Paradise Farms Hosting All-Vegan Dinner This Sunday

Courtesy of Paradise Farms
Salad by Chef Aaron Brooks of EDGE Steak & Bar
As Homestead's oasis of rainbow-hued produce and pastoral charm, Paradise Farms more than lives up to its moniker. For more than a decade, the certified-organic outpost has been growing and selling a bounty of fruits and vegetables, from microgreens to oyster mushrooms.

So who better to host a plant-based edition of Dinner in Paradise? This Sunday, March 1, notable local chefs will whip up vegan eats at the Homestead oasis.

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SoBeWFF's Burger Bash to Debut First Plant-Based Burger by Beyond Meat

Courtesy of Beyond Meat
Beyond Meat's Beast Burger. No cows were harmed in the making of this burger.

Where the South Beach Wine & Food Festival is concerned, plant-based options have been slow to make inroads. Most events are still heavy on the meat (Meatopia, anyone?), light on the herbivorous fare.

Little by little, however, plant-based edibles are making their way into the foodie fantasyland, and nowhere is this more clear than at Burger Bash this Friday, where for the first time ever, a plant-based burger is on the menu. Beyond Meat's Beast Burger, to be exact.

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Della Bowls Bringing Plant-Based Fast Casual to Miami This Summer

Courtesy of Della Bowls
When it comes to convenience foods, it's all about maximum nutrient delivery in the easiest-to-eat package -- hence humanity's eternal devotion to smoothies and burritos.

Bowls are another all-star, and Della Bowls is planning to make their presence known here in Miami with a plant-based, fast casual concept, slated to open this summer.

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Have an Aphrodisiac Dinner at Veganaroma for Valentine's Day

Courtesy of Veganaroma
A big, fat steak, an overly decadent dessert, and too many glasses of wine does not for romance make. When stomachs are full and food comas set in, things are likely to fizzle back in the bedroom

It makes much more sense to enjoy a lighter, aphrodisiac-inspired meal on the most romantic day of the year. Veganaroma is serving up a four-course holiday menu designed to keep couples feeling sexy, instead of stuffed.

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Vegan Eating at Whole Foods Downtown Miami (Photos)

Photos by Hannah Sentenac
Vegan donuts, you guys.
The Whole Foods Market in downtown Miami is a gleaming mecca of healthy eats and well-heeled patrons. From the shiny new floors to the pristine sneeze guards, the store is in the bloom of its youth, and everyone who's anyone is flocking for their daily fix.

For vegans and plant-strong patrons, there is a wealth of options in the prepared foods section. Heck, if you live close by, you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner there. (Of course, then it really would be Whole Paycheck.)

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Inside Jugofresh at Whole Foods Downtown: Mash-Up Bar and Medicinal Chocolate

Courtesy of Jugofresh
Jugofresh is all about going where no other cold-pressed juicer has gone before. Owner Matthew Sherman tends to embrace innovation and evolution, and the company's latest venture into uncharted territory is no exception: They've put a Jugofresh in a Whole Foods.

It's a notable feat for a local brand to partner with the healthy grocer in such a big way, and the 2-week-old spot, part of the downtown Miami Whole Foods, is already attracting attention.

In addition to the regular Jugofresh menu, the branch offers some exclusive smoothies, a wheatgrass shot, and a totally new concept: the mash-up bar.

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Sense Beach House Hosting Free Plant-Centric Cuisine Workshop Tomorrow

Courtesy of Sense Beach House
It's January, and while most of the rest of the country is freezing its collective ass off this weekend, you can spend Saturday basking in warm sunshine while learning about plant-based living at Sense Beach House's stunning rooftop -- all for free.

Attendees at Sense's Plant-Theory Living Cuisine Workshop will get schooled on the ins and outs of a healthier lifestyle, detoxing, juicing and other good stuff to help keep those New Year's resolutions intact.

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Oolite Launches Vegan, Gluten-Free, Prix-Fixe Lunch Menu

Photo by Masha
Oolite's Florida fresh kale white bean cauliflower cassoulet with rosemary coconut milk gratinee.
Oolite is all about the plant-based options these days. After the success of Conscious Bite Out dinner and subsequent introduction of a dinnertime vegan tasting menu, the owners decided to forge ahead with a lunch-time option in honor of a healthy new year.

The new prix-fixe meal is gluten-free, vegan and regionally focused and includes three courses, plus a shot of beet and carrot, plus fresh citrus juice, all for $20.15.

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Vegan Empanadas at Lincoln Road, Coconut Grove Farmer's Markets

Photos by Hannah Sentenac
The widespread availability of empanadas is one of many reasons to love Miami. You can find them at gas stations, farmer's markets, fast casual chains -- everywhere and anywhere. Sadly, most empanadas aren't vegan-friendly, thanks to the addition of egg and butter in the dough.

Luckily, plant-based empanada lovers have a new spot to stock up on this savory pastry. Chef Empanadas (AKA CE Catering Delights) is selling scrumptious vegan empanadas at the Lincoln Road Farmer's Market every Sunday, and at the Coconut Grove Organic Market every Saturday.

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FEAST Miami Serving Vegan Brunch to Support the Arts at Fairchild

FEAST Miami on Facebook

Since winning the Knight's Arts Challenge last year, FEAST (Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics) Miami has hosted a series of impressive fetes at various venues. Their events showcase tasty vegan eats and creative ideas: artists pitch cool concepts, and attendees get to vote for their favorite. The winner scores the proceeds from the meal's ticket sales.

On February 1, they'll be hosting their first-ever brunch event at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. Chef Loren Pulitzer of Meals That Heal and Simply Sharon's will be serving up a plant-based midday meal in one of the city's most glorious settings.

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