Random Survey: What's the Cheapest Thing On The Menu in Miami Restaurants? Now With Stupid Questions

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If you've never visited our restaurant database we have hundreds and hundreds of listings with addresses, telephone numbers, websites and other info for restaurants all over Dade County.

From time to time Short Order uses that information to conduct random surveys. We recently asked a few joints about the cheapest things on their menu. Read on to find out about one wing chickens, ordering half a ravioli and the cheapest restaurant item we found in Miami.

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Gordon Ramrod Ramsay Filming Kitchen Nightmares at Fleming: a Taste of Denmark

Fox Broadcasting
The Sun-Sentinel reports that Gordon Ramsay is in town visiting three South Florida restaurants for Kitchen Nightmares, his popular restaurant intervention series on Fox. The world renowned chef/multinational restaurant owner, cookbook author and TV personality is known for animated outbursts with knucklehead restaurant staff as he attempts to jump start their struggling operations.

We placed a call to Fleming: A Taste of Denmark, the lone Miami target of the great Scot's strange breed of sweet nothings, and reached a voicemail recording:

"We will be closed for vacation beginning Monday, June 29 and returning Friday, July 10.  If you'd like to leave a message please do so at the tone, and we'll try to get back to you as quickly as possible."

Tricky bastard. We left a message. 

If this episode follows the usual recipe, Ramsay will no doubt try to restore some of Fleming's authentic Danish charm and give the owners a reality check in the process.  They may need a good scolding. At Surme salon next door, proprietor Janilla Khavar says lately the restaurant just hasn't been up to snuff.

"They're not as busy as they used to be," she notes.  "I've always highly recommended it. We go there; our customers go there."

Does Miami Ceviche Keep Mosquitoes From Biting? Try The Rocoto

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Clouds of screaming devil birds rise from the swamps and descend on the flesh of the city to feast on the blood of our people. Mosquitoes suck.

Will a Miami Ceviche keep them from biting you? Short Order called several Peruvian joints out of our extensive restaurant database to find out.

Adriana Restaurant said "We have a lot of plates," Aromas Del Peru said "All of our ceviches are the best because our cooker is the best," and the dude who answered the phone at La Cofradia at 160 Andalusia Ave conceded it was possible. The conversation went something like this...

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