Giorgio Rapicavoli to Appear on Chopped Champions Tonight

Chef Giorgio Rapacavoli graffiti wall.jpg
Remember two years ago when chef Giorgio Rapicavoli competed on Chopped and became the first Miami chef to win? The $10,000 gave Rapicavoli the chance to pop up Eating House, which has become a staple of Miami's dining and brunch scene.

Well, tonight the chef is making his way back to the show that kicked things off -- sort of. Tune in to the Food Network at 10 p.m. for the first Chopped Ultimate Champions tournament.

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The Fare Field: Bradley Herron Makes Kale Salad, Black Grouper, and Bush Beans

The Fare Field
Bradley Herron, executive chef of the Genuine Hospitality Group
The Fare Field, Miami's farm-to-table web series straight out of Little Haiti, is on its fourth episode already. Time flies.

This week, Bradley Herron, executive chef of the Genuine Hospitality Group, prepares a meal made up almost entirely of fresh eats from the farm. There's sautéed burgundy bush beans, a kale salad with sheep's milk cheese, and pan-seared black grouper. Check out the episode and recipe links after the jump.

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The Fare Field: Mandolin Aegean Bistro's Anastasia Koutsioukis Cooks a Fresh Feast

The Fare Field
Fasolakia: braised purple bush beans with onions and tomatoes.
With Thanksgiving in the wind and a few weeks of detox time before holiday feasts begin again, now's the perfect time to commit (at least temporarily) to eating clean, fresh, and local food. And that's what the Fare Field, Miami's local, farm-based cooking show, is all about.

The third four-minute episode features Anastasia Koutsioukis of Mandolin Aegean Bistro whipping up baked feta, arugula salad, and purple bush beans.

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The Fare Field: Kris Wessel Cooks Caribbean Roasted Guinea Hen

Kris Wessel's Caribbean roasted guinea hen.
Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but if you're so over the whole turkey-ocalypse, there are always other options.

Caribbean roasted guinea hen, anyone?

Miami's farm-based cooking show, the Fare Field, is featuring a Thanksgiving-appropriate menu in this week's online episode -- including the aforementioned hen, pigeon pea rice, and coconut-braised radish tops cooked up by chef Kris Wessel.

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The Fare Field: Miami's First Farm-Based Cooking Show Debuts Today

The Fare Field
Matt Hinckley's wood-oven-roasted red snapper.
A new online cooking show is making its debut today, and it's a love story for locavores. The Miami-based The Fare Field is all about fresh veggies, local talent, and backyard eats.

Here's the premise: Every two weeks, a local chef will hit up Little River Market Garden (Little Haiti's urban farm) and harvest vegetables onsite. Then the cook in question will whip up a culinary creation on the spot. Matt Hinckley of Box Park is the first man on the job.

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Hell's Kitchen Casting Call at Eden Roc Saturday

gordonramsaysubmissions via Flickr
Chef Ramsay likes playing with lambs and making contestants cry.
What do Miami chefs Robyn Almodovar, Paula DaSilva, and Ralph Pagano have in common besides knowing how to whip up a damn good meal? They've all been featured on the Fox reality show Hell's Kitchen, and you can be next.

Although Season 11 hasn't yet wrapped, chef Gordon Ramsay is searching for more contestants for Season 13. There will be stops in Beantown, the City of Brotherly Love, and other metro areas; the producers will hit up the Magic City this weekend to search for America's next favorite executive chef. The open casting call will be held Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Eden Roc Renaissance Hotel.

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Memorial Day Burgers: Hard Rock Executive Chef Gideon Horowitz Gets Back to Basics

Courtesy of Hard Rock Cafe
Miami Hard Rock Cafe executive chef and Magic City native Gideon Horowitz gets back to burger basics this Memorial Day.
Memorial Day is fast approaching, so what does this mean for food? Burgers. Lots and lots of thick and juicy burgers. And grilling them over an open flame, turning raw slabs of bovine muscle protein into delectable, denaturized eats.

It's all about the meat, the bun, and the grill. Everything else is lagniappe. Gideon Horowitz, executive chef at the Hard Rock Cafe in Miami, is here to offer some no-bullshit tips on building the best burger.

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Five Cannibal Recipes In Honor of Hannibal Premiere Tonight On NBC

hannibal wax.jpg
via Flickr Yortw
"As your mother tells you, and my mother certainly told me, it is important, she always used to say, always to try new things."
Tonight is the premiere of the much anticipated new television series, Hannibal, based on the "Hannibal the Cannibal" character from Thomas Harris' Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs, and Hannibal novels.

In homage to the serial killer gourmand and his namesake television show, we bring you some Hannibal-inspired recipes culled from equally morbid blogs from around the world.

Don't expect 'double handburger and finger fries'. Unlike real life serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer, Dr. Lecter has refined tastes, including a love of opera, Bach, and human sweetbreads.

The recipes on the show had to reflect Lecter's fine palate, so we thought we could be of help, but producers wouldn't return our calls begging for a consulting gig, instead hiring James Beard Award winner, chef José Andrés to consult on gourmet cannibal recipes.

If the dishes below whet your appetite, check out the The Cannibal's Cookbook: Recipes and Remedies for Human Sacrifice for further inspiration.

If wine pairings aren't your forte, don't fret. You can always follow Dr. Lecter's advice and go with a nice Chianti.

Bon appétit!

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Andrew Zimmern Celebrates His 100th Show on the Travel Channel

Zimmern taping his hundredth show for the Travel Channel.

Yep, as of yesterday, Andrews Zimmern has been the "If it looks good, EAT IT!" host of perhaps the most unusual/disgusting/informative food show on cable, Bizarre Foods America, for 100 episodes. Most of the time, fans such as myself tune in, prepare to gag, have a barfee-in-the-tum-tum-moment, compose ourselves, and then continue to watch him swallow or regurgitate something offensive. But do we change the channel? No.

Zimmern has ingested live giant toads in Japan, chicken uteruses in Taiwan, hooves, ears, pulsating frog hearts, warm lamb brains, and freshly fried tarantulas and he always comes up with a unique way of describing his nibbles.

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Art Beats for Life Tonight in Wynwood

Jason Perez
Studying a WMC event schedule can be dizzying. So many great parties with superb lineups, and usually the ticket prices throw in a few perks. Despite the endless options, you still may be torn on which to attend.

Our suggestion: Art Beats For Life, a WMC party that's going on tonight, Wednesday March 21st, at 8pm at Gallery 212. (2407 NW 2nd Ave. Miami) It's completely free of those painfully guilty feelings you may have the morning after a WMC event. (I paid $120 to get shoulder-bumped all night... great!)

Not only do the proceeds go to The American Cancer Society, the low ticket price (of $30 at the door) sits particularly well with your wallet. And, your stomach. Entry not only includes all access to the DJ's and art, but also unlimited amounts of booze and food.

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