Red Zeppelin's Rockin' Lobster Food Truck at Haulover Tonight

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Courtesy of Red Zeppelin
Lobster roll
Move over burgers, tacos and empanada trucks, we have Lobster in the house!

The Red Zeppelin is rockin' the best Lobster roll on the Miami food truck scene. And every Tuesday from 5 to 9 p.m. at Haulover Beach Park, this red zinger serves hearty chunks of Maine lobster with a whole claw on top of every roll.

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Critical Mass: Cycling Ice-Cream Chef to Offer Halloween Treats Tomorrow

Sear'N Gears
Critical Mass, the monthly cycling frenzy with more than 2,000 participants, will take place tomorrow. And Aleric "AJ" Constantin, the chef who made headlines in July after police arrested him for selling ice cream without a license, will offer Halloween-inspired treats.

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Uber Ice Cream Trucks to Deliver on Demand Today Only

Courtesy of Uber
What's a surefire cure for the rainy day blues? ICE CREAM PARTY! Lucky for us, this grey sky antidote is on its way today, so turn those frowns upside down.

Today only, Uber Ice Cream trucks will be delivering on-demand frozen treats all around town from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. -- and there's even a discount involved.

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Calle Ocho 2013, Dish-by-Dish (Pictures)

For the past 35 years, loyal denizens have gathered every March to party in the street and support the Kiwanis Club of Little Havana. The popularity of the massive Carnaval Miami has afforded the Kiwanis Club the ability to help improve the lives of underserved kids. Though the attractions range from an arts village to stages featuring some of the biggest names in music, there is one thing nearly every attendee partakes in -- the food.

Short Order traveled the entire length of the massive 19-block festival, stopping to chronicle the tastiest treats we could find. Right off the bat, the highlight of our day came at "Cuzn Tim's" food truck with his unbelievable fried lobster tail (below). Doused in garlic and cooked until just the right amount of tender, the tail is to be eaten slowly so as to savor the delectable flavor. Tim's, which can be found at all the popular food truck rallies in South Florida, also featured delicious wings, fish, crabs and shrimp. Tim and crew cater special events and can be reached at 954-485-0637.

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Sear'N Gears: Michael's Genuine Chef Plans Gourmet Fare on a Bike

Photo by Nancy Rose
Meet Aleric Constantin, current grill cook at Michael's Genuine and the cycling chef. Aleric attended Le Cordon Bleu, and upon his graduation worked in the kitchen of Eating House for a six-month period before moving on to Michael's Genuine.

His time with Giorgio Rapicavoli and presently Michael Schwartz is what's shaped his food philosophies: he wants to use only the best, healthiest, and most sustainable products. He's also very much into molecular gastronomy and growing his own produce, something he used to do when he lived in the Pinecrest area. Anything from Swiss chard to carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers, peppers and even edible flowers were all part of Aleric, or AJ's, homegrown grocery list.

He would pack his chef whites daily and ride his bike down to the Design District, sometimes arriving soaking wet to work his station, not because of sweat, but because a storm caught him halfway. "Water makes everything grow," says AJ.

Wanting to do something on his own, as any cook dreams, AJ combined his two biggest passions, bikes and bites, to create his company Sear'N Gears, which he's launching within the next couple of months.

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Best Miami Beach Eats From Amy Smith of Joe's Take Away

shrimp smaku.jpg
Smaku Flickr.
Beetlejuice style.
Sunbathing, boozing, and building sandcastles at the beach require little effort. But eating is another story. A long day at the shore can easily lead to a food disaster of epic proportions -- sand in your coleslaw, wet sandwiches, melted ice cream.

But there are foods that make beach eating a little easier -- not to mention specific ways to pack a picnic, serve it up, and keep our sandy oasis pristine.

So to prepare you for the upcoming summer that begins in earnest this post-July 4 weekend, Short Order spoke to Amy Smith, executive chef of Joe's Take Away, for her expertise on oceanfront eats. Here are her suggestions:

(Note: With all the drinking that's likely to go down over the next four days, eating becomes that much more important. So be prepared.)

