Patagonian Asado al Palo: The Best Lamb You've Never Tasted

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Photo by Dana De Greff
After living in Chilean Patagonia for 14 months, I'm convinced: lamb is a dish best served on an iron cross.

The Patagonia area spans across southern Chile and Argentina and it's a place full of wildlife and nature. There are blue-tinted glaciers, grasslands that stretch for miles, and free-roaming animals such as pumas, condors, and the endangered huemúl deer.

And, of course, there are also sheep.

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Hampton Creek Foods Seeks to Replace Eggs With Plants

Courtesy of Hampton Creek Foods
CEO Josh Tetrick with their first product, Just Mayo
Fast forward a couple years, and it's likely that those scrambled eggs you eat every morning will have grown in a garden instead of a chicken's lady parts. That's thanks to Hampton Creek Foods, a food tech company that's revolutionizing the egg industry with their plant-based substitutes.

The Bill Gates (among other tech heavyweights)-funded startup has been making major waves with their line of eggless eats, from the recently released Just Mayo (now flying off Whole Foods shelves nationwide) to the scrambled egg substitute Just Scramble, hitting shelves early next year.

We spoke to CEO and founder Josh Tetrick on his love for capitalism, our broken food system, and why the notion of 'Old MacDonald' is way outdated. Five things we learned from talking to this ethical entrepreneur are after the jump.

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Verde Restaurant and Bar's Nicolay Adinaguev on PAMM, Art Basel, and Opening Day

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Verde's executive chef Nicolay Adinaguev
The Pérez Art Museum Miami made its debut last week, and so did Verde Restaurant and Bar, the museum's culinary destination. The restaurant is the brainchild of namesake Jorge Pérez and restaurateur Stephen Starr.

Short Order chatted with Verde's executive chef, Nicolay Adinaguev, about the restaurant's Art Basel debut, his menu favorites, and the challenges he faced before opening day.

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Epicurator: Rate Your Foodgasms With New iPhone App

Epicurator: food porn app made in Miami.
Move over Instagram. There's a new way to share your food porn. It goes one step further.

Epicurator, a new iPhone app, allows you to share photos of your food, identify the restaurant and specific dish -- then rate your meal using a scale from "blech" to "foodgasm" (one through five for you non-technical types).

The free app, which launches this Friday, July 12, via the Apple iTunes store (an Android version should launch about a month after that), was designed locally by a partnership between Buzzy Sklar, the former owner of Burger & Beer Joint and Automatic Slim's and Jonathan Smyth.

Epicurator allows you to search by people, dishes, or restaurants, or scroll through the FoodFeed, which shows the newest photos added in a newsfeed format. There's also location and menu information on each restaurant, and an autolink to call to make reservations.

We spoke with Buzzy about Epicurator and why you should use it instead of your other food porn sites.

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John Kunkel's Five Favorite Restaurants in Miami

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John Kunkel knows how to eat.
Chefs and restaurant owners spend their days dedicated to the fryer, the office, and the dining room. Which means that when they have time to dine out, they stick to the places they love.

John Kunkel has opened three successful restaurants in the past two years: Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, Khong River House, and Swine Southern Table & Bar. So, sure, he's a busy guy. But he also knows how to eat. Here, in his own words, are his favorite restaurants in town.

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Poet Kevin Young on an Ode to Pork, The Hungry Ear, and Food as Poetry

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the hungry ear.jpg
Food and literature are long-term lovers. And poetry, in particular, has had a romantic relationship with all things edible throughout the ages. From Shel Silverstein to Jonathan Swift, some of the most famous scribes have penned odes to their favorite bites.

Poet and editor Kevin Young has compiled some of his favorite such poems in The Hungry Ear: Poems of Food and Drink, and he'll do some food-related readings at Friday's Animal Spirits event at the Freehand Miami as part of the ongoing poetry festival O, Miami.

Young has written poems about everything from okra and boudin to gumbo and sweet-potato pie. He even penned an ode to pork. That's a man after Short Order's own heart. So we spoke with Young about some of his fave food topics, his restaurant picks, and Pablo Neruda's elemental odes.

