Redland's Bargain Town: the Farmers Market in Photos

Our earlier post about the Redland flea market was devoted to its outdoor food court -- but the second big centerpiece of the place is its massive farmers market. No, this isn't the kind of pristine, cutesy "farmers market" that sells cupcakes and boasts signs with clever graphic design. This, instead, is for those who aren't particular about organics (though they do occasionally appear here) but are instead in search of serious bargains on produce.

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Biscayne Plaza and Triangle Food Truck Roundups in Miami Tonight

Laine Doss
Miso Hungry will be at the Biscayne Triangle Roundup tonight.
Food Truck fans have their choice of two roundups in Miami this evening. One location even offers cheap booze and bathrooms.

The Biscayne Triangle Truck Roundup Head over to the American Legion Post #29 at 6445 NE 7th Avenue, Miami from 5:30 to 10 p.m. and grab a craft beer while enjoying the bay breezes and some great food truck eats. Some 18 trucks were at this location last week, as well as a beer and wine tent selling good stuff for $5 a pop (easier to count change).  The American Legion remains open so you can use a real bathroom at this roundup - the availability of cheap beer makes bathrooms a real necessity.

Some of the trucks seen at the Biscayne Triangle Truck Roundup are Jefe's Original Fish Taco & Burgers, Caza Crepes, Ms. Cheezious, Miso Hungry, Red Truck, Dolci Peccaiti, Snow Caps, Grill Master, Wrapito Yum, Caballos Mobile Cigars and Slow Food Truck.

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Despite the Chill, People Still Want Food Trucks

Photo by Carissa Chesanek
Last night at the Biscayne Triangle Truck Round-up (BTTR), there were food trucks and people too. From 5:30 to 9 p.m., customers walked back and forth from Jefe's Original Fish Taco and Burger, to Miso Hungry and CheeseMe, tasting grub from each venue. Even with temperatures well into the 50's, people still happily stood outside to eat their fish tacos, burgers, and chicken curry. There's just something cool about eating from a truck.

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Tonight: Food Truck Gathering on Biscayne Boulevard and 109th

Trina Sargalski

While it's good to have food trucks in different locations around town, we like this idea of having them in one spot once a week, especially when that spot is close to home. More than anything it's a chance to try trucks we haven't come about.

It wasn't too long ago that food trucks started gathering on Bird Road and 65th Street in what's now known as the Miami Street Food Court. Now trucks will also be congregating on Biscayne and 109th Street at what's being called the Biscayne Triangle Truck Round-Up (BTTR).

The plan is to have a gathering every Tuesday night and rotate the trucks so people have different choices each week, Jack Garabedian, owner of Jefe's Original Fish Taco & Burger, told Short Order.

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Raaga Cart, A Vegetarian Street Food Alternative

Paula Niño
Jennifer Garcia-Mathews (left) and Frances Llop-Noy (right)
In terms of street food, Art Basel was like the second coming of the Fall for the Arts Festival. Everywhere I turned there were food trucks and carts, some new, some old.

One of my discoveries was Raaga Cart at the Miami Independent Thinkers Fair. Owners Jennifer Garcia-Mathews and Frances Llop-Noy decided to start the cart last summer when they grew tired of the lack of meatless street food options at Wynwood's second Saturday art walks.

Llop-Noy and Garcia-Mathews teach yoga and have been vegetarians for three years. But more than just serving vegetarian fare, they want to serve food that is good for the body and the environment. The girls are working on planting their own edible garden to supply the cart.

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Have a Street Food Picnic at FriendsWithYou's "Rainbow City"

Paula Niño
Ms. Cheezious sweet meltdown, crabby cheese melt and sweet potato fries
We couldn't wait to check out Rainbow City, the 40-piece installation by the artistic duo FriendsWithYou (Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III). The giant playground opened to the public yesterday for Art Basel and it was the perfect setting to have a picnic.

Sitting on one of the installation's candy-striped blankets, we ate crabby cheese melt -- crabb salad with sharp cheddar on buttery sourdough -- and sweet potato fries from Ms. Cheezious. For dessert, we had a surprisingly satisfying Oreo-Rice Krispy treat from the Sugar Rush dessert truck. Both trucks made their debut Friday.

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Doing It Doggi Style

Courtesy of Doggi Style
I know someone who humps the air whenever he eats something he thinks is utterly delicious. Sure, it's kind of crass but when you're talking about a food stand called Doggi Style -- which also proudly boasts a logo of hound hitting a hot dog cart from behind -- I'd think an act like that is pretty complimentary.

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Dim Ssam a GoGo All Set To Go-Go

Lee Klein
Call it geeran jim, or gyeran jjim, or spicy eggs & tater tots
"Munch and move on!" is the motto, which is just what we did last night at the brand new, ready-to-roll Dim Ssäm á GoGo truck. The groovy foodmobile was parked in front of its anchor, Sakaya Kitchen, but pretty soon it'll be roaming to points north and, according to Richard Hale, fairly far south, too. In the meanwhile, the treats handed out gratis were as good as we've come to expect from Hale -- fresh, zesty -- well, just damn good.

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Can Anybody in This Town Make a Real Freakin' Iced Coffee?

Categories: Street Eats
Cold coffee. Ice. It should be simple.
An iced coffee should consist of two things: (1) ice and (2) refrigerated coffee. Not hot coffee, because that melts the ice and invariably turns the drink into a watered-down, 2 Girls 1 Cup-style gag-inducing experience within 15 minutes.

It's simple, you would think. I'm not even asking for the ice cubes made out of coffee. I realize this isn't Oregon. Yet precious few restaurants and cafés in Miami seem to understand the concept of chilling the coffee. Not only do they not stock real iced coffee, but also they, for some unknown reason, lie about it: "Yeah, we have iced coffee."

Then, $2 and change later, out comes the plastic cup full of make-you-barf.

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Crazy County Fair Food: "The Vandross" Donut Bacon Cheeseburger

Categories: Street Eats
Jacob Katel
Alright, so earlier this week we showed you the Pork Parfait, but that's really just meat and potatoes in a cup. When it comes to culinary advancement in the genre of "fair food" the over the top double Krispy Kreme bacon cheeseburger is a great innovation.

You can find the donut burger at the Carousel Foods booth at the Dade County Fair. Look for the Burger Beast Approved sticker on the cart and you'll know you're at the right place.

If you're wondering, the donut burger has an estimated 800 calories, whereas the giant turkey leg carries 1,200. That's acording to Carousel Foods management, who say the giant turkey leg is by far their best selling item.

In any case, the donut burger is delicious. Some people call it "The Vandross" because as legend has it Luther Vandross invented it after running out of bread. Here are some more pictures of it being made.

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