October 2014 Restaurant Openings and Closings

Photo by Carla Torres
Miami Smokers brings fresh bacon to Miami.
October in Miami is still considered a transitional month. Although the weather is getting better, many restaurants are still working on their progress, hosting family & friends dinners and putting the finishing touches on their menus in anticipation for a late fall opening in time for Art Basel and "season". Places we're looking forward to include Fabio Viviani's Siena Tavern; the Vagabond Restaurant; The Rum Line; and Seagrape at the Thompson Miami Beach (by chef Michelle Bernstein).

Some notable openings in October included Moye, a restaurant by Sardinia Enoteca owners Tony Gallo and Pietro Vardeu; and Miami Smokers, where Miamians can get freshly smoked and cured meats from heritage-breed pigs free of antibiotics and hormones.

Then there was Barley & Swine, the Kendall gastropub that was forced to close due to construction and ventilation issues in its building. Fortunately, owner Jorgie Ramos would not "go gently into that good night" and, with a little ingenuity, reopened his restaurant as Barley & Wich, a sandwich-driven concept with items that require less grill time.

Miami took some hits in the closing department. Taperia Raca, the MiMo tapas restaurant by Eating House's Giorgio Rapicavoli and Alex Casanova, closed abruptly; and Tobacco Road, the iconic bar and restaurant closed after decades and decades of memories. For those of you jonesing for a death burger, the Tobacco Road food truck is operational at the restaurant's parking lot.

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A Look Back at Tobacco Road (Video)

Imagine Tobacco Road as a human being. He (or she) has sold baked goods, illegal booze, played cards with gangsters, sheltered hookers, hosted dance parties, served cocktails, grilled burgers, had tomato fights, and listened to some of the best blues and rock music on the planet. That's a lot of life lived in 102 years.

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Barley & Swine Closes, Barley & Wich to Open

Courtesy of Barley & Wich
Short rib sandwich on the menu at Barley & Wich.
In what could be called a Barley & Swine kind of pun, Jorgie Ramos, owner of B&S Gastropub (AKA Barley & Swine) is making a purse out of a sow's ear.

The restaurateur/chef closed his Kendall restaurant after the condominium his restaurant was located in began work on improvements that covered up his exhaust system, forcing smoke back into the kitchen. As Ramos told Short Order, "People are complaining of teary eyes. If I have a restaurant filled with smoke, I'll lose my reputation."

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Barley & Swine Owner on Possible Closure: "I Have 20 People Working For Me" UPDATED

Courtesy of Jorge Ramos
B&S Gastropub: Construction is killing business.
UPDATE: B&S Gastropub has, indeed closed. According to Jorgie Ramos, "We closed the doors last night. We're hoping it's just temporart, but not sure." Stay tuned for updates to this story.

Kendall's B&S Gastropub's owner Jorgie Ramos is in a bitter feud with the condominium his restaurant is located in after building owners initiated repairs that are impeding with the restaurant's ability to operate properly, Eater reports.

Ramos said the restaurant, popularly known as Barley & Swine, is filled with smoke due to construction that has covered up the restaurant's exhaust system. The chef/owner says that the blockage is "forcing all the smoke back into the kitchen" and that customers have been complaining of smelling smoke and tearing eyes. Ramos explains that the outside and inside pressure is sucking the fresh air out and all the smoke back in.

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Taperia Raca Now Closed; Owners "Received an Offer for the Location They Could Not Turn Down"

Photo by billwisserphoto.com
Giorgio Rapicavoli
Taperia Raca, the Spanish tapas joint launched earlier this year in MiMo by Giorgio Rapicavoli and Alex Casanova, is closed.

According to a news release, the owners received an offer on the property they couldn't refuse. The team, however, says this isn't the end of Raca and is planning to look for a new locale.

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Tobacco Road Closing on October 25, Kickstarter Campaign to Relocate Iconic Bar Starts Next Week

Courtesy of Tobacco Road
Last call for Tobacco Road.
For over a century it was the home of bootleggers, gangsters, hookers, musicians, and people just in need of booze and a burger.

Now, come sunrise October 26, Tobacco Road, the oldest bar I n Miami, is closing its colorful doors. Starting at 6 p.m. on Saturday, October 25, the Road will host a closing party that will last all night. At 5 a.m., the bar will announce a final last call, shuttering a true Miami icon.

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September 2014 Miami Restaurant Openings and Closings

Courtesy of Morimoto South Beach
Morimoto cuts a 120 ft. long sushi roll instead of a ribbon to open his new restaurant.
September 2014 in Miami will be remembered for two things -- endless days of torrential rain and the opening of Iron Chef Morimoto's restaurant at the Shelborne Wyndham South Beach. Of course, the "official" opening isn't until today, but if you've been on social media, you've seen practically everyone in Miami snapping pics of the celebrity chef pouring sake or making a 120 foot long sushi roll. If you think Morimoto is theatrical, check out The Drawing Room, which also shares real estate at the Shelborne Wyndham South Beach, where mixologist Albert Trummer mixes potions and elixirs specially designed to cure what ails you.

As far as closings go, there's not much to report. Lippi, the opulent Brickell restaurant co-owned by Tunu Puri, has closed. In its place will be Tamarina, a more streamlined, moderately priced restaurant (also co-owned by Tunu Puri, along with wife Yona).

Cavalli Lounge has temporarily closed for renovation, although the ground floor restaurant remains open for dinner. The lounge, which is scheduled to reopen October 20 or 24, will get an upgraded, "fresh new look" that would also make "the option to dine upstairs more appealing".

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Route 9 Restaurant in Coral Gables Sold

Photo by Michael McElroy
The Goldbergs are moving on from Route 9.
Route 9 restaurant in Coral Gables has been sold, according to the restaurant's Twitter account.

Earlier today, the couple posted the following:

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Miami's Best Pizza Closing After 44 Years: "It's Total Devastation"

Photo by Devin Peppler
A sight that will be no more come November.
A couple of days ago, Miami.com reported the sad news that Miami's Best Pizza would close its doors after 44 years in business. Located on South Dixie Highway just north of Sunset Place, the pizzeria is a Miami landmark.

Best known for its laid-back vibe, cheerful owners, and hand-tossed pizza, Miami's Best is uncertain whether it will re-open elsewhere. "Both owners love to work here. It's their life, and whatever decision they make is going to be best for them and the pizza shop," says Nick Butler, one of the managers at Miami's Best and son of co-owner Charles Butler.

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Tamarina to Replace Lippi in Brickell

Courtesy of Tamarina
Yona and Tunu Puri to open Tamarina.
The husband-and-wife team of Yona and Tunu Puri are opening Tamarina, a new restaurant-bar concept at 600 Brickell Ave., in the former Lippi space.

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