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Most Wanted Brewery's Eddie Leon Talks Brewery Startups

Courtesy of Eddie Leon
So you're a homebrewer in Miami and you want to start a brewery. If population density is any indicator, the market is ripe compared to Asheville, North Carolina, a city of 83,000 people that has at least a dozen breweries (including brewpubs) and counting.

Eddie Leon, 44, founder of Most Wanted Brewery in Doral, is one of two brewery startups in Miami-Dade. Along with Wynwood Brewing Company, Most Wanted is on the rise.

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Ziggy Marley Debuts Food Line at SoBeWFF

Ziggy Marley
For more on the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, check out New Times' Taste guide, hitting newsstands Thursday, February 21.

Ziggy Marley comes from musical royalty. His parents are Bob and Rita Marley, who, with the Wailers, brought Jamaican reggae from the Kingston ghettos into the mainstream. Being the eldest son of musical icons has rubbed off on Ziggy. At age 44, he's already had a musical career spanning three decades, receiving five Grammy awards in the process. Marley has also acted, most memorably portraying Ernie the Rasta Jellyfish in Shark Tale. He has also grown his family's Tuff Gong label into a worldwide enterprise, created the Marijuanaman comic book, and is active in many charities.

Marley is also passionate about advocating for the labeling of GMO products in our foods, and he's launched Ziggy Marley Organics, a line of products that are USDA-certified organic, non-genetically modified, and kosher. The products include flavored coconut oils and hemp seeds.

Marley combines his passion for music and food at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, where he's closing out the weekend's events at Guy Fieri's Reggae Jam with Ziggy Marley Live (6:30 p.m. Sunday, February 24, at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach, $95). The Caribbean-themed evening will feature a full concert by Marley, and partygoers will have a chance to try the hemp seeds and coconut oil.

We caught up with Marley, who spoke to us about how food and music play into his culture and lifestyle.

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Martha Stewart Talks SoBeWFF, Love of Florida, and Vegetarian Meals

Photo by Scott Duncan
Martha Stewart
For more on the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, check out New Times' Taste guide, hitting newsstands Thursday, February 21.

Martha Stewart is the woman who does it all. Just reading her list of accomplishments -- author of 77 books, host of an Emmy-winning television show, and founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia -- is enough to exhaust the average person. The "domestic diva" shows no signs of slowing down.

She's just released Meatless, a cookbook filled with 200 vegetarian recipes from the kitchens of Martha Stewart Living, and is serving double duty at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

On Saturday, February 23, at 11:15 a.m., Stewart will be conducting a demo at the Grand Tasting Village, showcasing a vegetarian meal from her new book. Later that day, Stewart will trade in her apron for evening attire when she serves as mistress of ceremonies at the annual Tribute Dinner honoring Nobu Matsuhisa and Christophe Navarre at the Loews Hotel on Miami Beach. In addition to her "official" role at the festival, look for Stewart at the various other SoBe Fest events during the weekend. In past years, she's been spotted at Burger Bash and Diamond Dishes, enjoying the food and chatting with fellow chefs.

We spoke with Stewart about her part in the festival and her plans for the weekend.

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The Perennial Plate: This is What All Food and Travel Shows Should Look Like (VIDEO)

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perennial plate photo.jpeg
The Perennial Plate
A cilantro merchant in Udaipur, India
Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine do not curse on-air. They don't film extended reels of themselves, eating late-night street food across Japan. While shooting in India, they don't murmur hyperbolic "mmm's" between bites of panipuri. And they definitely don't ramble about the nuanced flavors in a well-executed bhel puri.

In 2010, the duo founded The Perennial Plate, a weekly online video series dedicated to social responsibility, sustainability, and adventurous eating. Unlike other food and travel shows, The Perennial Plate is not about exoticism or condensing chef interviews into newsworthy soundbites. This is a series about people, their stories, and their food.

"The purpose of the series was really to get people thinking about their food more and to start a dialogue," says Klein. "It's about developing an emotional connection to those who grow food. We are advocating for a better food system in the world in a format that's entertaining and positive."

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