Miami Spice Summer Seafood: Where To Get Ocean Delicacies at a Discount

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Nothing satisfies in summer like fresh, Florida seafood.
Miamians are fortunate enough to have access to fresh seafood year-round, but when summer hits, the need for light, refreshing fish and shellfish becomes almost a necessity. We rather munch down on ceviche and shrimp cocktails than baby back ribs and baked potatoes when the temperature hits 90 degrees -- let's not even mention the humidity.

Also, luckily enough, we're blessed enough to have Miami Spice. The two-month event provides reasonably priced prix-fixe menus at restaurants all across Miami -- at a really heavy discount. Considering the summer season and the fact that Miami Spice kicked off last week, we put together a round up of where to get your seafood fix without losing your shirt.

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Stone Crab Season Ends Today: Six Places Offering Last Call For Claws

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Joe's Stone Crab
Last call for stone crabs.
The 2012-2013 stone crab season closes tomorrow, May 16, with the last day of harvest today. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, traps must be removed from the water within five days. All restaurateurs and stores must obtain their stone crabs by May 16.

It's been a bleak year for stone crab fishermen, with reported catches much less than in previous years. As a result, prices hit record numbers at some shops and others couldn't even procure any to sell. Folks at Captain Jim Hanson's Seafood Market and Restaurant told Short Order that they haven't had the crustaceans in weeks.

If you want one last stone crab dinner, get cracking! Here are some places that are still carrying stone crabs while supplies last. All prices and availability were confirmed as of this morning and are subject to change.

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Local Production Company Shines a Spotlight on the Fish Farming Industry

fish2 small.jpg
Pop quiz: Where did the "crab" in last night's California roll originate? Or the meaty middle of your fish filet? Or the hefty slab of salmon you picked up at the supermarket?

Sadly, most consumers are clueless about the answers -- and it's this ignorance that's killing our oceans.

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A new documentary by a local production company hopes to change that by shining a spotlight on the fish farming industry -- and it's not a pretty picture.

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Blue Runner: Quality Seafood From His Door to Yours

Blue Runner Seafood Truck
We live in Miami, so you'd think it would be easy to get fresh seafood. No, that's just not how this crazy world works. But for locals who love pescado, Paco Fernando's Blue Runner Seafood truck -- parked on the side of Biscayne Boulevard just north of Miami Shores -- has stepped in to fill the void.

It sounds fishy (excuse the pun), but the stand is busy with loyal followers who keep coming back for more thanks to reasonable prices and, most important, top-quality seafood that Paco distributes to Miami restaurant staples such as Oggi Caffe, Paquitos, and Red Koi.

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Rare Blue Lobsters at Red The Steakhouse

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All photos by Laine Doss
Blue lobster and his cousin from Maine.
You've probably read about blue lobsters, those rare neon-colored crustaceans. Now, Red the Steakhouse is inviting you to taste one.

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The lobsters are Brittany Blues, taken from the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean off the shores of Scotland and France. These lobsters, which have a distinct blue tail and tint, are prized for being sweeter and more flavorful then their New England cousins.
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Stone Crab Season: My Ceviche, Kitchen 305, Capt. Jim's and More Offer Deals

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Stone Crab at Joe's.jpg
Joe's Stone Crab
Get your claws on some stone crabs.
Stone crab season is as uniquely South Florida as the neon-colored strip on Ocean Drive.

Sure, Joe's Stone Crab and Joe's Takeaway are "the" places to grab some claws and mustard sauce, but there are many other places in Miami to get your claws on some fresh stone crabs -- many at great values.

While we were calling to confirm availability, we found a surprising number of restaurants and markets selling colossal stone crab claws. The people at Captain Jim Hanson's Seafood explained that at the beginning of the season, the crabs tend to be larger. That means now is the time to take advantage of the larger claws, while they're still abundant.

Note: All prices listed were verified when we called, but they may change without notice, due to market conditions and availability of stock.

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