As Oyster Bars Spread Around Miami, the Bivalve Reigns Supreme

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Oyster offerings at Mignonette.
Oysters are a Florida tradition. Long ago, Native Americans found them generously scattered throughout the mangroves that twisted along the shoreline. David Bracha's the River Seafood & Oyster Bar has blessed Brickell for years. Danny Serfer's Mignonette started up in Edgewater last August. Then came the U-shaped raw bar at Michael's Genuine Food & Drink. Now there's Midtown Oyster Bar, and soon we'll discover Tongue & Cheek chief Jamie DeRosa's Izzy's Fish & Oyster.

In the past decade here and across the country, a perfect confluence of events -- from eaters demanding to know their food's source to the ease of overnighting oysters -- has helped the shellfish regain their prominence.

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Michael's Genuine Food & Drink Turning 8, Introducing Raw Bar

Courtesy of the Genuine Hospitality Group
Michael Schwartz launches his new raw bar.
It's hard to believe, but Michael's Genuine Food & Drink is turning 8 years old in a few months, a rare feat considering that about 30 percent of restaurants are doomed to failure, according to a recent UCF study.

So what keeps Michael's Genuine relevant? Restaurateur Michael Schwartz's answer is as genuine as the food he serves: "We've always tried to stay one step ahead to keep things fresh at Genuine. It's something we think about all the time as a company and challenge each other every day to make the right decisions and be smart about our future."

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Key West Lobsterfest: We Chased That Tail (Photos)

Photos by Carina Ost
The tagline for the Key West Lobsterfest is "A Celebration of our favorite Crustacean!" and that was reason enough for us to chase that tail. The four-day celebration really hit the streets this past Saturday with a concert and street fair open to the public.

There were lobster tacos, lobster mac & cheese, lobster grilled cheese, lobster ceviche, honey tempura lobster, and endless more preparations (cue Bubba talking about shrimp) but the full-on tail was the real teaser and street pleaser. Mere words won't do the sight of people sitting on the sidewalk devouring $22 lobster justice, so here are some photos.

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Tuesday Is National Oyster Day: Get the Best Shucking Deals Around Town

Courtesy of Devon Seafood & Steak
Sixteen different oysters? Why yes, don't mind if we do.
Look alive, Miami. It's time for another made-up food holiday and all the prime-priced perks that come with it.

If you're all about shucking and slurping, then get excited: National Oyster Day is tomorrow. Tons of places are serving up specials in celebration of the briny aphrodisiac. Whether you want to grab a bar stool and keep them coming or oyster hop around the block, here's some Miami spots serving up tasty mollusks for a steal.

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My Ceviche Opens Today in South Miami

Courtesy of Felipe Cuevas
My Ceviche South Miami
My Ceviche opens its third location today.

The restaurant, which features freshly made ceviche from wild-caught seafood in a casual setting by an award-winning chef, comes to South Miami, with dine-in, take-out, and catering services. The 1,600-square-foot location, decorated in friendly citrus colors, seats 70 guests, including 26 seats on a patio. The restaurant, which opened its first shop in the spring of 2012 in a tiny South Beach space, is also planning a fourth location, in Coral Gables.

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National Ceviche Day Saturday: Five Deals and Specials to Celebrate

Courtesy My Ceviche
Marinated goodness.
Ahh, ceviche. You truly deserve your own holiday. Soaking in citrus and spice, this is one of South Florida's favorite dishes to slurp down. Lucky for us, it's never hard to come by -- it's even sold out of the back of people's trucks down here. If you prefer to celebrate National Ceviche Day this Saturday with a little ambiance, however, Miami's got several places with specials and deals to better enjoy the Peruvian signature.

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King Crab City: Inside the Fontainebleau's "Water World"

Photos by Carla Torres
King of the ocean.
The Fontainebleau has crabs, and it's exactly the type you're thinking -- king crab. These bad boys are the rulers of all crustaceans and an extreme delicacy not only in the States but also around the world. They make their way from the Nordic and Bering seas down to South Florida and currently reside in the Fontainebleau's underground facilities, dubbed "Water World," where all of the fresh catch from the resort's fishing boat, the BleauFish, lives until dinnertime.

It's more difficult to gain access to Water World than to get into LIV. With good reason -- there's more than $2 million worth of seafood down there. A chef must escort you, and even then another resort staff member has to unlock the gates.

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Keep Calm and Clambake On at Tongue & Cheek

prettykatemachine flickr cc
When you think summertime in Miami, odds are lobster clambake doesn't register. Now, thanks to the folks at Tongue & Cheek, our balmy, sweaty, uncomfortable season will get a decidedly cool New England makeover.

Created by chef Jamie DeRosa, this is a big departure from his daily dinner specials, or family meals.

"[The series] just spawned from my wife, who's from Rhode Island," DeRosa said. "And when we met was one of the first times I ever was introduced to Massachusetts, if you will, to Boston and New England, and I fell in love with the casualness of a summer picnic."

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Hess Select South Beach Seafood Festival Returns for Second Year

Hess Select South Beach Seafood Festival/Facebook
Stone crab season ended last week, but it's never too early to start dreaming of its return. To mark the anticipated occasion, the Hess Select South Beach Seafood Event is already planning a big celebration. After hosting more than 6,000 people for last year's inaugural event, the organizers are gearing up to make a grander and more gourmet weekend than before.

Tired of tasting events masked as food festivals, event founder Tod Roy decided he wanted to create the type of festival he longed for. Instead of tiny samples of food designed for mass production, he aimed to provide guests with restaurant portions of high-quality cuisine cooked right on the beach. On October 25, the second-annual event will take place from 1 to 9 p.m. in Lummus Park.

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Miami Spice Summer Seafood: Where To Get Ocean Delicacies at a Discount

Via Flickr Dinner Series
Nothing satisfies in summer like fresh, Florida seafood.
Miamians are fortunate enough to have access to fresh seafood year-round, but when summer hits, the need for light, refreshing fish and shellfish becomes almost a necessity. We rather munch down on ceviche and shrimp cocktails than baby back ribs and baked potatoes when the temperature hits 90 degrees -- let's not even mention the humidity.

Also, luckily enough, we're blessed enough to have Miami Spice. The two-month event provides reasonably priced prix-fixe menus at restaurants all across Miami -- at a really heavy discount. Considering the summer season and the fact that Miami Spice kicked off last week, we put together a round up of where to get your seafood fix without losing your shirt.

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