Asian Thai Kitchen: From Bangkok to a Grove Convenience Store

Photo by Zachary Fagenson
Panang curry ($11) at Asian Thai Kitchen.
Homeless men mutter to themselves outside the Kwik Stop on Grand Avenue in Coconut Grove.

Yet tucked inside the convenience store, KT Mongkolthalang and her mother, Toya, stand behind a glass case stacked high with cans of Mae Ploy coconut milk and amber bottles of fish sauce while they toss pearly white strands of rice noodles in a sizzling woks.

While central Grove real estate and restaurants seem to founder, the mother-and-daughter team at Asian Thai Kitchen turns out fragrant bowls of noodles and rich coconut milk curries without even a place for patrons to sit.

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Caporal Chicken: Fried Chicken Legend Lands in Miami via Cuba, New York

Simple. Cheap. Worth the drive.
A small fried chicken joint so far west on SW Eighth Street it could be in the Everglades is breaking a lot of hearts on the outer edges of New York City.

Caporal Chicken is tucked inside an easy-to-miss cubbyhole in a remote shopping plaza, where Vincent Herryman turns out piles of juicy, salty, smokey-tasting fried chicken the same way his uncle did in Cuba and later in Washington Heights.

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Mash Potatoes in South Miami Caters Good Eats to Locals

Photo by Jonathan Peltz
Chef Scott Wise, classically trained in French cuisine at Johnson & Wales and in the French countryside, has taken his skills to the South Miami area for local diners to experience. Initially a catering business, his restaurant, Mash Potatoes, now has a small sit-down area. With an expansive menu, über-competitive prices, a veggie variety, and catering options, there is no reason not to try this one-size-fits-all powerhouse.

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Flavorish Market: Good as Trader Joe's on the Upper Eastside (Photos)

Photos by Carina Ost
Scoot on over.
The Upper Eastside has reason to celebrate (and picnic) with the addition of a new gourmet grocery store, Flavorish Market.

The store has been open for about a month, and it showcases the best of food, wine, cookbooks and, most important, Miami. Trader Joe's may play up the fun and affordable, while Marky's has the fancy and international, but Flavorish shines most with the offering of Zak the Baker bread and sandwiches, Chef Josie's PopNature ice pops, and Mimi's Ravioli. Aside from food, the market also organizes events such as winetastings, chef talks, and book signings.

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A Little Bit of Philly in Virginia Gardens: Try the Cheesesteak and Meatball Sub

Carina Ost
Legit cheesesteak.
Miami Springs is home to some wonders between bread. Take, for example, the "outside is in" burger at JR's Gourmet Burgers or the fried chicken sandwich at Crackers Casual Dining. However, neighboring Virginia Gardens has a contender as strong as Rocky Balboa.

A Little Bit of Philly is home to a cheesesteak that will knock you out. The menu at this joint is small but mighty: pizza, stromboli, calzones, cold subs, hot subs, grinders, and party puffs. Relax, the last two are G-rated, though the language in the joint might require some parental guidance. It's a place to eat subs, drink beer, and bust balls. What else would you expect from a spot that channels the City of Brotherly Love?

See also: Bacon Jam at Crackers Casual Dining in Miami Springs

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SpecialTea Lounge: Try the Vegan ¡Ay Chihuahua! Wrap

Photo by Hannah Sentenac
SpecialTea Lounge is out of the way. So far out of the way, in fact, that I'm rarely able to make the trek to this cozy little FIU-adjacent lunch spot. My loss. It's well worth the haul (even in traffic) to grab a bite of their outstanding homemade eats.

Take their ¡Ay Chihuahua! wrap, for example. An overstuffed flour tortilla jam-packed with tofu (or TVP -- textured vegetable protein), fresh guacamole, zesty bean and corn salsa, ripe tomatoes and a spicy chipotle vinaigrette, then charred to perfection, complete with grill marks -- it's a hearty, satisfying lunch that'll make you swear off Chipotle for good.

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Whole Foods Attempts To Break Guinness World Record for Cheese Cracking Tomorrow with More Than 426 Parmigiano Reggiano Wheels

Whole Foods
Feeling cheesy this weekend? You're in luck, because tomorrow is the "Crack Heard Around the World." Last year, Whole Foods set a Guinness World Record title for the most wheels simultaneously cracked (426) and so they've decided to bring it back. At 3 p.m. tomorrow cheesemongers at stores across the nation will face up against 85-pound wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano when each store hosts its own version of "Crack Heard Around the World." Regardless of your location, be prepared for an afternoon filled with wine drinking, cheese tasting, and record breaking. Find out what your closest Whole Food location in Dade County has cooking after the jump.

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Doggi's in Silver Bluff: Try the Cachapa

Carina Ost
Corn pancake beats corn cake.

At an arepa bar, it's hard to think outside the crisp goodness of an arepa, but at Doggi's, try another Venezuelan delicacy.

Sure, the place proffers large, tasty arepas with fillings ranging from Guayanés cheese to pabellón criollo ($6.50 to $9.89). However, the cachapa ($8.49) just might capture your heart and taste buds.

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Ten Reasons North Beach Is Miami's Best Dining Neighborhood

Carina Ost
Yoyo because YOLO!

If you want fine dining, try another neighborhood. For reasonably priced Latin American fare with a beach setting, head to North Beach. Between the trendiness and overpriced hotel restaurants of South Beach and ritzy Bal Harbour lies this unassuming neighborhood.

Others might scoff that North Beach is a dining dead zone, I have found wonderful carb-filled grub, secret patio dining, beer gardens, free buffets, and more that make this area tops. What follows are the official top ten reasons.

Note: Although North Bay Village's marvelous Sushi Deli isn't in North Beach, I am including Normandy Isle eateries because they are still part of the city of Miami Beach.

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A&G Burger Joint in Sweetwater: Try the Nica

Carina Ost
This is the Nica.
"You drove all the way to Sweetwater for a burger?" The answer is yes. And we'd do it again in an artery-clogged heartbeat.

After compiling a list of Miami's Five Most Outrageous Burgers, we were told that A&G's Burger Joint was "outta hand." We headed over and our hands, mouth and stomach runnethed (ran?) over.

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