Five Best Vegetarian Dishes to Try Before the Month Is Over

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October is a festive month in Miami, full of celebratory eats and drinks. Beer for Grovetoberfest, candy for Halloween -- pumpkin spice lattes as often as possible.

And the 10th month is also all about vegetarian awareness -- as good a time as any to start eating your veggies. October is almost over, but there's still time to bask in meatless yums before the 31st arrives.

Here are five veg dishes to try before the month is through. No matter what your everyday food habits, everyone could use a little more multicolored cuisine.

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This Halloween, Hail Seitan With the Vegan Black Metal Chef

Courtesy of Vegan Black Metal Chef
Before the milquetoast ministrations of Thug Kitchen, there was a plant-based Prince of Darkness: the (faux) leather-clad culinarian known as the Vegan Black Metal Chef.

The horrifying herbivore drew more than two million YouTube views for the first episode of his online cooking show, where recipes are roared, screamed, and sung to the tune of original black metal music. With lyrics like, "Seitan, I release you from this prison and summon you upon my altar," what's not to love?

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Vegan Pages, Plant-Based Professional Directory, Launches in Miami

More than a way of eating, veganism is a lifestyle. And since people in the plant-powered movement tend to share the same values, it only makes sense that they'd want to find each other -- for both business and personal purposes. But how to do that, exactly?

Clearly none of the main directory sites -- Yelp, Google, Angie's List, etc., are geared toward vegans. So if you're looking for a plant-strong accountant, there's nowhere to turn.

Hence Miami advocate Janay Laing decided to launch Vegan Pages, a new listings website where herbivores across the U.S. can find like-minded professionals.

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Seed Food & Wine Festival Day: Miami's Vegans Come of Age

All photos by Hannah Sentenac
With Seed Food & Wine Festival's inaugural run all wrapped up, it's clear that Miami's plant-based culinary community was bigger, stronger, and way more dedicated than anyone probably imagined. Myself included.

With five full days of plant-based soirees, celebrity hosts, chef dinners, and vegan vendors, this was no ordinary veg fest. Basically, it was the South Beach Wine & Food Festival on plants -- just as delicious, just as sophisticated and way friendlier for the waistline, the planet, and our animal friends.

Thousands of people turned up for Saturday's festival day alone. Imagine, South Floridians of all ages, interests and eating habits clamoring for meatless sausage, vegan pork rinds and zucchini noodles ... I can honestly say, never thought I'd see the day.

After this weekend, Miami has undoubtedly earned herself a leadership role in the plant-based revolution.

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Seed's Vedge Dinner: Alicia Silverstone, Salt-Roasted Beets, and Korean Eggplant Tacos

Photo by Hannah Sentenac
This weekend, Miami's love for all things meat played second fiddle to the newest star in the culinary constellation: the mighty vegetable.

On Friday night, Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby, the duo behind Philadelphia's Vedge and just-opened V Street, made kitchen magic with a rainbow-hued spectrum of fresh veggies, from sashimi-thin golden beets to pleasantly bitter broccoli rabe. One-hundred-and-twenty people packed into South Beach's Tongue and Cheek eatery for a sold-out dinner extravaganza.

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Seed Food & Wine Festival 2014: What to See and Where to Park

Photo by Amy Neunsinger
Tomorrow marks a big day for Miami -- finally, the red headed stepchild of the culinary world comes into her own. Seed Food & Wine Festival is bringing a truckload of plant-based vendors, celebrities, experts and eats to Midtown Miami.

For once, the 305 is ahead of the game. Take that, Portland!

To prep you for this herbivorous extravaganza, we've put together a handy guide for tomorrow's festivities. Here's what to do, who to see and (most importantly) where to park.

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Deliver Lean revAMP Aims to Make Detoxing Easier with Actual Food

All photos by Hannah Sentenac

Post-Thanksgiving feast or tailgate binge, when you're bloated and miserable, ever wished you could hit the reset button on your bod?

Deliver Lean's revAMP is your five-day ticket back to bring a normal human being again. To get the skinny (so to speak) on this program launching in November (perfect time for Turkey/Tofurky day detoxing), we gave it a try. All the dirty clean details after the jump.

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Alicia Silverstone on Kind Living, Picky Kids, and Seed Food & Wine Festival

Photo by Amy Neunsinger
It's likely you know her best as Cher, the fashion-forward, well-intentioned Beverly Hills high-schooler who created pop culture legend in 1995's Clueless. But Alicia Silverstone is much more than a pretty face and Aerosmith video vixen -- she's also a dedicated mom, author, and vegan activist.

Her cookbook The Kind Diet earned a spot on the New York Times Best Seller list, and she's the face behind the Kind Life online community. Her latest book, The Kind Mama, explores her foray into motherhood.

Silverstone is a champion of plant-based eating and compassionate living, and in support of those missions, she'll visit Miami to host Seed Food and Wine Festival's Vedge dinner with Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby Friday, October 17, at Tongue & Cheek in South Beach. (Tickets cost $100 for early birds and $125 in advance.) In anticipation of her appearance, New Times spoke with the star about what it means to live a kind life, her son Bear's love for daikon, and how to deal with differing opinions.

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Vegan Author Mark Reinfeld Offers Cooking Immersion Starting Monday

Courtesy of Mark Reinfeld
Reinfeld schooling students in one of his vegan immersions.
Mark Reinfeld is a vegan dynamo. Cookbooks, classes, retreats, online instructionals-- the award-winning culinarian covers plant-based eating from every angle. His organization, Vegan Fusion, is all about creating a better, healthier, more peaceful world -- and he's doing it through mouth-watering edibles like pistachio-crusted tofu and curried pumpkin soup.

Reinfeld will be on hand doing seminars and demos as part of the Seed Food & Wine Festival, October 20 - 22, plus he's hosting a 10-day cooking immersion starting this coming Monday, October 6.

Best of all, Reinfeld's not just visiting these parts. He recently relocated to Miami full-time. Check out what he had to say about the city's eating scene, his future plans, and the importance of quinoa.

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Pubbelly Going Vegan for One Night Only October 2

Photo by Stian Roenning
No pig heads on this menu, unless they're made of tofu.
In a sign that the times are most definitely a' changin', the kings of pork are embracing plants. Notable Miami Beach eatery Pubbelly (whose owners were once called the Sovereigns of Swine by the New Times), is going vegan.

In partnership with Jugofresh, the team is hosting a pop-up vegan spread on October 2. For $60 a pop, attendees can dig into animal-free eats by chefs Jose Mendin and Paco.

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