National Ice Cream Month: Mantecado, Mamey, and Azucar's Miami Flavors

Courtesy of Azucar
Abuela Maria, AKA perfection.
You know you're in Miami when "Abuela Maria" (vanilla blended with Maria cookies, guava, and cream cheese) is the most popular flavor in an ice-cream shop. And while there's a sprinkling of shops that have been experimenting with local flavors for a while, none of them has embraced Latino/Caribbean culture as heartily as Azucar! in Little Havana.

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Milk Gone Nuts: Try the Chocolate Peanutbutterlicious Shake

Photo by Hannah Sentenac
On a steamy July day, nothing says summer vacation like an impossibly creamy chocolate milkshake. Like a mouthful of memories, these rich, icy treats are the stuff our childhood dreams were made of.

Thanks to Alton Road's Milk Gone Nuts, Miamians can opt into this summer throwback, no dairy necessary.

This milkshakery and juice bar/cafe uses homemade nut milks, coconut ice, and organic ingredients to whip up drinks worthy of skin-scorchingly hot summer afternoons (and way healthier than the originals).

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Eccolopops Brings Authentic Italian Gelato, Pops to Downtown Miami (and Our Dogs Too)

Coconut gelato made fresh each morning.
July has just begun, and everyone in Miami can't seem to shut up about how hot it is. We get it -- it's miserable outside. That means you have to get creative. When the A/C isn't enough, what's a guy or gal to do?

It just so happens that a frozen-pop shop opened last Thursday, right in time to cool us down.

Filippo Tavazzani, age 31, is 100 percent authentic Italian, and so are the products sold in his new downtown Miami store, Eccolopops. An admirer of the American dream since his youth, Tavazzani finally realized his goal of starting a business in Miami with the opening of his shop.

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Nutella Ice Cream Arriving at Carvel; Nutella Truck Tour Coming to Miami

Courtesy Carvel
Carvel meets Nutella. We all have a summer romance!
Nutella. The mere mention of the creamy hazelnut spread that works in sandwiches, on apples, in recipes, and just straight out of the jar, brings most into a state of nirvana.

So, how can you improve perfection? By making it into ice cream!

Ferrero, the makers of Nutella, have teamed up with Carvel to make the first ever Nutella ice cream.

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Gilly's Catastrophic Crunch and Lazy Sunday: Get SNL-Themed Ben & Jerry's Flavors in Coral Gables

Ben & Jerry's channels SNL
Ben & Jerry's, the Vermont-based ice cream company that incorporates pop-culture into its ice cream along with nuts and fudge swirls, is at it again.

This time, it's announced four new Saturday Night Live-themed ice cream flavors. Two of the four are now available in Miami, with the second two being released later in the year. The Ben & Jerry's spokesperson would, sadly, not give us the names but we're hoping for a rework of the infamously-fabulous Schweddy Balls ice cream, named after Alec Baldwin's snort-inducing sketch as Pete Schweddy, maker of the tastiest Christmas balls ever!

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Donut Divas: Deep-Fried Fair Grub Year-Round

Photos by Cassie Glenn
When push comes to shove, the food is the number one reason many people head to the fair. Offering giant elephant ears, footlong corn dogs, and even those barbecued meat parfaits, these annual events are the perfect excuse to throw caloric cares out the window and indulge.

Now, what if all of your fair favorites were served here in Miami year-round? No ticket necessary! Meet Donut Divas.

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Hedy Goldsmith Inspired by Rare Rum: A Cupcake Is Born (Recipe)

Courtesy of the Genuine Hospitality Group
Inspiration from Seven Fathoms.
If you've ever wondered how a recipe is created, here's a chance to get inside the head of one of Miami's sweetest chefs.

Michael's Genuine Food & Drink's executive pastry chef, Hedy Goldsmith, has created a Stormy Seven Fathoms cupcake with coconut lime frosting. The cupcake is an Island holiday in a treat, bringing together rum, spices, the tang of citrus and the sweetness of coconut. Goldsmith says that the cupcakes are "my favorite dark & stormy cocktail...only edible. They're a great vehicle for rum." Seven Fathoms rum, to be exact.

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Simply Sharon's Cookies: Six Ingredients, Gluten-Free and Good for You

Via Simply Sharon's via Facebook
If Cookie Monster wants to stick around long enough to hear Elmo's voice change, he should probably cut back on the butter, eggs and sugar. Those chocolate chip cookies he inhales look a lot like supermarket-bought, mass produced crap.

The blue man should totally switch to Simply Sharon's Miami-made treats. Vegan, gluten-free and whipped up with only six ingredients, they come in cashew, almond, and pistachio. Plus they're so satisfying, he'd be good with one or two. Binge eating begone.

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With Macarons, the Price Isn't in the Bite

Photo by Neil Vazquez
Georges Berger of Chocolate Fashion.
Unwrapping a designer box of imported macarons at Lincoln Road's Laduree is an experience in and of itself. The Paris-based pastry company recently launched a South Beach offshoot of its century-old operation.

Not to be confused with the coconut macaroons your grandmother passes out during Passover, these french cookies come in a variety of colors and flavors. With a little less than six months since its debut, the verdict is in: We love these artful and delectable sweets but can't stand the hefty price tag. How can two cookies sandwiched between a sweet filling cost almost as much as a diner burger? Short Order tracked down a local patisserie expert to deconstruct the multicolored madness.

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Sweet Times Cupcakes and Coffee Turns One: Get a Tat, Score Free Cupcakes for Life

Categories: Just Desserts

Courtesy Sweet Times Cupcakes and Coffee
A cupcake lasts about five minutes...a tattoo is forever.
How much do you love Sweet Times Cupcakes and Coffee? Enough to make a lifetime commitment to them? As in getting a tattoo?

That's the question on the table counter this week, as Sweet Times Cupcakes celebrates their one-year anniversary with an offer a true cupcake fanatic can't refuse:

Get a tattoo of the company's logo and you'll receive one free dozen cupcakes each week -- forever! Of course, there are rules. The tattoo must be one-inch or larger and it must be permanent -- so no getting out the Sharpies in an attempt to score free goodies. Forever means forever, dig? Also, the offer is only good for the first three super-fans who get the tattoo.

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