Explore Homestead With Locavore Field Trip

Photo by Chris Sopher
If you're a dedicated foodie, you probably know the best spots for hand-crafted cocktails, fresh-baked bread, and locally picked produce -- at least within a six-block radius of your residence. But what about the rest of the region? What do you really know about South Florida's food industry and how it works?

The folks at WhereBy.Us are hosting a Homestead field trip and bus tour as part of their New Tropic project, designed to help Miamians gain a little more insight into their area. Attendees will get to pop into a fish farm, an orchid nursery, and a tropical fruit forest, as well as dig into a barbecue lunch.

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Five Foodie Gifts Locavores Will Love

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We all know we *should* eat local, shop local and spend our money with local purveyors whenever possible. Some people, however, take this civic duty more seriously than others, refusing to sample your mouthwatering Christmas cookies unless the flour was milled within a 100-mile radius.

For these locavores in your life, you'll want to make sure your gift screams South Florida. Here are five local gift ideas locavores will go bananas for (but ixnay on the ananabays, 'cuz they're not local).

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Proper Sausages Offering Nationwide Delivery

Courtesy of Proper Sausages
Proper Sausages: From the case to your space.
If the occasional trip to Miami Shores for your weekly or monthly ration of sausages doesn't fit into your schedule, your problem is solved. Proper Sausages now offers overnight delivery locally and nationwide.

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Muriel Olivares and Tiffany Noé: Plant People

Photo by Stian Roenning
Muriel Olivares and Tiffany Noé are exploring everything from helping restaurants open rooftop plots to collaborating on art and landscape projects.
In this week's Miami New Times, we profile 30 of the most interesting characters in town, with portraits of each from photographer Stian Roenning. See the entire Miami New Times People Issue here.

Muriel Olivares and Tiffany Noé stroll through carefully potted rows of herbs, seedlings, and flowers under a stretched plastic roof spider-webbed with PVC pipes attached to sprinklers. Nearby is a sculpted garden space where adult plants grow in shaded, carefully mulched patches.

Four months ago, this small plot a few blocks west of Biscayne Boulevard on NE 76th Street was a weed-choked, abandoned lot. Now it's the latest piece of Olivares and Noé's diverse, expanding Little River Cooperative. It's Miami's most eclectic and exciting venture in urban food cultivation and education.

But don't call Olivares and Noé farmers.

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Grove Green Market Returns Thursday

Photo by Laine Doss
Emu eggs and more local finds at Grove Green Market.
The Grove Green Market returns to the Coconut Grove Playhouse this Thursday, November 13, after a summer hiatus.

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Knaus Berry Farm's Cinnamon Rolls and Shakes Are Worth the Wait

Photo by Holly Wachowicz
Cinnamon rolls worth giving up everything for.
Ooey-gooey and delicious. Knaus Berry Farm's cinnamon rolls draw a crowd year after year, and many customers have made it a yearly tradition. The bakery/farm is open from November through April (closed Sundays) and has everyone excited to get their hands on the tastiest rolls and shakes. It is a bit of a drive from Miami, but that doesn't seem to stop anyone.

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Knaus Berry Farm and the Glorious Cinnamon Rolls Are Back

Photo by Jacob Katel
Knaus Berry Farm is rolling again.
With the line between Miami's slow season and the onslaught of tourists becoming ever more blurred, there is perhaps one event that dictates the beginning of fall: the opening of Knaus Berry Farm.

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Little River Co-Op Plant Sale This Weekend: Better Than Home Depot

Courtesy of Little River Cooperative
Since blessed fall has finally arrived, now's the time to start prepping that patio or backyard garden for planting. Play your cards right, and you'll have plenty of produce to pick from for the next couple months -- instead of being forced to buy plastic-wrapped crap at Publix.

The Little River Cooperative Nursery. is hosting its Heirloom Tomato Seedling Sale this weekend. While the sale is in its fourth year, this is its first at the newly built nursery. But it's not just about tomatoes. This is a gardener's dream come true. They'll have everything from Cubanelle peppers to Garden Peach tomatoes to Red Veined Sorrel -- and lots more.

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Proper Sausages Celebrates Its Year-and-a-Half Anniversary

Thumbnail image for pinecrestpropersausage.jpg
Proper Sausages' Freddy and Danielle Kaufmann make a "proper" sausage in Miami.
It's a little hard to believe, but the Proper Sausages shop is turning 1-and-a-half today. The Miami Shores meat boutique opened March 23, 2013, after Freddy and Danielle Kaufmann's sausages, sold mostly at farmers' markets, caused a sensation in Miami.

The couple began making sausages, partly out of necessity, about three years ago, not really intending it to lead to a career. Freddy Kaufman explains, "I was moving back to Miami after being in New York for culinary school. It was right around Obama's inauguration, and I met Danielle. We were both working in restaurants -- she in the front of the house, me in the back. I was working at Michy's. I ate there all the time, and I considered it a dream to get to work there. But it's a bit of a bittersweet thing, because it's a business like any other and the reality of cooking is that sometimes it can be thankless and anonymous and you start to lose a connection to the food.

"Danielle and I would eat around town, and she was continually remarking that the sausage wasn't as good as it was in England. It was just that the quality there was something you take for granted, and it just wasn't present here. Danielle said we should be making our own, and we did and got a really good response from friends. We started selling them at farmers' markets, and we took pride in the quality of the meat and in breaking all these sausage-making traditions. Before you knew it, we were opening a shop that sells meat and bacon and wine and beer. But it all starts with Danielle being attuned to the fact that there wasn't a proper sausage in town."

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Miami Forager Juan Rochaix Wants to Give You Better Meat

Image courtesy of Seriously Organics
Seriously Organics' delivery truck, "Fred."
Finding locally grown, organic produce in Miami is easier these days, particularly during Florida's whacky winter harvest season. Finding protein on par with it, however, is a whole different game that requires more time and research to ensure you get what you pay for.

Forager Juan Rochaix, owner of Seriously Organics, scours the state for produce for many of Miami's favorite restaurants. He's trying to set up a protein-buying club to help South Floridians snag pastured proteins, pastured eggs, and fresh butter at reasonable prices.

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