Five Best September Miami Spice Menus

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Photo by Carina Ost
These quails are adorable, but they'll cost you.

Have you been late to indulge in Miami Spice meals? Have no fear, some of the September menus were worth waiting for.

While it isn't necessary to change up your spice menu from August to September, some restaurants choose to do so, and we are grateful. (There are even those who do it weekly -- winking at you, Tongue & Cheek and the Forge.)

While August may have been a bit of amateur hour (see the grudging), September menus just feel more serious. And with less than three weeks left, it is time to make your reservations for the five most exciting new menus. Bonus: All of these restaurants are at hotels, so you can continue to splurge and get a room if you are too stuffed (or intoxicated) to drive home.

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Pub-Shaker Miami Spice Pop-Up: Belly Two Ways and Push-Pops (Photos)

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Crispy pig rilletes.
Last night, lovers of swine and cocktails gathered at Pubbelly for a special evening that brought together Bar Lab boys Elad Zvi and Gabriel Orta with chefs Jose Mendin and James Seyba.

The one-night only Miami Spice pop-up, dubbed Pub-Shaker was a preview of sorts of what's to come once the new restaurant at the Broken Shaker opens later this fall. There was not an empty seat in the house.

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Pub-Shaker Miami Spice Pop-Up: Pubbelly and Broken Shaker Collaborate

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Photo by Hector Torres
Every year when the culinary clock strikes Miami Spice, the Pubbelly Boys have something cooking besides their own three-course, prix-fixe deals. Last year, they joined forces with sushi master Makoto Okuwa for a one-night only event that sold out. The year before that, friends Giorgio Rapicavoli and Jose Mendin kicked it in the kitchen in the first Miami Spice pop-up.

We assumed this year's collaboration was the first of three mash-up chef dinners in which Mendin and Brad Kilgore of J&G Grill gave foodies a glimpse into their menus with six courses. We were wrong.

Pub-Shaker, a special one-night only collaboration between Broken Shaker chef James Seyba and Mendin takes place next Wednesday, August 27, at Pubbelly. And that's not all. Bar Lab Boys and the mad scientists behind the Broken Shaker -- Elad Zvi and Gabriel Orta -- will be mixing cocktails to pair with every course.

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Miami Spice 2014: Ten Best Sunday Brunch Deals

Thumbnail image for musselsilmulino.JPG
Laine Doss
Mussels at Il Mulino -- that's just for starters.
What's the difference between brunch and lunch? By definition, "brunch" is a breakfast/lunch combo. To us, the difference is that lunch is usually something we grab on the run to eat at our desk. Lunch "fuels" us.

Brunch, however, is a more relaxed affair. On the weekends, we gather with friends and loved ones after a run or a yoga class, to enjoy a longer, unrushed mid-day meal. Plus, there's usually a mimosa or two involved. To us, it's the reward for another work week successfully maneuvered.

Which brings us to Miami Spice. Although there is no "official brunch" category, there are several fine restaurants offering a $23 three (or more) course daytime feast on Saturdays and Sundays. They can call it "lunch". We'll happily give poetic license to that and call it what it really is -- ten places serving up a great weekend brunch -- Miami Spice-style.

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Rolando Aedo Talks Miami Spice: "The More People Celebrating Food in Miami, the Better"

Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau
Rolando Aedo give us the scoop on Spice.
Miami Spice, the two-month promotion that offers value-priced meals at 174 Miami-area restaurants, is in full swing.

Sponsored by the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, the promotion continues throughout August and September and offers diners a three-course lunch for $23 and dinner for $39 at both independent restaurants and upscale dining establishments.

But how do restaurants participate in Spice, and what's the ultimate goal of the program? We spoke with Rolando Aedo, senior vice president of marketing and tourism at the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, for an inside look at Miami Spice.

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The Grudging of Miami Spice 2014, Part Three

Photo by David Cabrera
Where are the real-deal Thai choices, Khong?
For restaurants, Miami Spice's two months of dining deals can be a raging hassle. With $23 for lunch menus and $39 for dinner, there's the possibility of lower check averages for servers. Plus there's extra ordering and menu planning for chefs and kitchen managers and a whole new slew of dishes for sweat-drenched line cooks to master.

We feel your pain; we really do. Still, Spice is a time to let your restaurant shine. Take it as an opportunity to break out of the daily grind. It's a chance to gain a new clientele that otherwise might not see value in your usual offerings.

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Vegetarian and Vegan Guide to Miami Spice 2014

Courtesy of the Federal
Heirloom tomatoes, avocado mousse, cotija cheese, HFF pea tendrils, and lemon at the Federal.
Miami Spice is officially upon us. For foodies across Miami, the concept of three-course meals at the city's finest eateries (at prices mere mortals can afford) is worth waiting ten months for.

For the meatless among us, however, it can feel a little lonely. But the landscape is getting better for herbivores all the time, and this year's Miami Spice selections are no exception. There are plenty of places to get veg-friendly options, from Seasons 52 to Macchialina and more.

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The Great of Miami Spice 2014, Part Two

Courtesy of the Genuine Hospitality Group
Don't miss Michael Schwartz's most refined fare this spice.
Miami Spice's can't miss menus have two things in common: value and creativity. They offer interesting ingredients in combinations that make you eager to learn more and share them with friends. They're also a steal.

You're looking for good range of selections at restaurants where a single course can run the same as an entire spice menu. The more the restaurant can stretch $23 at lunch and $39 at dinner, the more they deserve your attention and support.

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The Good of Miami Spice 2014, Part One

Courtesy of Milos
Get your fill of Mediterranean fish at Milos.
Another steamy summer, another Miami Spice. The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau is back with the oft-beloved, sometimes maligned dining deals that help fill restaurants during the slow summer months and give less well-to-do diners a way to eat in the city's most lavish spots at a fraction of the price.

Things are bit different this year. Gone is the dual-tiered system that didn't insult any restaurant, but slotted some into a less costly "fine dining" group and others into a higher priced "luxury dining" category. This year lunch is a flat $23 and dinner $39. One chef says this will help cover restaurants' food costs a bit, which hopefully will translate into better menus.

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Jose Mendin and Brad Kilgore Mash-Up: Six-Course Sneak-Peek Dinner Before Miami Spice

Photo by Hector Torres
Chef Jose Mendin
Miami Spice may not officially kick off till August 1, but six selected chefs are giving diners a preview of what's to come for the two-month-long restaurant promotion throughout June, July, and September in a collaborative series.

In anticipation of Aaron Brooks and Todd Erickson's battle at Iron Fork (the preview event to Miami Spice fused with chef competition) July 31, the Miami Spice mash-up dinners will preview dishes from the upcoming Spice menus. The first one takes Jose Mendin to J&G Grill, where he will share Brad Kilgore's kitchen and together the duo will cook a six-course meal. The other two dinners will happen in July and September, and Short Order got the scoop on which pair of chefs will cook next and what to expect from Mendin and Kilgore.

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