Choices Cafe Brickell Closing Due to Developers

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Choices Cafe, Miami's landmark vegan eatery, is closing the doors to its Brickell location. The popular spot is being forced to vacate because (surprise!) a developer has bought up the property.

To announce the closure, the Choices team created a short, moving video about their move and their mission.

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The Cafe at Books & Books: Where to Find Vegan Fare on Lincoln Road

Photo by Hannah Sentenac
Let's say you're hot, tired, and ravenous after a long day of shopping for H&M sheath dresses and Victoria's Secret thongs on Lincoln Road. But you're vegan, and everywhere you look there are Cuban-inspired spots and pizza joints; tourist traps and overpriced meateries. What's an herbivore to do?

Thank the lord for The Cafe at Books & Books. In addition to its well-earned rep as Miami's best bookseller, this locale offers up a menu chock full of meatless eats. So you can rest easy knowing you'll be able to fill your belly with something other than $12-a-pound licorice from Dylan's Candy Bar.

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Seven Vegan Grilling Options for Memorial Day

Photo by Pete R. via Flickr/CC
This weekend marks the unofficial start of grill season. But vegans are well aware that a summer barbecue invite carries an unspoken demand: Bring your own food, you meatless weirdo. 'Cuz let's be real -- most folks aren't using their prized Webers for eggplant and portobello, now are they?

The good news is, whether you're a meatless eater looking for grub to grill or a party host in need of something to impress that vegan hottie you invited, there are lots of options these days. Check out seven choices for this weekend's festivities.

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Seed Food & Wine Fest: "We Want This to Be a Movement"

A vegan food fest may not be revolutionary in some parts of the world, but in a city that worships all things pork, an entire weekend revolving around leafy greens and plant-based protein is pretty amazing.

Alison Burgos and Michelle Gaber's brainchild is a new breed of plant-based celebration -- an inclusive event designed to appeal to omnivores and herbivores alike. No factory farm footage, no tasteless raw sprouts, no dietary dogma. Just fun, food and a sexy Miami vibe.

The idea behind Seed Food & Wine Festival is to let South Floridians know that a plant-based lifestyle can be delicious, nutritious and beneficial for everyone -- the animals and environment included. We spoke to Burgos and Gaber for the full story on how Seed came to be.

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How to Make a Vegan Crunchwrap Supreme (Photos)

Photos by Hannah Sentenac
Since I became a kale-carrying vegan, there are but a few things I've missed: pumpkin ice cream, egg sandwiches, and Taco Bell. Sadly, though TB's beans are vegan, its menu items aren't the same without cheese and sour cream.

So I pine for an occasional Crunchwrap Supreme. Is it the healthiest food? Certainly not. But it's not the unhealthiest, either, and everyone needs an indulgence every once in a while. Life can feel pretty hollow without the culinary charms of drive-thru Tex-Mex.

To fill that void, here's my vegan crunchwrappythingamajig (so Taco Bell doesn't sue for trademark infringement). Full disclosure: This recipe originated on the Culinary Couture Blog, and I adapted it to make it meatless. Buen provecho.

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Paleo Vegan Is a Thing

Courtesy of Book Publishing Co.
Oyster mushroom and baby bok choy curry.
Paleo diets are a meat lover's dream, because cavemen were total carnivores, right? Color us skeptical. After all, how easy do you really think it was to hunt wild boar? There was undoubtedly a lot of foraging for foodstuffs in our ancestors' daily diets.

And as it turns out, paleo is actually an option for vegans too. Vegan expert, marathoner, Floridian, and meatless Renaissance woman Ellen Jaffe Jones schools folks on the subject in her new cookbook, Paleo Vegan. So what exactly is a paleo vegan, and what can they eat? We spoke with Jones for answers to our burning questions.

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Vegan Coconut Milk Froyo Now Available at TCBY

For too long, froyo has been the domain of dairy lovers. There's been little love for milk alternatives, at least beyond your grocer's freezer.

But megachain TCBY took the plunge into nondairy by introducing an almond milk frozen yogurt last year. And now TCBY offers a coconut milk incarnation, ideal for vegans, folks with nut allergies, and the gluten-averse. You can snag some at your friendly Coral Gables TCBY.

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Vegan Eats, Extraordinary Art at FEAST Dinner Sunday

FEAST Miami on Facebook
Chef Loren Pulitzer and Chef Paulette Bilsky
There are exciting innovations happening all over Miami these days, from outstanding art to ethical eats. And this weekend's first installment of FEAST (Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics) is putting two genres together for an evening of cruelty-free cuisine and local art aid.

For $40 you can dig into a mouthwatering vegan feast served up at Wynwood's Light Box by noted Meals That Heal chef Loren Pulitzer, plus cast a vote for Miami's next artrepreneur.

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Love & Vegetables Pop-Up Dinner: Eat Your Greens Saturday

Courtesy of Love & Vegetables
Delicious eats by Keith and Avril at a Love & a Movie event.
South Florida's farm season is coming to a close, and now is the time to get your greens while the getting is good. At Love & Vegetables' pop-up dinner at Earth N' Us Farms this Saturday, you can dig into kale, collard greens, purslane, and lots of other good-for-you stuff grown right onsite.

The event is by donation, and they're suggesting $50 per person or four hours of volunteer time. Pulling weeds in a garden is well worth a dinner this delicious.

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Animal Agriculture Is Destroying the Planet

Today is Earth Day, 24 hours when we all pause to consider how best to reduce that nasty number known as our carbon footprint. But what to do? Should we all drive Smart Cars? Recycle our Bud Light cans? Set Miami's collective A/C at 80 degrees?

Actually, going meatless is the best thing any of us can do to lessen our environmental impact and make nice with Mother Earth. It turns out animal agriculture is destroying the planet. Seriously. Find out the facts after the jump.

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