Little Bread Cuban Sandwich Co. to Open in Little Havana

Little Bread via Facebook
Little Bread. Classic Cuban, updated.
If Chicago has the hot dog and New York has the mile-high pastrami sandwich on rye, Miami's sandwich is the Cuban. (Though Tampa has its own claims on the lunchtime treat.)

The origins of the Cuban date back to the late 1800s when it was the favorite midday meal of Cuban workers in cigar factories and sugar cane fields. When they migrated to the United States, they took their beloved sandwich with them.

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Bernstein and Cabrera to Collaborate at Thompson Miami Beach

Courtesy of Thompson Hotels
Michelle Bernstein to open three concepts at Thompson MIami Beach.
When the Thompson Miami Beach opens in mid-November, it will mark the reunion of a powerful South Florida duo in the Miami restaurant scene.

Michelle Bernstein will once again team up with mixologist Julio Cabrera on several of the property's projects including Seagrape, 1930's House, and Crown Room. Previously, Cabrera worked with Bernstein at Michy's and Sra. Martinez. Cabrera, who was just named managing director at the Regent Cocktail Club, will serve as cocktail consultant on the project. Overseeing the beverage program for Thompson Miami Beach is Michael MacDonnell, who was named director of beverages.

Chef Bernstein, along with husband/partner David Martinez and KNR Hospitality Group have created three unique spaces to dine and drink at the classic Art Deco hotel.

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Barley & Swine Closes, Barley & Wich to Open

Courtesy of Barley & Wich
Short rib sandwich on the menu at Barley & Wich.
In what could be called a Barley & Swine kind of pun, Jorgie Ramos, owner of B&S Gastropub (AKA Barley & Swine) is making a purse out of a sow's ear.

The restaurateur/chef closed his Kendall restaurant after the condominium his restaurant was located in began work on improvements that covered up his exhaust system, forcing smoke back into the kitchen. As Ramos told Short Order, "People are complaining of teary eyes. If I have a restaurant filled with smoke, I'll lose my reputation."

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Barley & Swine Owner on Possible Closure: "I Have 20 People Working For Me" UPDATED

Courtesy of Jorge Ramos
B&S Gastropub: Construction is killing business.
UPDATE: B&S Gastropub has, indeed closed. According to Jorgie Ramos, "We closed the doors last night. We're hoping it's just temporart, but not sure." Stay tuned for updates to this story.

Kendall's B&S Gastropub's owner Jorgie Ramos is in a bitter feud with the condominium his restaurant is located in after building owners initiated repairs that are impeding with the restaurant's ability to operate properly, Eater reports.

Ramos said the restaurant, popularly known as Barley & Swine, is filled with smoke due to construction that has covered up the restaurant's exhaust system. The chef/owner says that the blockage is "forcing all the smoke back into the kitchen" and that customers have been complaining of smelling smoke and tearing eyes. Ramos explains that the outside and inside pressure is sucking the fresh air out and all the smoke back in.

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J&G Grill Changes: Jean-Georges Opening Two New Restaurants

Categories: Restaurant News

Laine Doss
Bradley Kilgore: On his own.
It seems that just more than a year after Bradley Kilgore was named chef de cuisine at J&G Grill at the St. Regis Bal Harbour, the chef is leaving the building. reported Kilgore would leave to open his own restaurant. Though details are murky, the chef's departure was, indeed, confirmed by one of Kilgore's colleagues.

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Michael's Genuine Food & Drink Turning 8, Introducing Raw Bar

Courtesy of the Genuine Hospitality Group
Michael Schwartz launches his new raw bar.
It's hard to believe, but Michael's Genuine Food & Drink is turning 8 years old in a few months, a rare feat considering that about 30 percent of restaurants are doomed to failure, according to a recent UCF study.

So what keeps Michael's Genuine relevant? Restaurateur Michael Schwartz's answer is as genuine as the food he serves: "We've always tried to stay one step ahead to keep things fresh at Genuine. It's something we think about all the time as a company and challenge each other every day to make the right decisions and be smart about our future."

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Food Critic Lee Klein Launches Lee2Go Blog

Courtesy of Take Lee Klein with you everywhere you go.
When I started writing for Short Order in 2010, Lee Klein already was an established commodity in the Miami food scene, having written for Miami New Times for well over a decade.

For me, Lee is the standard bearer of what food writing should be. And, after so many years of working in what can still be called a small town in many ways, Lee managed to remain anonymous. Many times I would walk into a restaurant, and have the chef proudly proclaim they knew the venerable Klein had dined in their restaurant, only to describe someone who looked and sounded exactly the opposite of the intrepid reviewer. I always admired how he stayed "shadow man" for so many years.

After Lee left the Miami New Times, he started freelancing, for some big names like Bon Appetit, Ocean Drive, Variety, and the New York Daily News.

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Ted's at YoungArts, a Gastro-Entertainment Venue, to Open in December

Photo by Karli Evans
Ted's at YoungArts: a "gastro-entertainment venue."
The YoungArts campus is launching an interesting space, come December.

Ted's at YoungArts is being billed as an "intimate cultural lounge and eatery," by Paul T. Lehr, the National YoungArts Foundation's president and CEO.

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Albert Trummer's The Drawing Room: Fire, Elixirs, and Prescription Potables

All photos by Laine Doss
Albert Trummer: One part mad scientist. One part genius mixologist.
Albert Trummer prefers being called a pharmacist to a mixologist. And, he's correct, in a fashion.

Long before there were pills to be popped to assist your sleep, give you energy, or help you "get it up," pharmacists prescribed tinctures, elixirs, and potables that "cured what ailed you." Some of them were backed in the centuries-old science of herbal medicine. Others were purely snake oil. And most of them were alcohol-based. In fact, Peychaud's bitters were invented by a local New Orleans pharmacist named Antione Amedie Peychaud. His bitters were the roots of the Sazerac cocktail, which was used as a cure-all for everything from nerves to insomnia.

Trummer is a modern-day version of these pharmacist/bartenders, only his laboratory is behind the bar of the Drawing Room, which recently opened at the Shelborne Wyndham Grand South Beach. The bar is decorated in warm sepia tones, so when you arrive you actually feel like you're walked into an old movie.

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Josh's Deli to Begin Dinner Service: Escargot Pasta and Bone Marrow Pizza

Bill Wisser
Josh Marcus is ready for the fall weather.
You know how to tell fall is right around the corner? Josh Marcus, Josh's Deli's owner, decides to fire up the wood burning oven.

"I'm going to the Grand Canyon for a few weeks and when I get back, it won't be that hot anymore. That's an important aspect of cooking with a wood burning oven," Marcus says.

The chef/restaurateur will return in late October from a journey that will take him on a culinary and spiritual journey though the United States. Then, Josh's Deli will open for dinner from Thursday - Sunday evenings, starting October 23.

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