Ikea Hack Ideas for Your Kitchen: Diaper Genie Countertops and Bamboo Stick Knife Stands

Courtesy Ikea Hackers
Since everyone and their mothers can't seem to stop talking about the new Ikea opening up in the Sweetwater/Doral/Unincorporated Dade, we at Short Order are providing you with some helpful Ikea hacks, straight from the DIY gurus at Ikea Hackers. These alternative uses for common Ikea products will not only change the way you look at a diaper genie forever, but will also leave you wondering how much free time some people must have on their hands.

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Coolest Cooler: Kickstarter Raises Nearly $5 Million To Fund Best Gadget Ever

Coolest via Facebook
This is literally the coolest thing I've ever seen.
Kickstarter may be a metaphor for life itself. The crowdfunding site that allows people to pledge money to entrepreneurs in exchange for getting in on the ground floor of a new idea has had some dumb ideas -- like the potato salad Kickstarter that so far has raised over $50,000.

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Michael Schwartz at Best Buy? Do Big Things With Small Appliances!

Chef Michael Schwartz
Want silky-smooth deviled eggs? Begin with a blender. Chef Michael Schwartz of Michael's Genuine Food and Drink is showing off his blended-deviled-egg technique along with the many uses of small kitchen appliances this Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Best Buy store in Aventura.

The event is part of Best Buy's campaign in 13 cities to introduce its new section of small appliances. A celebrity chef from each market will demonstrate how to make creative dishes using small appliances. Store customers will be able to sample the grub and try the appliances themselves. There will also be 20 percent off small appliances during the event, so you can finally splurge on that new gizmo you've been dying to get. There'll be prizes too. And you can win a $2,000 small appliance kitchen makeover, dinner for two at Michael's Genuine, and Best Buy gift cards.

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Turn Sweat Into Drinking Water: New Swedish Invention

You will never go thirsty again.

Oh those crazy Scandinavians, they've done it again. First the Danish invent an iPhone-controlled coffee maker that pours coffee out of a faucet, now the Swedish come up with a machine that turns your sweat into potable drinking water. Anyone thirsty?

Inspired by astronauts who pretty much recycle everything, this contraption was built by Swedish engineer Andreas Hammar from off-the-shelf-parts, including a clothes dryer and coffee filters. The main component is a filter developed by the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

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Planet Linux Caffe: Miami's First Bitcoin Restaurant

photo by web-dev-Chris via Wikimedia Commons
Bitcoin, the world's foremost digital currency, has finally made it to Miami, and this week Planet Linux Caffe in Coral Gables will become the first business in the city to accept the decentralized digital currency as payment for items on its menu, says owner Daniel Mery.

If this news means nothing to you, maybe you should attend the Day of Bitcoin Secrets seminar hosted by HackMiami and Miami-Coral Gables Open Source Group at Planet Linux Caffe Thursday, June 27, at 6:30 p.m.

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Tervis Tumblers: Ten Reasons They Are the Best Invention Ever

Categories: Kitchen Gadgets

my tervis.jpg
My constant companion.
The human body is approximately 65 percent liquid, which means we inevitably do a lot of drinking to keep that waterlogged equilibrium. Whether it's the recommended allowance of H20 or copious quantities of booze, there's lots of the wet stuff constantly flowing down our gullets.

So proper drinkware is no joking matter. But most cups on the market are fallible. They break, they crack, they sweat -- they fail to effectively contain our beverage of choice. Despite Toby Keith's endorsement, even Red Solo cups have their Achilles heel.

Thankfully, mankind's search for the perfect drinkware has not been in vain, because one container has met the challenge. Tervis tumblers FTW. (And no, Tervis didn't pay me in plastic cups -- or any other currency -- to write this. I pay full retail price for my tumblers just like the rest of y'all.)

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Top Five Recent Beer Inventions

The brewing of beer is a technology as old as civilization itself. Since its inception, mankind has steered its innovative mind toward the betterment of this process, as well as making beer more pleasurable to drink.

Many inventions have come down the line, from the beer tap to the beer hat, yet the process of brewing beer (and drinking it) has remained unchanged. The popularity of craft beer is also spawning new ideas to make beer more interesting.

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The Anti-Refrigerator: Preserve Produce With No Electricity

Jihyun Ryou
Living without a refrigerator can be hard. Indeed, this one appliance alone accounts for at least one sixth of our electric bill. But Amsterdam designer Jihyun Ryou has devised a way to kill the refrigerator from the electric bill with using a non-electric set of five wall-mounted devices that help keep food fresh.

Said devices are designed from something resembling pre-industrial revolution era stuff. They consist entirely of natural materials such as wood, glass, rice and water. The base material for each device is made from maple wood treated with beeswax. They are so low tech, that with the right amount of craftsmanship, anybody could presumably build something similar.

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New Hammacher Schlemmer Gizmo Lets You Cook Omelet and a Waffle Simultaneously

Hammacher Schlemmer
Two possible breakfast scenarios emerge. 1) No time or space to oook high end breakfast options. 2) You can't decide what to eat. The raging debate is finally over with the Only Omelet and Waffle Maker.

"One of the biggest things is that the device recognizes a common problem in the kitchen," says Bree O'Day, public relations associate for Hammacher Schlemmer, the Chicago company that markets the omelet-waffle maker."This is just another nifty thing that helps with that."

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A Printer That Can Print Cupcakes?

Using a printer to bake cupcakes sounds as crazy as using a jigsaw to cut a meatloaf, but the technology is out there and could provide the answer to your laziness.

One of the many techie-foodie goodies recently unveiled at the Consumer and Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the Imagine 3D printer made by Essential Dynamics. It can print food like cupcakes, chocolate and even cheese.

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