Real Housewives of Miami's Ana Quincoces Shares Recipe for Pumpkin Tres Leches

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Ana Quincoces
You could use more condensed milk in your life.
Not all Thanksgiving dinners are created equally. While the usual turkey and trimmings always make for a delicious meal, trading in pumpkin pie for pumpkin tres leche is an easy way to add Cuban flare to your holiday. And let's be honest, leche condensada (condensed milk) makes everything better.

This spin on the classic is by Ana Quincoces, former Real Housewives of Miami star, chef, and author of Cubans Chicks Can Cook.

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DB Bistro's Jason Pringle Builds the Perfect Turkey Sandwich (Recipe)

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DB Bistro
Leftovers you can live with.
On Black Friday, most of us will just stuff leftover turkey between two slices of white bread and call it a day. But we're selling ourselves short. An extra bit of effort can yield bigger -- and tastier -- rewards.

On Thanksgiving day, DB Bistro Moderne will be handing out complimentary to-go turkey sandwiches to guests. But executive chef Jason Pringle has also shared the recipe with Short Order.

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The Federal's Cesar Zapata Shares the Creepiest Halloween Recipe Ever

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Now all your ghosts and goblins are ready to snack!
The Federal Food Drink & Provision's chef Cesar Zapata is known for getting creative when it comes to recipes, so who better than him to ask for a creepy recipe that we can serve at our Halloween party this year.

We gave him three basic criteria: It had to look gross, it had to taste good, and it had to creep out our guests until they had that delicious first bite.

So here we have Zapata's so-called "Dracula's Dinner." It looks like guts, brains, and blood, but it's actually a deconstructed beef heart tartare with burnt carrots, roasted beets, and dehydrated black olives.

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Love & Vegetables Vegan Crab Cakes: "They Taste a Hell of a Lot Like Crab" (Recipe)

My Ceviche / Instagram
It's true: they're vegan.
Have you ever heard of mock apple pie?

In The Man Who Ate Everything, Jeffrey Steingarten references an early-19th-century pie recipe that uses smashed Ritz crackers instead of apples. Flavored with cinnamon, sugar, and lemon juice, the crackers taste just like fruit.

Sometimes, seasonings can fool you into thinking you're eating something you're not.

Love & Vegetables' vegan crab cakes can trick you in a similar way. Keith Kalmanowicz and Avril Johnnidis served these cakes at their most recent farm dinner. Spiced with Old Bay seasoning, they taste a hell of a lot like crab.

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Michael Schwartz at Best Buy? Do Big Things With Small Appliances!

Chef Michael Schwartz
Want silky-smooth deviled eggs? Begin with a blender. Chef Michael Schwartz of Michael's Genuine Food and Drink is showing off his blended-deviled-egg technique along with the many uses of small kitchen appliances this Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Best Buy store in Aventura.

The event is part of Best Buy's campaign in 13 cities to introduce its new section of small appliances. A celebrity chef from each market will demonstrate how to make creative dishes using small appliances. Store customers will be able to sample the grub and try the appliances themselves. There will also be 20 percent off small appliances during the event, so you can finally splurge on that new gizmo you've been dying to get. There'll be prizes too. And you can win a $2,000 small appliance kitchen makeover, dinner for two at Michael's Genuine, and Best Buy gift cards.

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Four New Ways to Enjoy Apples and Honey for a Sweet New Year

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Scott Bauer / USDA
Apples and honey are the Sweet New Year essentials.
Here at Short Order, we like to avoid topics related to religion, for no other reason than that this is a blog about food. But the Jewish New Year -- that's Rosh Hashanah, to all the gentiles out there -- is this week, and it's one that merits some discussion.

If the Jewish people are good at one thing, it's turning their religion into an entire feast-centric culture. In fact, the Talmud (a central text of Rabbinic Judaism) says, "There can be no joy without food or drink." Well, true that.

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Spicy Ginger Snap Mojito Recipe: A Miami Spice Cocktail

Carla Torres
Miami Spice is a big deal, but you already know that. As important as the food are the drinks, and Toro Toro recently held an internal competition including its top bartenders in the hunt for what would become the official cocktail of Miami Spice for the restaurant. For three weeks contenders mixed it up in a "shake off." The judges? Diners who were invited to sample the cocktails and vote for their favorite. What a tough job, right?

In the end, Joey Scorza came out on top with her unique take on the classic mojito -- the spicy ginger snap mojito. We had the pleasure of trying the mojito when we stopped by to sample their Miami Spice, and we can vouch for it. The best part? Joey has shared her recipe with us so that you can make the winning concoction at home.

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At Whole Foods Tonight, Get Healthy Back to School Recipes

Camille Lamb in the Whole Foods Market produce department with acorn squash and kale
Coming up with healthy, kid-friendly meals can be a challenge. But this time of year, with school about to start, it's especially important.

Short Order spoke to Camille Lamb, the healthy eating specialist at Whole Foods Market Coral Gables (and our own former Beet Reporter), and Jordan Wolfe, healthy eating specialist for the South Beach location, for some fresh ideas. And trust us, they're good ones.

Does roasted acorn squash and kale quiche sound up to par? We grant you permission to keep reading and check out those recipes. Don't mind us while our mouths water.

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-Whole Foods Market Speed Dating: Free Cheese in so Many Ways (VIDEO)

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Naylet LaRochelle's Salad Won Her a Trip to Napa Valley (Recipe)

Courtesy LaRochelle
Naylet LaRochelle knows there's no place like home.
The smell of butternut squash brings back one of Naylet LaRochelle's fondest memories. It was during early autumn about 13 years ago that she moved into her first home with her husband.

"I remember watching my husband and my dad do repairs, and the anticipation of that time. In addition to me buying my first home, I was also pregnant with my first child, my daughter. Everything was coming together, I had already finished school, gotten my degree, and I was working. It was time to start a new chapter," she recalls.

LaRochelle, who lives with her family in the South Miami area, said she craved certain foods during her pregnancy, and one of the things she enjoyed eating most was salad. And a butternut squash salad with dried fruits and nuts typifies fall.

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Fourth of July Berry Flag Cake: Top Pastry Chef Edition (Recipe)

Lyssa Goldberg
Bye-bye to the basic berry cake.
No dessert says Fourth of July more than a berry flag cake. But we're getting a little tired of seeing the same old thing at the barbecue every year.

That's where the Best Pastry Chef in Miami comes in. The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort's executive pastry chef, Antonio Bachour, invited us into his kitchen for a decorating demonstration, putting his own spin on a traditional berry flag cake. But because Bachour doesn't do traditional, he couldn't help but try his hand at a second pastry -- a modern Stars and Stripes-inspired red velvet cake.

We'll take you through the decorations step-by-step and also provide you with the recipes if you want to do the baking from scratch.

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