Destination: Food... Chicharron tacos @ Tacos al Carbon

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John Linn
The chicharron tacos at Tacos al Carbon are a thing of beauty.

Each week on Destination: Food, Short Order pays tribute to the restaurants - dives and chichi joints alike - that serve South Florida's "go-to" meals. These are dishes that you think about when you're toiling at work; that you still taste in your mouth hours after you've finished them; that you'd be willing to drive for hours across this urban sprawl just to consume. Most of all, they're the eats that define the South Florida food scene. If you have a suggestion for our next Destination: Food, leave us a comment below.

Welcome to the first Destination: Food, everyone. We've got an oldie-but-a-goodie holding down the premier spot, the chicharron tacos at Lake Worth's Tacos al Carbon

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Hot Ceviche Confuses Top Chef's Jeff McInnis

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"I don't understand, ya'll!"

ZOMG, ya'll! Did you watch last night's Super Bowl edition of Top Chef? Poor Jeff McInnis got the boot. We feel for him. The chef from the DiLido Beach Club at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach couldn't wrap his head around why the judges preferred season 2's Josie Smith-Malave's warm ceviche over his rock shrimp ceviche with sangria ice.

In the end, it came down to cocky Finnish chef Stephan, doesn't-like-acid-with-his-cheese Fabio and McInnis, who looked like he was about to cry, ya'll. How sad! But that cold-hearted (but sexy) bitch, Padma, told McInnis to "pack his knives, and go home."

We feel so much for him that we are offering to come down to the DiLido Beach Club and judge for ourselves whether he should have gone home. How about it McInnis?

Closings: The Palm Beach Gardens Balloon Has Burst

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closed.jpg What happened to Downtown At The Gardens? What was once a lovely dining destination is rapidly becoming a restaurant graveyard, staffed by people with bad attitudes and bunker mentalities. We called and spoke to someone in The Gardens' marketing department about a wild rumor about the fact that four -- count 'em, four -- Gardens eateries recently went out of business: The Grape, City Kitchen, the fascinating Rosa Mexicana, and Strip House. The woman we spoke to, Laura, was instantly suspicious of our motives, confirmed that the restaurants were closed, refused to tell us when they'd closed up shop, and growled and hung up when we asked her last name.

Other recent Palm Beach County casualties include Spoto's (the one in downtown), Aqua Café, and Capri Blu. Granted, Aqua wasn't very good, and Capri had gone downhill recently, but still.

If Strip House and Rosa's are disappearing, can others be far behind?

The moral is: go there. Spend money, like our outgoing Prez once recommended.

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-- Brandon Thorp

The Art Of Food Folds

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During this week of welcoming Art Basel Miami, let us take a moment to say goodbye to The Art Of Food. The raw food/vegan counter cafe was located in a cooperative vintage clothing and jewelry shop across the street from Midtown Miami's Circuit City (which has problems of its own). Excepting delicious desserts, I didn't care for the Art Of Food's food at all. As I wrote at the time of review, the glorious natural flavors of fresh fruits and vegetables are impressive enough on their own terms, and needn't be compromised into concoctions like uncooked "lasagna" and "hamburger". That said, in a city as bereft of not just vegan restaurants but worthy vegetarian cuisine, it is sad to see The Art Of Food fold.

Can't any restauranteur out there do this meatless thing right?

--Lee Klein

Maison d’Azur d’Closed

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The periwinkles have packed their bags and gone back to the Riviera: After less than a year in operation, Maison d’Azur is out of business. The gorgeous seafood brasserie, set in the stunning Angler Resort on South Beach, served sensational seafood from the Mediterranean; their créme brûlée was finer than any in town. But it was très expensive. And executive chef Didier Balluais had left awhile back. And the hotel property is having problems of its own. And then the curse from which it could apparently not recover: A 2008 New Times nod for "Best Seafood Restaurant."

Au revoir.

-- Lee Klein

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