Raw Guru Matthew Kenney on His Upcoming Wynwood Restaurant and Culinary Academy

Photo courtesy of Avery Yale Kamila
Matthew Kenney is a leading raw food chef
Matthew Kenney recently visited five countries in the span of a week. It was an educational trip for the American chef, and Kenney's eager to put his unique spin on the knowledge he's accumulated.

One of his stops was in Denmark, as Copenhagen is home to some of the world's most innovative chefs, including René Redzepi of Noma. Like the Danish trailblazer, Kenney is similarly pioneering. In the world of high-end raw cuisine, he is widely considered the uncontested leader.

Since becoming completely vegan ten years ago, Kenney has committed himself to changing the way people view and consume plant-based foods. He does this through his speaking engagements, cookbooks, restaurants, and the Matthew Kenney Academy. Founded in 2009, the progressive raw food culinary school has locations in Maine and Santa Monica.

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City of South Miami Passes Meatless Monday Resolution

Compassion Over Killing / Facebook
It's not always easy to be meat-free in Miami. Heck, half the city's bread is infused with lard. But thanks to a progressive mayor and a dedicated volunteer, vegetarianism just got a major boost with the City of South Miami's Meatless Monday resolution.

In official language, it's "in support of comprehensive efforts to protect the environment, our health, and animals, and encouraging residents to participate by choosing meat-free, plant-based meals at least one day a week."

And seriously, who couldn't stand to skip the pork products one day a week?

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Jugofresh Expands Food Menu: Try the Calorie-Free Kelp Noodles

Photos by Carina Ost
A cobb salad like no other.
Cold-pressed juices and booze-free shots aren't always as satisfying as something you can chew on. That's why when Jugofresh's Matthew Sherman and Darren Laszlo (AKA Chef Paco) invited Short Order to try their new food menu paired with juices, we happily obliged.

The 15-course meal featured flavorful, nostalgic dishes. They were all backed by Jugofresh's mantra: "All items that leave our kitchen are nutrient-dense to provide your body with everything you need to look and feel your best."

Here are our favorite offerings, which are available on the juice shop's new winter menu.

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Eating House: Hearty Lunch for Vegetarians

All photos by Laine Doss
Sandwiches come wrapped and ready to go at Eating House.
Many people -- even dyed-in-the-wool carnivores -- don't choose a meat-laden lunch. Maybe it's because of the fear of an afternoon torpor that stunts any creative work time; maybe it's the thought of a decadent over-the-top dinner that leads people to eat a vegetarian midday meal.

In any event, a no-meat lunch usually consists of "interesting" and "creative" options like salads and hockey-puck-inspired veggie burgers. That is, unless you're ordering lunch at Eating House.

It's during the midday meal that sous-chef Adriana "Lip" Egozcue takes over the kitchen and serves one of the most soul-satisfying vegetarian meals you'll encounter.

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Choose Compassion: Pigs Are People Too

Photos by Hannah Sentenac
Meet Chris P. Bacon. Chris is a 6-month-old potbellied pig. His favorite foods are Cheerios and sliced green grapes; his least favorite are carrots and celery. He loves air conditioning, rubbing his belly in the grass, and watching TV with his adoptive older brother. His best friends are a stuffed duck named Doinks and a dog named Aspen. He's stubborn, affectionate, curious, and vocal. And he loves to give wet piggie kisses.

Chris was born with malformed back legs, and when his then-owner tearfully took him in for euthanasia, veterinarian Dr. Len Lucero took the wee pig home instead. This act of compassion (and some adorable YouTube videos) sparked a worldwide flood of warmth and goodwill, and Chris earned tens of thousands of fans across the globe, all rooting for the little pig on wheels.

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Miami's Top Five Veggie Burgers

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Image courtesy Lokal
Lokal's delicious take on a veggie burger

Unlike their meatier namesakes, veggie burgers are a more complex breed. The lack of ground beef-as-glue requires a delicate balance of proteins, veggies and other creative components to hold these patties in place. Keeping them nicely cohesive while staying simultaneously delicious is a challenge -- one that some eateries excel at over others.

