father's death, and meeting her husband-to-be, Brandon. Delancey (2014) is Wizenberg's second memoir, and it focuses on their decision to open a pizza restaurant in Seattle with recipes thrown into the mix. Short Order sat down with the New York Times bestselling author to discuss the new book, the restaurant, and tear-worthy pasta.

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Arepada: Pubbelly Pop-Up With La Latina Celebrates Arepas Wednesday

Courtesy Pubbelly
Coming together in the name of arepas.
Ah, an arepa, that glorious golden cornflour puck stuffed with goodness. For one night only, you can get some Jose Mendin in the middle. The Pubbelly chef and partner is staging a pop-up with La Latina late Wednesday night from 9 p.m till 2 a.m. at Pubbelly.

We have already raved about La Latina's vegan plantain and black bean arepa, and don't get us started on the empanadas de pabellón. The Pubbelly boys have already successfully tackled steak, sushi, and most recently French food at their series of restaurants, so arepas are a welcome departure into simple and delicious street food. But don't worry -- these gold disks are getting the Mendin touch.

We asked Mendin some burning questions about this upcoming griddle-hot night and how he plans to pack it with surprising flavors.

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Roy Choi on Chef: "I Only Know How to Approach Things With Honesty"

Categories: Interview

Courtesy Open Road Films
John Leguizamo (left), Jon Favreau, and Roy Choi
Chef Roy Choi is a rare breed. Part food celebrity, part everyman, he's celebrated for churning out seriously good, unpretentious food. We largely have him to thank for bringing food trucks to the masses. His Kogi BBQ trucks specialize in tacos, the most famous of which is filled with Korean barbecue short rib, heightened with salsa roja made from Mexican and Korean chilies, cilantro-onion-lime relish, and chili-soy slaw.

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Cooked Author Michael Pollan: "We're Breaking Down the Sexist Stereotypes of Cooking"

Photo by Alia Malley
Author Michael Pollan
In Michael Pollan's most recent book, Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation, the author discusses how the four elements -- fire, water, air, and earth -- transform plants and animals into the food that ends up on our plates. Best known for his bestsellers The Omnivore's Dilemma and In Defense of Food, Pollan penned Cooked as a staycation for food. Why go to a restaurant when you can do it in your own kitchen? This Thursday, Miami Dade College will host the author at the Wolfson Campus in downtown Miami, and Short Order spoke with Pollan about the new book, transformations, and the importance of home cooking.

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Milkshake Man Mitch Freedman: MVP of Miami Hurricanes Baseball Games

Categories: Food, Interview

Mike Freedman
The Miami Hurricanes are ranked eighth in the Baseball America rankings. But what's the real reason you'll find a lot of fans heading to Alex Rodriguez Park? The milkshakes. Creamy concoctions so good that spectators don't mind missing an inning or two to wait in line.

Mitch Freedman is the man you'll always find behind the counter. A former college ballplayer himself, he got into the food concession business as a way to stay connected to the sport. As an employee for food service provider Professional Concessions, he became the ice-cream man at Mark Light Field (the former name of the Canes' park) in 1986 when milkshakes weren't even on the menu.

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Jonathan Vilma on New Brother Jimmy's Location: "I Felt Like Miami Needed Something Like This"

Carolina del Busto
There are plenty of South Florida food staples (exhibit A: our fabulous cafecito; exhibit B: our unique uses of the plantain), but classic Southern barbecue is not necessarily one of them.

With the newest location of Brother Jimmy's BBQ, owner and NFL star Jonathan Vilma hopes that will soon change. Born and raised in Coral Gables, Vilma knows firsthand the types of food found in Miami, which is what led him to open the first Brother Jimmy's BBQ two years ago.

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Patagonian Asado al Palo: The Best Lamb You've Never Tasted

Categories: Interview

Photo by Dana De Greff
After living in Chilean Patagonia for 14 months, I'm convinced: lamb is a dish best served on an iron cross.

The Patagonia area spans across southern Chile and Argentina and it's a place full of wildlife and nature. There are blue-tinted glaciers, grasslands that stretch for miles, and free-roaming animals such as pumas, condors, and the endangered huemúl deer.

And, of course, there are also sheep.

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Hampton Creek Foods Seeks to Replace Eggs With Plants

Courtesy of Hampton Creek Foods
CEO Josh Tetrick with their first product, Just Mayo
Fast forward a couple years, and it's likely that those scrambled eggs you eat every morning will have grown in a garden instead of a chicken's lady parts. That's thanks to Hampton Creek Foods, a food tech company that's revolutionizing the egg industry with their plant-based substitutes.

The Bill Gates (among other tech heavyweights)-funded startup has been making major waves with their line of eggless eats, from the recently released Just Mayo (now flying off Whole Foods shelves nationwide) to the scrambled egg substitute Just Scramble, hitting shelves early next year.

We spoke to CEO and founder Josh Tetrick on his love for capitalism, our broken food system, and why the notion of 'Old MacDonald' is way outdated. Five things we learned from talking to this ethical entrepreneur are after the jump.

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Verde Restaurant and Bar's Nicolay Adinaguev on PAMM, Art Basel, and Opening Day

Categories: Interview

Verde's executive chef Nicolay Adinaguev
The Pérez Art Museum Miami made its debut last week, and so did Verde Restaurant and Bar, the museum's culinary destination. The restaurant is the brainchild of namesake Jorge Pérez and restaurateur Stephen Starr.

Short Order chatted with Verde's executive chef, Nicolay Adinaguev, about the restaurant's Art Basel debut, his menu favorites, and the challenges he faced before opening day.

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Epicurator: Rate Your Foodgasms With New iPhone App

Epicurator: food porn app made in Miami.
Move over Instagram. There's a new way to share your food porn. It goes one step further.

Epicurator, a new iPhone app, allows you to share photos of your food, identify the restaurant and specific dish -- then rate your meal using a scale from "blech" to "foodgasm" (one through five for you non-technical types).

The free app, which launches this Friday, July 12, via the Apple iTunes store (an Android version should launch about a month after that), was designed locally by a partnership between Buzzy Sklar, the former owner of Burger & Beer Joint and Automatic Slim's and Jonathan Smyth.

Epicurator allows you to search by people, dishes, or restaurants, or scroll through the FoodFeed, which shows the newest photos added in a newsfeed format. There's also location and menu information on each restaurant, and an autolink to call to make reservations.

We spoke with Buzzy about Epicurator and why you should use it instead of your other food porn sites.

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