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Mac'n Soul Food Wins Spot on Trucks on the Beach

Everyone loves Mac'n.
Last month, we gave four trucks the opportunity to compete to the sixteenth and final truck to be invited to park on the sands of Miami Beach for the South Beach Wine & Food Festival's Trucks on the Beach event hosted by Andrew Zimmern on February 26.

Mac'n Soul Food, Miso Hungry, Sugar Rush, and the MexZican Gourment all hoped you the reader would help them win the popular vote for the chance to feed Zimmern and slew of other TV personalities, chefs, and, of course, the regular crowd. However, only one could make it and Miami's 100 percent vegan food truck Mac'n Soul Food won the big prize.

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Trucks on the Beach: Vote Now to Pick the 16th Food Truck

Courtesy of South Beach Wine & Food Festival
Help us help Andrew Zimmern pick another food truck.
With all the South Beach Wine & Food Festival events scheduled for next year's edition, we are perhaps most excited about Trucks on the Beach. The bash, hosted by Andrew Zimmern and serving as the official closing party, will feature 15 trucks dishing out mobile-made bites on the sands of South Beach. And for $95, it's perhaps one of the best priced events.

The local and national trucks scheduled to appear include the Baketress, Big Gay Ice Cream, Bite Gastrotruck, CheeseMe Mobile, Chipotle, CUBANCUBE, C&S Brisket Bus, Dim Ssam a Gogo, the Fish Box, Latin Burger & Taco, Mangia Mia, Mr. Good Stuff, The Rolling Stove, Stocked N Loaded, and Wicked Witches.

However, New Times loves the democratic process, so we asked the festival organizers if we could include one more truck picked by you, our Short Order readers. That's right, a 16th truck will find a place on the sands if you deem it worthy. We've already selected the finalists, but now it's up to you to pick the winner.

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Mac'n Food Truck's Pumpkin Whoopie Pies, Perfect for Thanksgiving

Mac'n Pumpkin Whoopie Pie.JPG
Photo by Paulina Aguilera
Munch on a bite-sized vegan pumpkin whoopie pie from Mac'n this Thanksgiving!
We're just a few days out from Thanksgiving, and you'll soon have quite the spread in front of you. Before you go crazy this Thursday, try warming up your Thanksgiving appetite with a sweet treat from Mac'n Food Truck. The Miami New Times caught up with "Miami's Original Vegan Food Truck" to check out the pumpkin whoopie pies that one Twitterer called worthy of a "foodgasm."

"I like whoopie pies because they're not quite cookies, and they're not quite cupcakes," says Francesca Lacuesta, owner of the food truck called Mac'n. "I love anything that has pumpkin in it, especially this time because it makes me feel comfort(ed)."

You got that right! Pumpkin Whoopie Pies!

The bite-size pastries are gluten-free, flavored with a subtle blend of spices that don't overpower ;other flavors, and sport a rich, creamy middle sandwiched by exquisitely moist cake. And they're sweetened just right. Foodgasm indeed!

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Women of the Food Truck Meetups

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The restaurant industry has always been male-dominated, and the Miami food truck scene is no different. Luckily for all you guys hitting the next food truck meetup, there are some industrious females to distract you from your meal. Their businesses come in all shapes and sizes, from the simple candy-covered fold-up table to the full-size mobile gelato dispensary. So check out these ladies at the next meetup -- they make mobile dining look good.

1. The Yepes Sisters from Dolci Peccati

This identical-twin duo, whose truck hit the road last November, is known for some of the best gelato in town, and the ladies are "melting to meet you." Nati -- the GM and head ice-cream maker -- makes their goods from scratch daily and then hits the pavement to provide the masses with her rotating list of unique flavors. When sis Stefanie joins her on the road, you'll think you're seeing double, and saying no to gelato at that point is damn near impossible. Just don't get them confused -- they don't like that.

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