With these factors in mind, Short Order took a look at Miami's veggie burger landscape and hand-picked the city's five best. (Some might even argue these outshine their beefy counterparts. We'll leave that up for debate.)

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Vani's Vegan Cupcakes at Govinda's in the Grove

cupcake vani.jpg
C Lamb
Vani displays her vegan treats.
Contrary to popular belief, vegans love cupcakes. In fact, we probably love cupcakes more than the average omnivore. 

We go months on end conscientiously filling our plates with leafy greens, quinoa, tofu, and vibrant seasonal fruits. We stopped bothering to look at dessert menus at traditional restaurants ages ago. We see boxes of Entenmann's or Tasty Kakes in Publix or Walgreens, and our minds react as if we were looking at folding chairs --- they're just objects we don't eat. 

But when someone mentions the words "vegan cupcake," wells of pent up dessert desires rise in our otherwise disciplined bodies. Salivation kicks in, reminding us that when it comes to eating, we may be principled, but we are also human.

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Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin: Vegan Oasis with an Awkward Name

hakin counter.jpg
Camille Lamb
A customer talks with owner Hakin Hill.
"You guys open every day?" asks a young woman at the restaurant counter while her restless four-year-old wanders about, picking up tubs of African Shea Butter and examining bins of natural chips.

"Every day except Saturday," answers owner Hakin Hill, his hair pulled back in a bulbous black Rastafari cap.

"The busiest day," scoffs the woman.

"Not here," Hakin answers calmly.

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Vegan Juice Jam Ends Mass Fast at Choices Cafe (Video)

juice mari.jpg
Camille Lamb
Raw vegan Marie Jorgensen and Amanda Resto, the raw vegan chef at T.H.R.I.V.E. on Miami Beach, get goofy on juice.
In the world of puritan health foodies, Welch's grape, Capri Sun, and even Tropicana are not acceptable examples of "juice." The word, and associated terms like "juice fasting," "juicing," or "on the juice," instead refer to the nutrient-rich liquid produced by the complete removal of skin, pulp, pits, and fiber from a fruit or vegetable, through use of specialized juice-extracting machinery.

This product was the center of celebration at the communal space above the soon-to-be-open Choices Vegan Cafe (379 SW 15th St.) Saturday night. Juice bartenders worked up a sweat as they chopped and fed pound after pound of organic produce into various juicing machines and blenders. Vegans, raw foodists, animal rights activists, open-mined laypeople, and eccentrics congregated to toast the fruits (or the juice of the fruits) of nature's genius, guzzling organic wheatgrass, sweet potato, carrot, strawberry, ginger, sunflower greens, celery, kale, beet, jalapeno, lemon, orange, and many other juices. All told, the juicesters cranked out at least 25 pitchers of unique juice cocktails throughout the night, while raw vegan DJ Golden Del (AKA Jordan Franchini-Wolfe) spun smooth house music he likes to call "organic beats." Watch this video produced by Aiden Dillard for a vivid look at the shindig:

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Juicy MC Alex Cuevas Hosts Miami's First Mass Juice Fast

tortoise, hare.jpg
A. Cuevas
For both rabbits and tortoises, the fast ends with a party on the 9th
Vegan Assassin and soon-to-be Miami restaurateur Alex Cuevas is at the helm of yet another veg-head initiative here in Miami --- a mass juice fast lasting from five to seven days. Via Facebook, 45 Miamians and friends have committed to joining one of two groups of juice fasters: the rabbits and the tortoises. Rabbits started their fasts yesterday, and tortoises link up on the 5th. The final fast day for both groups will be July 9th, when all will convene to toast a glass of wheatgrass juice at Cuevas' new (and not yet officially open) Choices Cafe (379 SW 15th Road) 
and celebrate their victories (which will likely include detoxing, weight loss, and mental clarity). The event runs from 7 to 10 p.m., and the health conscious public is also welcome to attend. Vegan DJ Golden Del will be spinning chill house beats for the event. Entrance fee is a bag of organic greens, ginger, lemons, green apples, or the like.  

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