Tío Colo in Hialeah: Cuban Ice-Cream Sandwiches Coming to Supermarkets

Photo by Zachary Fagenson
Mamey and matecado ice-cream sandwiches at Tío Colo's.
Where and how Cuban ice-cream sandwiches began is a mystery even at Tío Colo Bocaditos de Helado, the Hialeah shop that pumps out hundreds a day.

"It's an older thing, I think, from before the revolution," says Rosali Verdecia, age 23, who along with her husband, Jose Hernandez, opened the place in 2008. Legions of gray-haired customers have been shocked to find the $2 treats with mamey or Malta ice cream between two soft, sugary cookies crusted with sugar, she adds.

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King Jerk in Opa-locka: "Jerk Isn't All About the Spice"

Photo by Zachary Fagenson
King Jerk's jerk chicken.
Oracio Garrell has been making jerk since he was 11. As a kid in Montego Bay, Jamaica, he worked for his cousin Ayenee, slathering whole birds with the spicy, piquant paste.

"I needed summer money," says Garrell, who's now 30 and goes by the nickname Jay. "He did it all himself, taught me how to hustle."

He moved to Miami in 2007 and set up a tent on the corner of NW 139th Street and Seventh Avenue to sell jerk pork, chicken, and fish. The hope was to move into a brick-and-mortar space, but when that proved too expensive, he opted for a truck.

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Mainzer's German Deli: Sausages and More in Pinecrest

Photo by Zachary Fagenson
At Mainzer's German Deli in Pinecrest, the regulars begin flooding in at noon for liverwurst and egg salad sandwiches on dense rye bread. No one leaves without a scoop of the pale-yellow potato salad, dressed in vinegar and flecked with bits of carrot and parsley.

Cheryl Mainzer and her gruff, mustached husband opened the sliver of a place in 1972 in a South Dade strip mall so Germans could find their native products and flavors. The shelves are lined with curry ketchup, cake mixes, and chocolates. Two cases offer a panoply of sausages and smoked or otherwise preserved salmon and herring.

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Frankie's Pizza: Valentine's Day Marks 60 Years of Bird Road Pizzeria

Six decades ago, the landscape of Bird Road was very different. The road was rocky, traffic was the least of anyone's worries, and a retro sign with the name Frankie's Pizza was about the only thing you could see from afar. Fast-forward to today and only one of those things remains the same.

Since 1955, Frankie's Pizza has been slinging pies and delighting locals with square-cut slices. This Saturday, the Italian family-owned pizza joint turns 60 and is celebrating much in the same way its always done -- with a bounce house, a DJ, pizza, and free ice cream and cake. Because what goes better with pizza (besides soda) than ice cream?

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Hassid+Hipster: Brickell Has Kosher, Gourmet Sandwiches

Photo by Zachary Fagenson
Hassid+Hipster's merguez and beef sausage sandwich.
Every Wednesday morning Yos Schwartz shuts himself and few co-conspirators up in the Shul of Downtown's kitchen, packing dozens of checkerboard paper-wrapped sandwiches into small boxes destined for nearby offices.

Last Wednesday, the offering was a baguette stuffed with beef sausage and the smoky, spicy North African links called merguez topped with a port-shallot marmalade and truffled onions and peppers.

This week, it's crispy veal belly topped with a fig and rosemary compote, Brussels sprouts, and parsnip citrus slaw on a duck fat toasted French baguette.

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Delivery Dudes Bring Midtown's Best Eats to Your Door for $5

Delivery Dudes Midtown Miami co-owners Shaun Blanford and Evan Marcus.
Delivery Dudes, a concept launched in Delray Beach in 2009, has opened shop in midtown Miami by territory co-owners, Shaun Blanford and Evan Marcus, to bring dinner to your door for $5 -- or $7 if you pay with a card.

The company rethinks the way delivery has been done for decades to include quality customer service and strategic timing that makes upmarket, local establishments comfortable with the idea of their best entrées going out the door. The pair's Rolodex of partners features some of the city's top spots, including the District, Oak Tavern, Gigi, R House, and Bunnie Cakes, all of which did not offer delivery to hungry at-home diners until Delivery Dudes. The guys also provide a full-service concierge service and will pick up anything you need in their zone for an additional fee.

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Rincon Escondido: Still Spanish but With a Dash of Argentine Influence

Photos by Carla Torres
Cheese bombs. Literally.
It's not atypical for restaurants to change ownership. It is, however, unusual for restaurants to leave most of the previous furnishings and menu items in place after such a change takes effect. Such is the case with Rincon Escondido, Edgewater's hidden Spanish gem.

Though Rincon Escondido has been serving authentic Spanish tapas since 2011, its new Argentine owner has planted some of his roots in the menu. There's still gazpacho and gambas al ajillo (which have been left pretty much untouched), but meatballs have an Argentine twist in the sauce, and for dessert, choco tarta has the consistency of an alfajor but with layers of chocolate.

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South Beach's Coral Cafe Brings Cuban Classics to Locals

Photo by Zachary Fagenson
Lechon asado, maduros, and black beans at Coral Café.
The O Group, owned by Carlos Flores and Ana Rivaroli, is Miami's quietest, top Cuban café company. Late last month, it added Coral Café, on the corner of Tenth Street and West Avenue in Miami Beach, to a growing collection of casual, pocket-size spots that includes Key Biscayne's Oasis Café and South Beach's Las Olas Café.

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The Federal After Three Years: Free Champagne, Phuc Yea, and Blue Piano Replays

Short Order alum and the Federal's Aniece Meinhold can attest to the old adage of third time being a charm. First came Blue Piano, then popped up Phuc-Yea!, and shortly thereafter, the shuttering of the insanely named Vietnamese pop-up, The Federal Drink & Provisions was born in a matter of a month.

She and business partner (as well as life partner) Cesar Zapata struck gold with their unconventional yet comforting American fare that included jar-o-duck and pig wings from day one. And three years later, the same hype still buzzes amongst locals who flock to brunch every Sunday or sell out their monthly wine dinners.

In honor of this milestone, the Federal is taking the entire week (starting today) to celebrate, including the re-introduction of Sunday supper. "We did our friends and family January 12th, 2012 and opened the doors on 16th," she reminisces. "That entire time is this entire week, so it's only right to celebrate accordingly."

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Visa-O1, Best New Hidden Gem in South Beach, Has Star Pizza

Photo by Carina Ost
This pizza is the star.
Pizza in a hidden location just tastes better. We discovered Visa-O1 on the Eat24 app when searching for local delivery options. A look at the address -- on Michigan Avenue just off Lincoln Road -- had us even more curious. There's no restaurant space there.

We decided to scope out the location in person. Across the street from the recently closed Lucky Strike bowling lanes is an unassuming multistory office building. Inside, a person sits on a stool slinging menus for this same mysterious pizzeria.

"Is there really a restaurant here?"

A door opens, and the host leads us to a first-floor restaurant in the back of the building.

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